1. God's Ideal of Creation and the Providence of Salvation

Book 1: Global Unity Through True Parents
Part 1: The Life of Hak Ja Han Moon as True Mother
Chapter 1: God’s Ideal of Creation and the Providence of Salvation

The ideal of creation and the Fall

God created the universe because He needed an object partner. What did God desire to do after creating Adam and Eve? He desired to bless them in marriage centering on His true love and to establish His lineage through them. Thus, He planned to realize the ideal of the kingdom of heaven on this earth. The work of creation was not carried out overnight with mere words such as "Let there be a sun" or "Let there be a moon.” It had to go through a process. As for Adam and Eve, they needed to undergo a growth process until they could be told by God, "You can now receive the Blessing.” You have probably already learned this from the Divine Principle. When God carried out the work of creation, He was assisted by angels. Those angels should have taken care of and protected Adam and Eve, but the Archangel Lucifer instead seduced Eve and led her to fall. The other angels near Adam and Eve should have protected them as well, and not given the Archangel Lucifer the opportunity to cause them to fall. (2006.05.04, Miami, USA)

God created Adam and Eve after creating all other things in the world based on the ideal of creation. He had Adam and Eve go through a growth process, wishing for them to reach the standard by which they could stand on an equal footing with God Himself and participate in the work of creation. God's ideal was to bless Adam and Eve and thus form three generations. However, our first ancestors failed to fulfill their responsibility, and human history has unfolded in a world completely unrelated to God. In other words, humanity fell into a world owned by Satan. (2006.07.29, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

You have no idea with what great joy and excitement God created the entire universe, including Adam and Eve, following His Will. God intended to bless Adam and Eve after they had reached maturity. It was His wish to complete the work of creation together with them. God commanded Adam and Eve not to eat of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil and they had a responsibility to obey that commandment. Once they had fulfilled their responsibility and achieved perfection, they would be qualified to stand in the same position as Him and have authority equal to His. However, Adam and Eve failed to carry out His Will. That was the Fall. Even though it would have been easier to abandon them and start over by creating new human beings, God could not forsake these first human beings, whom He had created with an eternal nature. Because of these circumstances, the history of the providence of salvation has continued until now. (2006.07.01, Amman, Jordan)

The Bible tells us that God created one man and one woman. God, however, was unable to achieve His ideal and His dream. You have already learned from the Divine Principle the reason why God, the omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent Creator of all things, was unable to interfere with the Fall of Adam and Eve. His history has been a sorrowful one, for He could only carry out the providence to save fallen humanity indirectly. Even in this world, when one commits a crime, one is absolved only after serving one's time in prison or paying a fine. Similarly, fallen people cannot come into the presence of God without indemnifying their sin through their own efforts. God's providence of restoration has had to go through such a sad process. (2006.08.04, Kingston, Jamaica)

The providence of salvation and Jesus

The omniscient and omnipotent God could not let His creation of humankind, conducted in accordance with His ideal of creation end up a failure. That is why He has continued to educate and enlighten humanity throughout human history. Anyone who has read the Bible can attest to this fact. God chose the people of Israel and educated them for 4,000 years, telling them that He would send the Messiah through them. Thereupon, He sent Jesus as the savior of the people of Israel, but they and Judaism failed to recognize him. God created one man and one woman and planned to bestow the Blessing upon them when they grew up and reached the marriageable age. However, even though Jesus came to earth as a man, the prophets of the time and even his own mother did not understand that he needed a spouse. Though the Bible does not record every instance of it, Jesus told Mary several times that he needed to get married. At the time, Mary failed to fulfill her responsibility. In the end, though Jesus was born as the only begotten son of God who should have established the True Parents, circumstances forced him to die on the cross. He had lost the foundation, the family, the tribe and the people who could have helped him. The only path left for Jesus was that of the cross. Even today, Christians claim that they can be saved through the cross, but such is not the Will of God. The only salvation that can be achieved through Jesus' cross is spiritual salvation. (2006.07.29, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Even till now, God has been unable to fulfill His purpose of creation. Humankind has had to go through such indescribable difficulties in their history as anguish, adversity, disease and famine because God was not with them. Though He desired to be with them, He could not approach them, for they were the people of a world under Satan's dominion. Over the course of history, God established innumerable religions to enlighten humankind. In the Old Testament Age, He chose the people of Israel and educated them through Judaism. The ultimate purpose of the Old Testament Age was to send the Messiah. The purpose of sending the Messiah is to send a true person to the wrongful world and purify its society. However, He could not carry out the Will of Heaven with people who, due to ignorance, only think about themselves. God sent the Messiah after raising the people of Israel for 4,000 years, but they could not receive him. Thus, the Messiah could not fulfill God's Will, and instead had to die on the cross. Even today, Jewish people do not recognize Jesus as the Messiah. Only a handful of Israelis are Christians. Think for a moment about what a difficult course of history God has had to follow. Until now, all we have done is to ask God for everything. We did not even try to know what God is like and what His circumstances are like. (2006.07.21 , Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)

Consider the history of the people of Israel recorded in the Bible. For a very long time, Heaven raised the people of Israel and promised to send the Messiah. But when He did send the Messiah, what happened to make the people of Israel and the Jewish priests force Jesus to go the path of the cross? You need to know this sorrowful history. Was Jesus a man or a woman? Since he was a man, from the viewpoint of God's purpose of creation, he should have met a woman. And the person who should have brought this about was his mother, Mary. The Bible, however, tells us about the time when they attended a relative's wedding in Cana, and Mary said to Jesus that there was no more wine and asked him to provide some more, and he replied, "Woman, what have you to do with me?" Even though she knew Jesus was sent by God, Mary failed to grant his wish. As a result, Jesus was driven to the path of the cross. (2006.08.04, Kingston, Jamaica)