431. May You Blossom, My Beloved

Book 4: May You Blossom, My Beloved
Part 7: True Father's Letters
Chapter 3: May You Blossom, My Beloved

Persisting for the wide and great Will

Dear Hyo-jin Omma: How hard you must be working to fulfill your mission for the Will despite your heavy responsibilities for the children and your busy life! I know you will be enduring until the end and working hard for the sake of the future. I am grateful for this. We departed from New York yesterday, and after a busy day, we stayed at the Holly Motel in Brattleboro, Vermont. And just before leaving there, I picked up my pen to write you. Today we are busy getting ready to depart for Cleveland, Ohio. I am sorry that I only have a short time to write and convey news to you. Since we are trying to return to Washington, DC for Parents' Day on April 2, we are extremely busy. It is still winter here in the northern part of the country, so it's very cold. I received your letter the other day in Washington, DC. I felt indescribable joy upon receiving it. I realize how important it is to communicate with you while we are apart. Furthermore, the children and the Seoul members are always on my mind. While we are separated like this, although each of us has to take care of many things, I feel that a greater power is bonding us together even more strongly. Therefore, I hope that you, Omma, will experience how precious and great it is to have endured for the sake of the Will when you look back on this experience in the future. In this world in which we are living, I again realize how important it is to march forward toward victory, shedding tears as we fulfill our great responsibility and mission. Omma, I feel I have so much to be grateful to you for. All that we do is for the sake of the Will, which is so great and high, and the work we will have to do is in proportion to that. So let us keep going forward. I am praying for the well-being of all members, who are close to my heart. Please take care of yourself and the children, and fight bravely until we meet again. While I travel, I am dreaming about a tomorrow that will be filled with hope and the world stage that we will reach together. I rejoice thinking of the days to come when we will embark on speaking tours together. I yearn for the day when you will become the great True Mother who will bring victory over evil and fulfill all her responsibilities. Whenever I miss you and the children, I look at pictures of you and yearn for when I will see you again. When I think about Ye-jin attending school and how much she has already grown, I am concerned about how you will handle your growing responsibility for her. I also miss Hyo-jin, who should be growing well, although I know he is looking for his Daddy. I trust that you will do well, and that you will become the kind of woman who will be most precious to me, in whom I will take much pride as the woman of all women. When I think of this, I realize what a happy man I am! With this, I will move forward. Please become the highest, most precious and victorious True Mother. I am also striving to become the True Father who lives for the sake of heaven and earth. That is the only thing in my mind. Please take good care of yourself. -March 20, 1965, Brattleboro, Vermont

