2. Fallen Humanity's Hope and Portion of Responsibility

Book 1: Global Unity Through True Parents
Part 1: The Life of Hak Ja Han Moon as True Mother
Chapter 2: Fallen Humanity’s Hope and Portion of Responsibility

The desire of fallen people to meet the Messiah

Throughout human history, many people have cultivated their minds and dreamed of a better world, but that world is yet to be seen. The world today is a world that, due to the Fall of the human ancestors, has nothing to do with God's purpose of creation. That is why the Bible refers to the people of this world as wild olive trees and the coming Lord as the true olive tree. The wish of the wild olive trees is to meet the true olive tree and become true olive trees themselves, for only then can salvation be achieved. (2006.07.20, Nairobi, Kenya)

God's purpose of creation was for Him to become one with Adam and Eve and form a family, thus creating three generations. That was also God's most cherished wish. However, due to the error committed by Eve during her growth process, God was unable to establish Adam's family. That is why today's world is said to be a fallen world, a world under Satan's ownership. For this reason, many religions came into existence in the course of history, and they have all sought after goodness. God established the people of Israel and Judaism, worked through them for 4,000 years, and promised to send the Messiah. And yet, how did that end? The people of Israel and Judaism did not accept Jesus. This was because they were ignorant. Nonetheless, the 2,000-year history of Christianity was begun through Jesus' resurrection. What do Christians wish for? They are waiting for the Lord of the Second Advent to come in the Last Days. (2006.07.21, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

God's providence and our portion of responsibility

When God created the world, He said that it was beautiful. He said that it looked good. Then, He created Adam and Eve, and gave them responsibility. God's wish and Adam and Eve's wish needed to be the same. God wanted to become the Parent of humankind. Not just a spiritual Parent; He wanted to become the visible Parent of the substantial world. Therefore, He gave a growth period to Adam and Eve. That period, the growth period, was one in which they were to be responsible in an absolute position with relation to God. When they reached perfection, God would have blessed Adam and Eve. God carried out the providence so that they would become the first true ancestors, the True Parents of humankind. (2015.12.06, Cheon Jeong Gung)

Though God is omniscient, omnipotent and perfect, there were reasons that He could not interfere with the Fall. He then began His providential work of restoration because He could not forsake humankind, despite their having fallen. God chose the people of Israel, who knew best about His circumstances, and promised to send the Messiah. As promised, He did send them Jesus, but the people nailed Jesus to the cross. That was not God's Will.

And yet, what do today's Christians believe? They believe that they will be saved through the cross. The history of Christianity now has been wrong. It was only after 4,000 years that God was able to set up the necessary conditions to send His only begotten son. Considering how much effort God put into sending him, it is clear that God's intention was not for the people of Israel to kill His only begotten son. Mary and Joseph should have united and fulfilled Jesus' will. No matter what difficulties she faced, Mary should have prepared all the conditions necessary for Jesus to be married.

Through Jesus' cross, we can attain only spiritual salvation. That is why Jesus said "I will come again'' before he left. What he meant was that he would come again in the flesh and form a family on this earth, and, as the true olive tree, restore all wild olive trees in the world to true olive trees. That is the mission of the coming Lord of the Second Advent. (2006.08.09, Lima, Peru)

Though the Bible says that the course of human history has lasted for 6,000 years, it is thought that this period is symbolic, and that it has actually continued for much longer than this. Beginning right after Adam and Eve fell in the garden of Eden, God began working to reclaim humankind from Satan, and He has been continuing to work unceasingly for the period of 4,000 years to enlighten humanity and make it possible for them to escape Satan's realm and return to their original position as His children.

You may already know from the Bible that, after God established the people of Israel as the central chosen people for His providence of restoration, He has been working with them for 4,000 years, moving stage by stage through the difficult and painful process of restoration. For each stage of the work He chose people, such as Abraham and Moses, to stand in the position of central figure of the providential tasks. When His chosen central persons failed to fulfill their responsibility, God had to endure indescribable pain and suffering. Humanity, however was unaware of the process of restoration and of the pain that God was suffering.

And still, God promised to send the Messiah and continued to give hope to the people of Israel and to enlighten them. At the time, Israel was a still small nation. If the people of Israel at the time had recognized and accepted Jesus as the savior and connected with the foundation of the Roman Empire, the situation would have been very different. Though human beings fell, their original nature tends toward goodness and hopes for a better world, and so they already have the basis on which they can uphold Heaven's Will. For this reason, God promised to send the Messiah.

I am sure that you gain new understanding when you study the Word every day. God created one man and one woman. This was because He wished to form three generations. To do so, Adam and Eve needed to marry. However, they fell before they had reached maturity and gotten married. Consequently, human history has unfolded as a history with Satan, not God, as its master. This is why the Savior is necessary.

Many religions including Christianity have continued to enlighten humanity with the purpose of opening the path for them to live in goodness in this fallen, evil world. Consider God's purpose of creation for a minute. Jesus was a man. What does a man need? He needs a woman. The people of Israel, Judaism and Mary should have united and attended Jesus and helped him to form a family.

According to the words of the Divine Principle, God was unable to interfere with the human Fall because of humankind's portion of responsibility. Similarly, it is humankind's responsibility to attend the Lord. If the people of Israel and the followers of Judaism at the time had known of God's providence and purpose of creation, they would not have failed so miserably; their ignorance resulted in the death of Jesus on the cross. (2006.08.08, Caracas, Venezuela)

Jesus should form a family

If Jesus had formed a family and been protected by Joseph's family and Zachariah's family, he would not have died on the cross. If you are able to realize and fathom, even a little, the heart of God as He looks upon human history as it has been created by ignorant human beings, it will be a source of comfort to Him. In this regard, you need to know that human responsibility is important. (2006.08.10, Santiago, Chile)

God had the dream of living together with the first ancestors. Instead of living alone, He wished to live with His family, His object partners, as the Father and Mother. However, in order for Adam and Eve, who were still in the process of growing, to exercise the same authority and power as God, they needed to fulfill their five percent portion of responsibility. If Adam and Eve had fulfilled their portion of responsibility and had passed the heavenly bloodline down through history, today's difficulties, such as religious conflicts and racial problems, would not exist. The omniscient and omnipotent God can know no failure. He has waited for human beings to fulfill their responsibility and rise to the same position as His.

Today, there are four great religions that have expanded and developed worldwide, but even the people who believed in those four religions did not know about God's true Will. Though those religions have worshiped the one God and pursued peace and happiness of humanity, they are unable to unite because they have each continued to grow separately centering on themselves. (2006.07.07, Sarajevo, Bosnia)

If Jesus had lived to achieve God's Will, the Catholic and Protestant histories would not be divided and complicated like they are today, for the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven would have been realized in Jesus' day. As you can see, humankind's portion of responsibility is really crucial. As people who have received the Blessing, you too have a responsibility. (2006.08.16, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea)