12. Challenges in Inheriting the Tradition

Book 1: Global Unity Through True Parents
Part 3: Tradition and Inheritance
Chapter 1: Challenges in Inheriting the Tradition

Let us resemble True Parents

You must have heard stories about True Father going fishing or hunting. Every time Father goes fishing, I find myself pondering. Father is one of the busiest people in the world. He is always talking about the providence and taking care of business and thinking up complex plans in order to realize it. However, when he is fishing, he looks like he is not thinking about anything other than fishing and concentrates completely on it like it's the most fun activity in the world. When he was young, if he saw a big fish in the pond, he would go fishing there for 40 days straight saying that he had to catch that fish. I don't think there's anyone in history who has as much will and tenacity as True Father. I hope that you will long and yearn for God the father and that you will learn the truth and strive to become the source of the truth until the day when you become perfected people who resemble God. (1967.08.03, Tokyo Church, Japan)

True Father has no private life. He lives like he has forgotten about it. However, when it comes to humankind, he treasures every last person in his heart and believes that he has to raise them up to stand before God. He is pouring out his heart and soul to save people so that they can be reborn as filial sons and daughters. He is always thinking about you members and your personal lives. There is not a day that he does not worry and think about you. I always feel sorry to True Father. Even if Father goes to bed late, he rises early in the morning and prays seriously. Even if the wind is blowing or if it is raining, night and day he is praying for you, the children of the Unification Church. When I see the face of Father meditating deeply on how to fulfill God's Will, I think he is someone whom God cannot help but love. (1967.08,03, Tokyo Church, Japan)

I hope that you empower yourselves as much as you can with the Divine Principle. I hope that you can be unchanging in a world of heart that is firmly connected, not in a master-servant relationship, but in a father-son relationship. When you are suffering, please think about True Father.

True Father is concerned about the situation surrounding you, prays for you and is cooperating with you. You should feel safe and secure in your hearts knowing that True Father is here and marches forward despite any adversity or difficulty. You must become children who can convey truth and love to every corner of the world. The path to becoming a true child that can receive the love of True Father is to understand his heart and to become one in heart with him. (1967.08.03, Tokyo Church, Japan)

In 1995, the year motto contained the phrase, "Inherit the True Parents' realm of victory.” This means that True Parents were victorious. True Parents have realized the goal that they came to the earth to fulfill. Therefore, the child has to inherit the victory of the parents. What will you do? True Parents' victory is not ordinary or easy. These days I am living life in a constant state of tension and urgency. For example, we have to walk and make our way through places surrounded by cliffs. Even then, we must survive. The more I see the will of God expanding and being realized, the more my heart is like that. From now on, we must live our daily life, putting Father's teachings into practice. Until now, you only thought it in your head and said that you would practice it but from now on you have to become people who can practice it with the actions of your body. Therefore, you cannot say that you were not able to accomplish your responsibility because of someone else. You should come to the conclusion that everything is your responsibility, that you must work harder and that you were lacking. True Father is the one who has lived like this on the front line. (1995.09.17, Osaka, Japan)

Establish Heaven's tradition

I made a promise to Father. At the time I met Father I was 17, and I understood God's providence. So I made a determination. I said, "No matter how difficult it is to fulfill the Will, I will bring it to a conclusion in my lifetime.” I told him that I would accomplish God's purpose of creation and the ideal world of creation. I said that I would accomplish this by all means. To do that, I am determined not to change. I want to accomplish the Will that he left for us to fulfill, together with all of you. I hope that as we go along the path, none of you will be sons and daughters who fall away. That is my wish, and it is also Father's hope. (2012.09.03, Cheon Jeong Gung)

We must be grateful to True Parents. Through the Word, we came to know the principle of indemnity and we came to know that we cannot move forward without going through a course of restoration. You have to stand in the same realm of heart as your parents and furthermore, you must live in the same realm of heart as them. In this sense, from True Parents' perspective, the children of the True Family are just like you. From now on, for as long as I live, I will establish the tradition so that you and the True Family can stand in the same realm of heart as the True Parents. (2013.04.20, Cheon Hwa Gung)

You have a lot of good fortune. You were favored to stand in the position of ancestors in this new era, the Cheon 11 Guk era of the new history. That is why from now on, it will be recorded on earth and in the other world how you lived in the position of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience by establishing a vertical standard centering on True Parents. True Parents began a new history, so while they are here on earth, they have pioneered everything for us. While I am still alive on this earth, I will develop True Father's legacy and establish a tradition so that it can shine into the future. I will completely organize and arrange the words that True Father left behind. This is True Father's will and this is my will. (2013.05.13, Busan)

This day, the day of the worship service celebrating the 40th day after True Father's Seonghwa, marks a new starting point for the providence. During the last 40 days, Father has visited many places in the spirit world. He has met figures from providential history and has experienced directly the circumstances of God's creation of heaven and earth. I have been conversing with True Father in my heart over the past 40 days. I have been preparing. Father's thoughts have become my thoughts and my thoughts have become his thoughts. Throughout those 40 days, Father visited me at Cheon Jeong Gung Palace, and I spoke with him heart to heart. In particular, True Father agreed with me 120 percent when I told him I would revive the Korean church with Spirit and Truth, and he said he was very grateful for that. (2012.10.25, BonHyang Won)

Before True Father passed away, as soon as he got out of the car he would say, "Omma, I want this to be done here. It would be nice to have a path like this. It would be good if you could do that.” He was preparing to pass away and was making all these requests to me. I never go down this road here without a care. Within the next 20 years, I must accomplish all the things that True Father could not realize and do all the things that True Father wanted to do. I have a lot of weight to carry. The path to establishing the tradition and order internally and externally is urgent.

We have to quickly show the world that the Unification Church is alive and well and growing continuously. We must have people seek us out on their own. It is also important that you witness and make effort. People should see the results of the providence and their hearts should guide them so that they think, "This is the place where I will pour out my heart until the very end.” In this era, it is necessary to ensure that groups can come seeking for us on their own and then be connected. We cannot postpone this further. I will keep moving forward. (2012.10.01, Cheon Jeong Gung)

As people who are responsible in each field, you have received a lot of love from True Father compared to the Unification Church members worldwide. I think all this time you have heard many words of love. You cannot measure the value and gravity of that. Think about yourself Do you think that you were able to fully carry out even one command fully? I think it's good to hold meetings, listen to the Word and redetermine yourself but from now on, you must bring and show your results to True Father. (1984.07.22, East Garden)

If we think about God's Will and humankind, there is no time. There is really no time. If we think that all of those people are my brothers, my family, my tribe, can't we manage to offer this nation of Korea to God? When will we be able to offer all humankind before Heaven? You have to make a life or death determination and invest everything you have. There is no more opportunity to repay Heaven. Think about it. Because I am here on earth, Father will do even greater works.

In the future you will be able to experience that Father is with you in spirit. True Father promised that. So, if you want to see Father, please bring substantial results. I hope you can see him that way. During his lifetime, Father did not expose his arms and legs to anyone. He said that he took great care to protect his body, even in prison. Do you think he will appear to anyone anytime and perform spiritual works? So I am saying, "Let's move forward with one accord, totally focused on the Will and centered on the Principle'.' (2012.10.25, BonHyang Won)

True Parents are as one person. Our thoughts and our will are one. You must become one with me. My thoughts must become your thoughts, and your thoughts must become mine. On that point, you must clearly boast that you are the children of our proud True Parents. There is no need to hesitate. If you listen to what I say, follow, and do as I say, Heaven will work with you. At that moment, your dreams will be achieved. You must unite 100 percent with True Parents. (2017.03.29, CheongPyeong Training Center)

Chapter 2: Hoondok and the Importance of the Word

The importance of the Word

True Parents' words are like a textbook that we should read every day. It is a guide for our daily life. If you read their words, you will get an idea about what you should do today. Unlike the past, you must have confidence and take pride in mobilizing all of the spirit world together with True Parents. (2006.07.02, Valletta, Malta)

To you, True Parents' words are a guide and text book. The person who has no work to do is the most pitiful. We are happy people because we have a lot of work to do. You should be able to share this happiness with those around you and have a great dream to return that happiness to God abundantly. I believe that only True Father's words and ideas can resolve the problems happening all over the world. That is why leaders who can give lectures must be sent out to many nations. We need many leaders. If you equip yourself with True Father's words and teachings, then you can accomplish the work of 100 people. Imagine if all the people around you would come together for the sake of carrying out God's Will. (2006.08.18, Honiara, Solomon Islands)

You will not be able to do hoondokhae without shedding tears as you begin to realize and feel the depth of these teachings. If you do hoondokhae every day, then your heart will begin to change. You will see the world in a different way. Even True Father, who is the embodiment of the Word, reads the Word up until it is time to come out and do hoondokhae with you. You have to be grateful for God's infinite love for humankind and become people who can share that love. The Word will become your daily guide and textbook depending on how well you prepare the standard of your heart. (2006.07.19, Nairobi, Kenya)

Hoondokhae life

You should show an example to your children by reciting the Family Pledge every day. You have not properly raised the second-generation in front of God. You may have several excuses or may blame it on the wilderness era, but now times are desperate. Out of those who carry responsibility [in the church], the younger ones are in their S0s and many are in their 70s and 80s. For the sake of the future, we need to educate and nurture our second-generation blessed children in front of God's Will. (2012.09.17, Cheon Jeong Gung)

I have told families to do hoondok every day together because I felt urgent about educating our children, the second generation. You made excuses that you were doing public work and neglected your children. Yet, even so, you should do hoondokhae with them. You must begin your day this way. You need to raise the second generation well. No matter what position you are in you must think about the future generations. Moreover, leaders should think about our own future. However, you should repent with a desperate and earnest heart for not finding someone to take your place. If you haven't done that already you should start now. You must be ready to die for it. (2012.10.01, Cheon Jeong Gung)

In the early days of the church, there was no environment prepared. It was as if the first members of the church were in a wilderness era. However, what are your circumstances today? Of course, there are people who have a hard life, but when we think of our future, it is hopeful. You should have confidence. You should be proud of True Parents. With just that, your descendants will have an easy path. You should work hard to fulfill your responsibility as tribal messiahs. You must also educate your children through a life of family hoondok so that not one of them falls behind. Believe that Heaven is with us. This way, our country will fulfill its responsibility to become God's homeland. You should become citizens who reciprocate Heaven's grace. Many people around us are still unaware. You are trailblazers. Please nurture your children so that there is not a single family in which anyone is left behind. (2015.04.26, Cheon Jeong Gung)

If you do hoondokhae every day, you will gain wisdom on how to live in your daily life. Now all the good ancestors in the spirit world are coming back and are working with us. God is with us and this is the era when He can exercise His authority. Therefore, you should read the Word day and night and you must be able to convey it fluently even as you fall asleep at night. You must gain wisdom through the Word and propagate it. It is the same for students. You should strive to become one in heart with God through doing hoondokhae in the morning before going to school. If you go out with the sincere heart to meet a student who can work even harder than you in realizing God's Will and restoring this nation, then naturally a prepared student will emerge and come to find you. (2006.06.18, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)