Creating a happy historic life

Dear Omma: I read the letter you sent me, including your report about Parents' Day. Thank you for your hard work. Indeed, you are so precious as the Mother, and for this I am truly grateful. I know that you worked hard for two events during my absence. I am so happy that you have fulfilled your responsibility before God, as He desired. When I think about the manifestation of Parents' Day on earth, I realize how serious our position as True Parents is. This event is indeed an awesome responsibility, and I cannot help but bow down before this incredible mission—that we can finally fulfill this day that should have been established 6,000 years ago, when God was happy with the original world. How much blood, sweat and tears were shed by countless prophets and ancestors who sacrificed themselves and suffered through the course of history to establish this day? God alone knows the ups and downs that I endured on the sorrowful path of indemnity to establish one woman, True Mother, and I pledge, by attending you as that woman, to be victorious in bringing peace. At the same time, I consider that Parents' Day could be instituted as the day of God's victory only after I had offered my youth and 40 years of my life, experiencing the pain and suffering of heaven and earth as I walked a path in the twilight and headed for the new dawn. That past, filled with many bitter sorrows as I made the long journey for the heavenly law, makes me think of you, Omma, as even more precious. However, even though we welcomed the sixth Parents' Day, I must again impose on you responsibilities and missions for you to carry. I deeply sympathize with you, Hyo-jin's Omma, that you are destined to go along with me continually in order that we may achieve the level of global Parents. Until the last moment, we still have to keep advancing until we reach the goal; then, we will have vindication over the enemy. I know how grave your motherly responsibility is, bearing so many crosses. Therefore, even though I am abroad, please understand that I am praying for you sincerely. Especially as you are now carrying a child, please take care of your health. Make tomorrow shine by fulfilling your responsibility. Both heaven and earth regard you as so precious. You and I are recognized as the substantial representatives at the center of Parents' Day, the day that all humankind yearns for and will rejoice over. As the whole cosmos is offering that day to us, we have to make it shine. Although you are young, may you realize a heart that is lofty and high. As you carry Heaven's burden and the burden of the world, may you fulfill the responsibility of the Holy Lord who creates the realm of victory, where your life of good fortune and historical significance bears fruit as the Mother in whose bosom all heaven and earth long to be embraced. We cannot forget about the great number of people who have resolved to give up their lives for us. We have also been given the solemn command to become the original beings of light, so that we can give life to the people who attend us and regard us as their beacon of life. If people from many countries in addition to Korea, Japan and America want to serve us, we will be indebted to them. We must not leave even one point of darkness in the background of history. Don't you think I know the hardships faced by those leaders who are assuming responsibility? Hallelujah to the holy day, Parents' Day! May we, the substantial beings of this day give glory to God and attend Him! Let us build up our virtue and shout out for restoration in order to fulfill the mission of the Parents! When I think about this letter, together with the content of the letter to the church president, I realize that you must be very tired. Thank you for your hard work. I am ever praying that you will be victorious. May you remain healthy by taking care of yourself, and fulfill all your responsibilities. I spent Parents' Day in Washington and was busy tidying up afterward. The reason I could not write you until now was because there were many people who came to see me, and I had to deal with some matters here. This was the first Parents' Day in America and the first time
America attended me. Because I wanted to celebrate Parents' Day in the capital of the United States, I concluded my busy national tour, passed through San Francisco, and flew to Washington, DC, on March 31. With the deep sincerity of the Washington members, I celebrated this historical event. Members from many different regions attended. God was with us, and we spent three days together with no regard for day or night. We had a very good experience. Even as I spent that time solemnly, I was thinking about Seoul. With your chair placed next to mine, I thought of you, crossing the continent and the Pacific Ocean in my heart. The American members dressed in white holy robes and offered bows as they prayed to achieve honor before heaven. This was the first time I conducted a ceremony with people from all five races. The event was very successful, and I resolved to expand it more on a worldwide scale. For as long as I am in Washington, my days are fully scheduled. Besides that, I need to meet with some very important people. By the middle of July, I will have to depart for Europe. I will let you know about my next itinerary later. I hope that you may always be at peace. -April 7, 1965, Washington, DC

True example of homeland

To Omma: I have created many new memories during this time, and it is hard to believe that 70 days have passed already. It must be natural to yearn for our homeland when we experience a different way of life. I find myself reminiscing deeply about the path I have walked for 45 years. It was a path for the Will that no one knew. Only Heaven supported me as I endured the cleaning up of our homeland's past and strove with tears in all seriousness and determination to succeed in the course of restoration. Let us advance toward victory, singing praises for the mission of the noble True Parents, who are the only ones who are offering their lives in this way. Let us express genuine gratitude for the sake of the nation, passionately paving the way of hope for our homeland. Since my life is for the sake of the Will, I am making a new resolution before Heaven to offer all my determination and loyalty. Today is one day before April 17 (16th day of the 3rd lunar month), the anniversary of the day I anointed you, Omma, to fulfill Heaven's mission. It reminds me of the past, when I toiled hard and endured long to pave this road. In this foreign country I offer sincere gratitude for your great heart. Ever since I placed you in charge of the heavenly mission and set you on a path that even heaven and earth have been concerned about, it was your heart that created the path to victory. As the mother of several children, you are again in a position of having to worry, but I sympathize with your path, and will spend April 17 together with you in my thoughts. The more ups and downs there are in our past, the more we should be able to sing praises for the value of what we have experienced in the face of history, should we not? Let us run the course of restoration with strength. We must invest all our sincerity and effort for the sake of our Kingdom of Heaven, our world and our blessed land. In the course of our determined life, for whom are we going to run? We only have one precious life. Let us offer sincere gratitude for the ultimate purpose of our life, and offer high praise for the mission of the noble True Parents. With sincere gratitude let us advance toward victory tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and on and on. I think about how great you will be five years from now, and I begin to imagine a picture of what you will become in the future. If ten years pass, and then ten more, I expect that the world will look at our past as it unfolded and recognize that we acted nobly. When that time arrives, the public image of the Will we pursued and of our family will be different from today. I am resolved to build the family of the original homeland as the true example that God desires. I know you also will have spent March 16 reflecting on the past. Who knew that our Holy Wedding was so historic? Wasn't it a day when Heaven alone rejoiced, while Satan grieved? When I think that when we started the family of the new heaven and earth, Heaven was trying to give us blessings and Satan was trying to slander us, I wish that we had offered even greater devotion and sincerity at that time. I also think about our young children; I miss them. Of course, I look at their pictures from time to time. Spring is arriving here now. I believe it is probably spring in Korea as well. It would be nice if you could take some time to enjoy the spring weather. I hope you can find solace in loving all of creation as if I were with you. I am going to visit several historic sites in Washington, DC with our members. In the middle of your busy life, please be at ease and take care of your health during your pregnancy. Please also try to take vitamins. Hearing your voice last night on the phone was deeply moving for me. Let us gather many stories to share when we are next together. Forgive me for not writing more neatly. -April 16, 1965, Washington, DC

Restoring the cosmos

To Omma: I was just looking at the picture you sent me that Ye-jin drew, and I am very pleased with the wisdom of our growing children. Looking at the picture makes me think of how much they have grown and developed. I really want to see them so much. Hyo-jin also looks like he has become quite the little cutie now. The image of him looking for me, his Daddy, is clear in my mind. They must have grown a lot. I want to come back home quickly and see them. When I think of our new baby, my heart leaps, and I am counting on my fingers the days until August 7 when our new baby is due to be born. You seem to be worried, but just entrust everything to Heaven and there will be no need to worry. I offered a prayer to Heavenly Father, and my heart is with you even though I am not there. Since things are no doubt becoming more difficult, please be cautious. I got a glimpse of your worried heart in Ye-jin's letter. You should proceed with the childbirth however you think best. I just want you to be able to go through it with a peaceful heart. Also, this is a time when loyalty is demanded of us. The efforts of headquarters and our mission countries are also necessary. It is great to hear that Korea is doing well. I am grateful whenever I read their reports. Everything is going well, thanks to Heaven's efforts. We must have even greater resolve to accomplish our true heavenly mission. Japan reported that they are developing like Korea. America is also developing. I was really grateful when I realized that heavenly fortune was working together with me when I visited all of these places. All we need to do is quickly accomplish the establishment of God's Day. We must advance with that goal in mind. I want to do everything to help you go over the hill victoriously and obtain the glory of the victorious Mother. Let us keep going with hope that a bright light will illuminate our path. Please take care of your health. Let us take care of the members and prepare for the future so that we can establish blessed families and offer them to Heaven. Then, let us hasten the restoration and bring results and success to heaven and earth. You will receive our travel plans from Bo-hi. We will travel according to this itinerary. I want to follow the Will knowing that you will pray for the heavenly path that we are about to walk. The American members are making a lot of effort both spiritually and physically. Please keep in your mind this image of our sincere members following the Will. I met many people during this time. I guess you must be quite curious. The members here, including my travel companions, are healthy. As I watch heavenly grace cover the entire movement in anticipation of the selection of the remaining holy grounds, I am preparing for our departure. -June 22, 1965, Washington, DC

l pray for your peace and good health

Dear Hyo-jin Omma: How hard you have been working! I am very sorry to hear that you were worried about giving birth prematurely, and it is a relief to hear that everything is progressing normally. In addition, hearing that Ye-jin and Hyo-jin are playing cute tricks and getting along well together makes my heart yearn for home. Furthermore, I know that the first ten days of August are when you may go into labor, and I am extremely sorry I will not be able to make it home before then. However, I know that Heaven will be with you. During the first ten days of July, I will pass through Canada and South America, and then I will arrive in London, the capital of Great Britain, on July 15. I will pass through the continent of Europe, and depart through Greece to Egypt and Jordan, finally crossing over Asia to arrive in Korea during the last ten days of September or the first ten days of October. I know how anxious you are. I especially hope you can take care of your body and stay healthy. I know that you are living in crowded and complicated circumstances, but even if things are difficult please hold fast, and soon the day will come when everything will be resolved. My lifestyle here in Washington is no different from my lifestyle in Korea, but when I eat and when I wake up in the morning, there are times I am immersed in thoughts of my home in Korea. I know you are curious about what is happening here, and how you must be waiting day after day for the mail carrier, and I feel apologetic for not being able to send you letters daily. Yes, it is now 4: 15 a.m. on June 8, and I should be getting ready to go out, but I started writing to you instead. During this time, I have met many people. I try to study English when I have time, but my proficiency is not improving. Yet, I still continue. You, Omma, will also have to study English. I realize this even more after coming to America. Even if you only do a little at a time, please continue your studies. I am stopping the flow of time to send you my sincere devotion for the Will. I will end here, as I pray for your peace and good health. -June 8, 1965, Washington, DC

My beloved, may you blossom
And spread your fragrance
Throughout heaven and earth
Toward the eternal homeland
(August 23, 1984, Danbury, USA)


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