4. True Mother and the Providence of the Only Begotten Daughter

Book 1: Global Unity Through True Parents 
Part 1: The Life of Hak Ja Han Moon as True Mother
Chapter 4: True Mother and the Providence of the Only Begotten Daughter

Holy birth and family history

I was born at 4:30 a.m. on the 6th day of the first lunar month in 1943, at 26 Sineui-ri, Anju-eub, Anju-gun, South Pyeongan Province. When I was born, my maternal grandfather, Hong Yu-il asked those present to take note of the time, making it possible to know exactly what time I was born.

I have been told that at the time I was born, my father, Han Seung-un had a dream-like vision in which he saw beautiful, bright sunshine beaming down through a thick forest of pine trees. In that forest, two cranes were dancing in harmony. So he named me Hak Ja.

It was not a remote village, yet there was a hill, and also a stream, right behind my house. The surrounding village had a very warm and cozy feeling, like a hen embracing her chicks. In the backyard was a cornfield that my family harvested for food. I remember how big those corn cobs were.

Father's hometown, Jeongju, and my hometown, Anju, are situated on either side of the same river and are about 30 kilometers apart. When we visited Jeongju in December 1991, we flew over Anju by helicopter but the village I saw was completely different from how I had known it. There is now an apartment complex there. It has changed into more of an urban district than Father's hometown of Jeongju has.

My father, Han Seung-un, was a devout member of the New Jesus Church. He followed Pastor Lee Yong-do and Pastor Lee Ho-bin and lived a religious life together with Daemonim. They got married and he received a revelation that if they had a son, God would have a great purpose for him. However, a daughter was born.

Hong Yu-il, my maternal grandfather, was tall and handsome. When I first met True Father, he felt familiar to me because he looked so much like my grandfather. In those days my grandfather was so open to modern trends that he even bought high-heeled shoes for his daughter-in-law. Jo Won-mo, my maternal grandmother, was petite and pretty. She was diligent and active. Although she was not well educated, she was very much a modern lady. She even operated her own business, selling and repairing sewing machines. (1999.10.21, Punta del Este, Uruguay)

Around the time of my birth, my mother ate some soup and then fell asleep. At that time, Satan, completely in black, appeared and said, "Through the birth of this child, I will come to ruin. That is why I am trying to get rid of this child.” At that time, Daemonim fought strongly and won. When she woke up, her whole body was covered in sweat and her clothes were soaked. My Grandmother Jo said, "You must be going through so much suffering to give birth to this child.” That's how seriously Daemonim fought with Satan.

Why do I tell you this? God's providence is profound and mysterious. During the final stages of the Second World War, Japan confiscated all the iron they could find in Korea and even took the brassware that is used for ancestral rites, to make military weapons. However, those things would cross back again and accumulate in the yard of the house where I was born. What does this mean? This shows how urgent and desperate God's providence was. How desperate must God have been that such things would happen for the sake of a new born baby! (2013.10.20, Nagano, Japan)

There are events in Korea's history that contribute to Korea being chosen as the nation where the Second Advent of the Messiah would occur. About 400 years ago there was a grandfather named Jo Han-jun in Jeongju. Mr. Jo lived in the village of Bucheon. At that time, Korea was under China's influence and every year, Korea had to make tribute payments to China. China's envoys would come in and out of Korea but there was always severe flooding on the Dallae River, which hindered the travel of the Chinese envoys.

However, the Joseon government at that time did not have the money to resolve this so they were looking for a volunteer who would be able to build a bridge over that river for the sake of the nation. That is when Grandfather Jo Han-jun took it upon himself to build that bridge using his own personal money. It must not have been easy to build a stone bridge, but it is said that he built it big enough so that boats could even pass under it. After building the bridge, he only had a few brass coins left. There was only enough left to buy straw sandals. So he bought himself a pair of straw sandals.

The following day was the dedication ceremony so he went to sleep and that night, he heard God's voice, "Han-jun, Han-jun! Your sincere devotion moved Heaven. Therefore, I wanted to send the son of Heaven to your family. However, because you used those three coins for yourself, I will send you the princess of Heaven instead.” He woke up from that dream and found that a stone statue of the Maitreya Buddha had suddenly appeared near the Dallae River. This statue was a miracle and all those who passed in front of it got off their horses to offer a bow before going along their way.

However, Mr. Jo's daughters ran into problems. They were single but their hips were thick and their bellies got big just like the stone Maitreya's belly. People mistakenly thought they were pregnant and they had difficulty finding husbands. Therefore, Mr. Jo's family came together to discuss the matter, "It is because of that Maitreya statue that our daughters are having a hard time finding husbands so let us cut off some of the Maitreya's belly off" and they did just that. When they did, it is said that the stone bled. So they repented and remade the belly just as it had been before. However, due to the passing of time and weathering, a hole appeared and bees came in and out of it. Father said that he went to play at that Maitreya statue during his childhood. This is not a legend but a true story. I've heard that this Maitreya statue is still there.

I tell you this story to show you that if you offer sincere devotion and loyalty for the sake of Heaven, it will all be accepted by Heaven. My maternal grandmother, Jo Won-mo, my mother Hong Sun-ae (Daemonim) and I are the only daughters for three generations. Father once said that for a woman to become the mother of the universe, she had to come from a family that had only one daughter for three successive generations. This shows us how Heaven prepared the environment for this one time. Heaven created all things before he created Adam and Eve. He first created an environment for them. This also applies to the providence. I am saying that Heaven's work is remarkable. In other words, the mother of the universe did not suddenly appear after the returning Messiah came. This result comes from establishing indemnity conditions that freed her from Satan's conditions over a long providential course. (2014.06.22, Cheon Jeong Gung)

True Mother and the spirit-led churches

In Israel, 2,000 years ago, God made many preparations before the birth of Jesus. He prepared the people of Israel ahead of time to welcome Jesus. He prepared so that Jesus could have his heavenly family, unite the nation and then bring salvation to the world. However, the central figures of the providence at that time cared more about their daily lives than about God's circumstances or His profound Will. As a result of their not recognizing and attending Jesus properly, Jesus was sent to the cross.

During the 2,000 years since Jesus' resurrection, God has been working through Christian culture to awaken and prepare people as Brides to attend the Returning Lord. He called Korea to be His chosen nation. Although Korea has but a short history of Christianity, God led the people of Korea to establish churches to make internal preparations to welcome the Returning Lord both before and after the country's liberation.

In Cheolsan, North Pyeongan Province, there was a spirit-led church, the Holy Lord Church, with an elderly lady pastor named Kim Seong-do, which had indemnified the mission of Eve. After the death of Rev. Kim Seong-do, God directly guided Rev. Heo Ho-bin and her husband, who established the Inside the Womb Church, to make internal preparations to attend the Returning Lord.

In North Korea, as the power of the communist authorities grew stronger, the persecution of religion became severe. In August 1946, Rev. Heo Ho-bin was taken to the Daedong Detention Center in Pyongyang. While in jail she received a revelation that she would meet the Returning Lord. Around the same time True Father was arrested while evangelizing in Pyongyang and was taken to the same jail. While in the jail, True Father managed to send a note to Rev. Heo through her chief disciple. However, the note was discovered by a prison guard and True Father was tortured so severely that his teeth were broken.

It was during that time, before I came down to South Korea, that Rev. Heo's mother called me to go see her after receiving a revelation about me. I was then six years old. Rev. Heo's church was fulfilling the mission of the Bride of the Lord at the Second Advent, and Rev. Heo's mother gave me a benediction that I would take the position of that Bride. She said in her prayer that I was supposed to fulfill a great mission. I still vividly recall it: an elderly lady in a white Korean dress said that she had received a revelation about me from Heaven and she called me to come into her room alone in order to give me that blessing. (1999.10.21, Punta del Este, Uruguay)

Those of you who have listened to True Father's sermons are aware that as we attend True Parents on the earth there are special events in the heavenly providence that happen without any of us realizing it. At that time in Korea, there were many spirit-led churches, which were different from the Christians who believed that if you just had blind faith in Jesus and the Bible you would go to heaven. These groups had only one goal, which was to prepare the way and to follow guidance which they received directly from God about the search for the Lord's Bride.

I was born into a family that was spiritually prepared, whose preparation included participation in those spirit-led churches. I have memories of the indescribable suffering endured by the churches to which my mother, Daemonim, belonged. The members of those churches lived entirely according to the divine revelations they received. Today as I reflect upon the circumstances of that time, I am drenched in sorrow. These revelations directed them to walk an indemnity course in order to prepare an easier path for the Lord. It was an unbelievable course filled with difficulties and hardships. Some of those members died in prison. Having been called by God to prepare for the Messiah, they overcame their difficulties by carrying with them only the hope that someday they would be able to meet him.

So, with devotion and attendance, they made extensive preparations to welcome the Returning Lord. Among the things they did was to prepare everything for him, from spoons for him to eat with to clothes for him to wear. The revelations they received were so detailed that they knew even the size of his clothes. Yet while they endured indescribable suffering to carry out these directions, unfortunately they died, one by one, unable to meet the Lord.

However, their mission was passed down through three generations, and I was born at the culmination of their revelations. When I was born, God gave revelations about his plan that the Lord at his Second Advent would be born on earth. These revelations were given to a woman named Rev. Heo Ho-bin. When I was six, Rev. Heo's mother met me and prophesied, "You will surely be Heaven's Bride.” She had received that revelation about me though I was still just a young girl. (1977.05.03, Belvedere Training Center)

The Korean people and the only begotten daughter

I just mentioned the story of Abraham. Abraham's faith became the basis on which Heaven could send his only begotten son through the nation of Israel. How great a blessing is this to fallen humanity! Yet, did the people in those days receive the only begotten son well? Heaven sent his only begotten son to the people of Israel after a long wait and after raising them for 4,000 years. Yet, the people of Israel and the followers of Judaism ended up sending God's only begotten son to the cross.

Jesus, however, said that he would come again. The only begotten son, whom God could love, had appeared for the first time since the Fall. What do you think our Heavenly Parent's heart would have been like? God wanted to educate and embrace all humanity, people living in ignorance; He wanted to do so through Heaven's lineage, through the Messiah. When that could not happen, imagine the pain God's heart would have been in.

Yet, the providence had to continue. Heaven's providence cannot work, however, with God's only begotten son alone. Did you know that the 6,000-year providential history was also concerned with finding and raising God's only begotten daughter? God did this even during Jesus' time. However, it did not bear fruit. History remembers God's only begotten son but not God's only begotten daughter. Isn't the providence of Christianity one of searching for the Bride? The providence of restoration was also concerned with looking for the Bride, for God's only begotten daughter. (2014.06.22, Cheon Jeong Gung)

When we look at the Israelites' history, Heaven had guided them for 4,000 years until they established a national foundation and a national standard. Then he sent Jesus. The Israelites had to unite with Jesus to set up the conditions for the only begotten daughter. Then Jesus could have married and taken over the Roman Empire. Because the Israelites, who had been prepared over a long period of time, failed their responsibility in this way, they had to pay a great deal of indemnity. When a people that God has chosen fails in their responsibility, God cannot use them again. You can see this in the history in the Bible.

Thus, God also has to find and establish a national standard to be the foundation for his only begotten daughter. Why is Korea called Hanguk? Out of our brilliant 5,000-year culture, our history, Goguryeo [a kingdom, 37 BC-AD 668] lasted almost 1,000 years. Therefore, when Goguryeo dissolved and Goryeo was founded, they called it Goryeo by using the same "go'' character. As Goryeo dissolved, Joseon was founded. During its early days, it was called Gojoseon. Coinciding with Korea's liberation, why did this country's name become Hanguk? Heaven's providence decided the fate of this nation. Why? Because it was the nation where the only begotten son and daughter of God would be born.

Between 800 and 400 BC was a Han (韓) kingdom that derived from the Dongi People. This appears in one of the most ancient books in China. The name Han did not appear from among the three kingdoms that made up Korea in the past. History records that the family of the Han kingdom was chased out of China and came down south by sea. Heaven carried out the providence to bring the most lonely and good-hearted kingdom to the Korean peninsula to build the national foundation. Therefore, the Korean people need to become people that fulfill Heavenly Parent's wish and True Parents' wish. This country must become the one that does that. You should stand in the center and invest in this. (2016.02.24, Cheon Jeong Gung)

The purpose for the coming of the only begotten son, Jesus Christ, was to become the True Parent, save humankind and fulfill God's dream. Yet, Mary, who should have cooperated and supported him, ran away. She did not fulfill her responsibility. Therefore, as Jesus died on the cross, he said he would come again and that when he did he would hold the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. The 2,000-year Christian history was the history of the search for the only begotten daughter of God.

Heaven prepared the noble Han people, who originated from the Dongi people, and began to shift the dynamics of goodness. I am speaking of Korea. If you look at the history of this nation, there was Goguryeo and then Goryeo, and when Goryeo collapsed, they called the nation Joseon, a name that came from Gojoseon. After the Second World War, Korea was split between north and south. The south became the Republic of Korea—Dae Han Min Guk (great Han republic). You should not mistake the cause of this occurrence for a human act. It is proof that Heaven was working. Therefore, the one who was to become the only begotten daughter of God was to have the surname Han.

I was born as the only begotten daughter of God, free from any connection to Satan. Because Mary did not fulfill her responsibilities 2,000 years ago, the Messiah's environment disappeared. In the current age, however, Daemonim gave birth to the only begotten daughter and supported her. In order to bring salvation to the fallen world, the foundation and environment of the begotten daughter are important. The person who played the central role in that was Daemonim. In Jesus' time, 2,000 years ago, this failed. However, in our time, for the first time in the 6,000 biblical years, the foundation for the only begotten daughter was realized. (2016.05.06, CheongShim International Youth Center)

God began the historical providence to establish the foundation for the only begotten daughter. People like Buddha and Confucius, who lived 2,500 years ago, guided the path for humankind to grow closer to God. God gave them the permission to do that. God has to use whatever means possible to awaken ignorant human beings and complete the providence of history.

If we look at the history of civilization, we see that Christianity began on the Italian peninsula and passed through the continents and island nations to expand worldwide.

God raised the noble Han people from among the Dongi Tribe as the chosen people. This was the second time that God had worked to find and raise a chosen people. These people hated fighting so they left China and came all the way down to the Korean peninsula. Korean history can also testify and attest to this historical providence. Goguryeo was a nation whose culture developed over the course of 1,000 years. The nation that succeeded Goguryeo was Goryeo. This nation inherited the brilliant culture of Goguryeo and named itself Goryeo. Joseon took its name from Gojoseon as well.

With the liberation of Korea in 1945, the nation was divided into a democratic South and a communist North. The south was named Dae Han Min Guk (great Han republic). Who gave it that name? It is time for the truth to come out. Just as God raised the people of Israel for 4,000 years, God has been raising the Korean people so as to send the only begotten daughter. (2016.10.04, Cheon Jeong Gung)

The family foundation to send the only begotten daughter

The grave of Jo Won-mo is at the Paju Wonjon. She is my maternal grandmother. Heaven's providence made preparations for a long time to send the Returning Messiah to the Korean peninsula. The history of Christianity in Korea is short, but different from other Christians, who were expecting Jesus to return on the clouds, were the spirit-led Christian groups in Korea who were preparing and waiting for the Returning Messiah to come in the flesh.

