11. Central Providential Nations, Part 3

Book 1: Global Unity Through True Parents
Part 2: Global Mission Strategy for National Restoration
Chapter 3: Central Providential Nations and the Responsibilities of Each Mission Country, Part 3


You are in a position where you have received the marriage Blessing and become true olive trees, so you should not sit still. Instead, you should grow and multiply. You need to fulfill the mission of tribal messiahs. You need to make every effort to let others know of True Parents. How wonderful it would be if wild olive trees could become true olive trees, and if all wild olive trees in the world could be transformed into true olive trees at once! You all wish to live in a more advanced country, a wealthier country, don't you? From God's viewpoint, however, you are better qualified to go to the kingdom of heaven. A person who owns much in this world needs time to get rid of it all. On the other hand, when it rains in the desert, all the water is absorbed. You can absorb all these teachings and multiply more quickly than the people in more advanced nations. What I mean is that you can realize the Will faster than others because you are in a position of innocence. You should dream big.

This is my fourth tour of Africa, and this is the very time when you blessed families should be fulfilling your responsibilities. Though you may not own much externally, you possess a lot internally. You have now reached maturity. The time has come for you to carry out the New Mind, New Life Campaign and the New Community Movement. Each and every one of you should have a sense of ownership, and work hard with the thought, "This is my country." You should have big dreams. You are now different people. You need to become true olive trees and sow seeds. I hope that Kenya will become an internally advanced country. (2006.07.20, Nairobi, Kenya)

I know that there are various difficulties in Tanzania. I have heard that there are domestic and juvenile problems, and also many orphaned children who have lost their parents to AIDS, though I know that this is also true of several other nations in Africa. That is why Africa is a place that desperately needs the pure love movement and the true family movement. You should carry out the work of newly purifying Africa through the New Mind, New Life Campaign and the New Community Movement.

Korea in the 1950s after the war was in a more difficult situation than this country is in today. At that time, True Father mobilized a small number of people and created the basis for national revival. Though things were difficult in the beginning time, True Father carried out a nationwide enlightenment movement centering on middle and high school students. He taught those in rural areas to read and focused on the agricultural movement. On the foundation thus laid, today's Korea was able to join the ranks of the advanced nations.

At that time, we started out in one country, Korea, but you are in a different position now. Those around you are also in the same position as you, and many countries are able to help you. There is hope for this country if you work actively, almost as if twenty-four hours a day is not enough, with the awareness that you are the owners of this country and with the resolution to renew this country with your own hands. (2006.07.21, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)

South and Central America

On my tour across Africa, I introduced the story of how, at the time when Korea lay in ruins after the Korean Civil War, True Father mobilized what few church members he had to promote a national enlightenment movement. There were not many adult members at the time, so even middle and high school students were mobilized to actively carry out the nationwide enlightenment movement. With that momentum, he laid the foundation on which the New Community Movement was expanded nationwide, which in turn played a major role in leading Korea to become the prosperous country it is today. The New Mind, New Life Campaign centered on the teachings of the Divine Principle was also jointly carried out, which empowered Korea to join the ranks of today's advanced nations.

True Father contributed much from behind the scenes to Korea's becoming a central nation, both spiritually and financially. Africa is in a better position than that of Korea of the 19 50s and 1960s. Its land is so fertile. Whatever you plant grows well. How, then, did Africa become a continent where people are dying from starvation and suffering from diseases? It could not develop because there has never been a leader who had a sense of ownership, who believed that the country was his country and the people his family. The Word is the guide book and textbook we absolutely need in living our daily lives. If you practice the Word to the letter, there is nothing you cannot do. It teaches you everything about how you should live. And yet we are still living in poverty, we are unable to witness to others, and we are unable to achieve development, for which we should repent.

When I came to Uruguay, I took a look around Montevideo and it felt like the city was very run-down. What I mean is that it felt like a deserted city. You, the people of Uruguay, should feel remorseful about this. You have been greatly blessed. If you are the true olive trees, the world yet to be restored is the field of wild olive trees. And if you fail to multiply, you will be outnumbered in the end. You need to resolve everything by yourselves. Stop thinking that someone else will do it for you, or that others will help you. This is what you need to do. You should work hard with the thought that, if you don't do something about it, your own children could become the victims. (2006.07.28, Montevideo, Uruguay)

At one time, Argentina was a wealthy country. For Argentina to become a prosperous country once again, you need to change your way of thinking. To that end, all of its citizens should be armed with the Divine Principle teachings. You blessed families and ambassadors for peace should unite and take the lead in constructing a new nation. If you can make such a resolution at the Rally to Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown on July 30, 2006, my visit here will have been worthwhile. You need to bear in mind that there are many countries competing with Argentina. Depending on your achievements, you can be in first place or last. The restoration of Argentina rests on your two shoulders. (2006.07.29, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

I believe you have the greatest responsibility in establishing Bolivia in front of God. You members have been given an opportunity. All you need to do is to establish as many people as possible on the side of the providence, through such means as the marriage Blessing ceremony of the Universal Peace Federation Speaking Tour to Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown. What I came to realize on my recent tour of Africa is that, the more effort you make, the more prosperous you can make your country. If people who own fertile land remain poor, it is because of their ignorance. True Parents' teachings will not only help human beings reach maturity, but also revive Bolivia to become a blessed country. (2006.08.01, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia)

The more you convey the message from the Rally to Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown of August 1, 2006, to the people of your country, and the more people learn about True Parents, the greater hope will they come to have. Such a time is now upon us. Heavenly fortune has come to us. That is why your responsibility is important. There are many second generation members in the blessed families in Colombia. You blessed families need to create an environment where your children can live practicing true love in free surroundings. Many countries are suffering from such issues as domestic problems and drug problems. Colombia, too, is troubled by problems connected to drugs, violence, juveniles and AIDS among others. All these problems can be resolved through the true love and true family movement. Through it, you should reinvent the image of Colombia. It is now time for you to translate this into action. You need to make sure that every person in every nook and cranny of this country knows about True Parents. You need to plant the tradition of true family, true lineage and true love. To accomplish this, all activities including those of the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) and the youths' pure love movement need to be carried out in earnest, so that Colombia can be remembered by God. (2006.08.02, Santa Fe de Bogota, Colombia)

Switzerland was in a tight spot and found it difficult to become independent, because it was kept down by its powerful neighbors. However, it was a good place for people from other countries who had ideological or religious problems to come and settle down.

For instance, it is said that Lenin stayed there, and Protestant leaders also lived and worked there. That country had good ancestors who looked ahead into the future; its people also had great love for their country, so they were able to make their country a prosperous and powerful one while preserving nature as it was. I have come to think that, if this country also had such farsighted leaders, it could appear in front of the world as a nation with a beautiful environment equalling that of Switzerland.

In terms of mineral resources, Venezuela is one of the top five countries in the world, but the country itself is still poor. Everyone, from statesmen to citizens, should accept True Parents and begin anew. Even if only those of you present here today were to make effort for the eternal peace and development of your country, as long as you would work so hard that it seemed as if twenty-four hours a day were not enough, there would still be hope. (2006.08.08, Caracas, Venezuela)

For you to restore Peru, you need to witness to many college students. Then you need to train them to become leaders who can work for our future as well as for the future of this country. The fastest shortcut would be to cleanse them of all the wrong social customs they have observed until now, and to educate them. When they graduate from college, they will be old enough to get married. And when they are thus blessed, they will form true families, which in turn will purify the society. What could be better than that? You need to prioritize witnessing to college students, so that your second generation can also settle down. (2006.08.09, Lima, Peru)

For Chile to develop and grow, CARP must become more active. You are at an appropriate age to be nurtured to become the future leaders of this country or the leaders of the church. The world today is encumbered with many problems. There are grave domestic problems and drug problems. AIDS is also a problem. In addition, there are also serious juvenile problems.

The responsibility of college students is important. During your time in college, you should study harder than others and set an example in front of them in all aspects, including the way you act. You should create a trend where other students your age wish to befriend you and work together with you, and thus you can save them all. Your CARP activities are also important for the future of our Church.

Student activities need the same kind of support as other witnessing activities. All members of the Church should come together and embrace the students, just as the mother embraces both Cain and Abel. Since the Church is in the position of the mother, it should help out CARP as well.

We cannot but say that the world has reached its end. It has done everything it wanted to do, and now it is at a dead-end and sinking into the mire to the very bottom. Those people who are intelligent and righteous realize the truth right away when they hear these words. What you do think? You think that Africa is poorer than South America, don't you? The fact is that a governor in Africa was so moved by our work that he donated 30,000 dollars, and he said he will send those around him to us and asked us to educate them all.

If you work hard, you will also meet righteous people like him in this country, too. The hope of this country, and our hope as well, is to educate the college students and send them out into the world. The college students should witness to their parents. You need to fulfill the mission of tribal messiahs today. Henceforth, things will change depending on your own actions. Now you can feel what you harvest in your heart. You are not working alone; the entire spirit world has been mobilized to cooperate with you. What do we have to fear, when we know that God is on our side? From now on, the more you reveal True Parents, the higher your position will be elevated. You need to educate others. If you educate them with the heart that they are your own brothers and sisters, they will all follow you regardless of who they may be. Those in charge need to do their best. The question of whether this country can present its name to God or not can only be answered by you. (2006.08.10, Santiago, Chile)

Fifty years ago, Korea was in a more difficult situation than Africa or other third-world countries are today because it was right after the Korean War. It was also the beginning time of our church, and most of the members were middle and high school students. Through them, True Father carried out the enlightenment movement in the rural areas and the New Community Movement. Moreover, knowing that the machinery industry would play an important role in Korea's joining the ranks of the advanced nations, he also focused on training many talented individuals in preparation for that day.

Today's Korea is not inferior to any other advanced country. What I mean is that, depending on the resolutions you make, Jamaica can also change. One person can move and change the world. True Father alone created the basis upon which the world can be changed; there are a great many people in the world who have been transformed into true olive trees through him, aren't there? There are many blessed families in this country as well. You are not alone.

The time it takes to restore your country and your tribes to God's side is determined by your resolve. I looked upon this country and wondered why it could not be like Switzerland, when its natural environment is just as beautiful. When I went to Switzerland, I discovered that their ancestors had worked hard to make what they have today. While they were alive, the ancestors did not live in comfort; instead, they went through many difficulties for the sake of their descendants, and thus they created such a wonderful environment.

I also visited the Blue Mountains in this country, which are famous for their coffee, and they were so beautiful. Switzerland had to grow and prosper while observing neutrality because it is surrounded by powerful countries. Your country, on the other hand, does not have such restrictions. You can make your country beautiful and prosperous through your own decisions, and yet you did not know that until now. I pray that you will cherish the hope that your country can become the number one nation in the world. (2006.08.04, Kingston, Jamaica)

The Bahamas, an island nation situated in the Caribbean Sea, in Central America, was the place where Columbus landed first when he discovered the new world in 1492. It was under the rule of Spain and then became a British colony, and gained independence in July 1973. The fact that we are holding the Universal Peace Federation Rally to Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown in the Bahamas, which is made up of more than 700 islands, is truly a great blessing from God. Though it has been a long tour for me, I rejoiced in meeting people prepared for a long time by God in new places, and I finally arrived here in Nassau, Bahamas, on August 4, 2006. This was a tour for delivering this message and performing the marriage Blessing ceremony and the only way for the Bahamas to stand in front of God again is to receive these teachings and True Parents with a passionate heart. I hope that you will all work hard, so that the blessings of God can be with the Bahamas. (2006.08.05, Nassau, Bahamas)


New Zealand needs to fulfill the mission of the mother nation in Oceania. It has the responsibility to unite with Australia and support and help the island nations, and also to educate them. That is the mother's mission. Until now, New Zealand has been asleep. Now, however, it needs to soar. You have the Word, and our foundation laid down worldwide is also solid. All you need to do is to convey what you have heard and seen to others. You have plenty of teaching materials. You now need to stand in the position of children who have reached maturity, and return all that you have received from your Parents for free. You need to determine yourselves anew. (2006.08.14, Auckland, New Zealand)

I passed through Israel and the Middle East region before coming to Australia. The ambassadors for peace took the lead there in making the Universal Peace Federation Rally Tour to Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown a great success. I left that region after achieving such wonderful results, but war broke out shortly afterward. When I think about that, the ambassadors for peace come to my mind and my heart aches for them. The only way to resolve all world problems and to cross over the walls of religion, race and culture is to receive True Parents. You blessed families are the people who should enlighten others and make them aware of this fact. You too should feel responsible for the crisis in the Middle East. You have the responsibility to make as many people as possible in your regions and countries aware of True Parents. Consider the fact that, in this day and age when we are discussing happiness, hope and peace centering on True Parents, there are people who are dying without knowing anything about that. With a sense of responsibility, you need to take the lead in establishing them on the side of the providence. (2006.08.15, Sydney, Australia)

In the farming villages of Korea, the New Community Movement was begun together with the enlightenment movement. You should take an interest in how the Korean Church was able to grow in the beginning time centering on True Father. The Solomon Islands is a country that is in a situation similar to that of Korea in the early days of the church. You should take that time, when church services were held with spirit and truth centering on True Father, as an example, and endeavor to make the flames of revival rise up in this country. One of the harmful consequences of today's material civilization age is that it destroys nature and causes pollution. You country should nurture and cherish its God-given natural beauty. It should be more active in advocating the nature preservation movement. That is why you need to carry out a nationwide awareness movement centering on True Parents' teachings. (2006.08.18, Honiara, Solomon Islands)

For Palau to be able to compete with bigger nations and join ranks with them, it needs to propagate the Divine Principle teachings. You may not know in detail about the heart of God when He created the world, or about the many stories behind how True Parents came to this earth and laid their victorious foundation to restore fallen humanity. Once you learn of them, you cannot help but love the Word, and love True Parents who are the center of the Word. With such a loving heart, you need to love your country of Palau. The Christians who oppose you do not truly love this country. Henceforth, you need to practice true love centering on the Word, thus taking the lead in making Palau a nation that can be beloved by God. (2006.08.19, Koror, Palau)