According to Father, the mother of the universe must come from a family with only one daughter for three generations. Grandmother Jo is my maternal grandmother and was the only daughter. Daemonim was also the only daughter, and I was also an only daughter. What is quite profound and intriguing was that when Father first saw me, he asked, "What is your name?" After I gave him my name, he suddenly closed his eyes and said, "I offer my gratitude to Heaven for making a girl like this be born in Korea.” At the time of my Holy Wedding in 1960, Grandmother Jo ascended. However, she passed away knowing whom I would marry. (2013.11.21, YongPyong Resort)

Fallen people desire to meet True Parents. Though Jesus died on the cross 2,000 years ago, the position of the only begotten son remained; however, the only begotten daughter had not emerged. God could not enter the nation of Israel, which had failed in its responsibility, and did not use it again. If He had, it would have created grounds for Satan's accusation. Because of that, Heaven had no choice but to pick another nation of people to establish a foundation for His only begotten daughter. He chose the Han people. Through the Republic of Korea the 2,000 years of Christian history has been to prepare for the only begotten daughter. The Returning Lord must meet the only begotten daughter. The only begotten daughter is True Mother, born in 1943.

The only begotten daughter has to be born on the Christian foundation because providential history unfolded in that direction. Daemonim fulfilled a central role in a religious group that offered immense devotion in order to prepare for the returning Lord. She protected and educated well the only begotten daughter and offered devotion for Mother to take part in the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, to establish the True Parents. She also led an exemplary life of serving True Parents in front of blessed members and other church members. Even after she went to the spirit world, she was able to carry out her role in lieu of True Parents. So she was named Daemonim (Great Mother). She is an indispensable person to all fallen people.

From that viewpoint, all of you are fortunate. In Jesus' time, 2,000 years ago, no such environment existed, and there was no protective fence for Jesus. However, if you look at the history of CheongPyeong today, Daemonim displayed absolute faith, love and obedience in the position of being one heart, one body, one mindset and one harmony with True Parents. Though she was in the spirit world, she prepared for True Father's ascension in the real world, which nobody had ever imagined or thought of doing. This was not something that could have been done by just anybody. (2016.05.08, Cheon Jeong Gung)

Daemonim is a person who spent her whole life seeking and attending the returning Lord. She opened up the environment through which you could be resurrected. She was the historic person who protected the family of God's only begotten daughter and gave birth to the only begotten daughter.

Not just anyone could conduct Daemonim's works. She is a person who made substantial preparations for the returning Lord. That is why there is no one comparable to Daemonim. It is not an easy thing for a spirit person to work on earth! This required effort that you cannot even imagine.

What is the difference between one's nanny and one's actual mother? Anybody can say that the lineage and the heart are different. But I would like to explain it like this: A nanny is a public figure. She cannot have personal emotions in the task entrusted to her. When Daemonim gave birth to me, Heaven told her, "You are her nanny." Daemonim is a person who showed absolute faith. Daemonim is a person who, throughout her entire life, never thought of herself. She is the one who knew the most about providential history, about the Returning Lord and about the status and position of True Parents. (2014.10.27, Cheon Jeong Gung)

True Father received his mission from Jesus at the age of 16. Just as Adam and Eve had to go through a growing process, Father also had responsibilities that he had to complete. In order to begin as the Returning Lord, he had to go through a course of indemnity. He ended up going to prison in North Korea. However, Heaven could not just let everything end in prison. Heaven had to protect Father. That is why Father came south with the help of the UN Forces.

After arriving in Busan, Father was able to complete the task of writing down the Word, which was his responsibility as the only begotten son of God. That is the responsibility of the only begotten son of God. After he completed that, he could start to look for disciples. On that foundation, in 1960 he met the only begotten daughter of God and moved forward into the position of a True Parent.

The 2,000 years of Christian providential history was the providence to find the only begotten daughter of God. The Bible says, " And everyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven” (Luke 12:10). This is because in our Heavenly Parent's providential work through history, the final component that had to be found was the only begotten daughter of God. A new stage of providential history is beginning through the only begotten daughter of God. (2016.10.04, Cheon Jeong Gung)