Speeches of Hyo Jin Moon: Episode 45

Speeches of Hyo Jin Moon 2006-2008
Delivered Sunday at Belvedere Estate in Tarrytown, New York
Hyo Jin Moon Speaks on Entitlement, Page 175

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When you talk about your entitlement, what if you are a prince? What kind of entitlement do you allow yourself that this is legitimate, this is justifiable, and what gives you the right to do that? Because I am a prince? What if you are not? What if you are the lower rung of the ladder? Does individual responsibility differ from the people at the bottom to the people at the top?

Even society, secular, democratic society does not allow that. Do you really think God's ideal society will allow that? Just because it is based on voluntary participation that does not mean that individual responsibility does not exist. It might not be coerced and enforced by punitive measures at every turn that you take, every little step that you take, but it exists. There is nothing different in the end because it cannot be.

Who cares? Why do you want to be that important? You have no idea how miserable that is based on how Father prescribed it. Based on His pathways, it is miserable. It is not fun. It is not glorious. It is not easy. It will be miserable and you are willing to do that? That is something that I still have problems with.

I will tell it to you like it is. A lot of people think that they are more effective, more able, smarter, but they all want something, the thing that I have been burdened with. Take it! I could care less because that was the source of my misery all my life. Take it! I wish I could be like the other guy and just kick you out and say "I am better than you," live like that. I take care of myself and do good in my own way and let God sort it out.

But I still care. No matter how selfish you want to be because of climate or whatever you care because of your blood, of your lineage. Sometimes I get a call, "I'm your brother, I'm your sister, help me!" I need help, too. What can you say? Can you turn them down? That's part of your family.

When you have nothing to look up to, when you are hopeless because you are sitting in a hole somewhere and you feel that pressure, the enormous shame and uselessness, and hopelessness. It bothers you. It eats you up. What are you going to do? Kill everybody?

In some ways when you talk about this kind of human stuff, the most fundamentally important stuff is that entitlement stuff that created all this other stuff. When you open up to the spirit world it is a two-edged sword, too.

I do preach a lot about dying. Life is short. Do the best you can. Give the best you got. In this short span of life you do not want to put your nasty things first. Try to build something that will be lasting like the spirit that is given to you, which is entitled to you at birth. You have to acquire and earn that stuff and make it matter because in the end you will be judged. How do you think you will be judged? You will be judged by the standard of what the spirit is. What is that? You are going to answer that on your own.

Am I helping you? If I am helping you with something, so be it. I am going to talk about God and I am going to talk about myself. If I am making a difference, that is all I can do for you. That is all that matters. Stick to your role. Stick to your purpose. I started this for a reason and it is personal and I admit it and you know it. Take it or leave it. It does not matter to me what you do in the end. I will not be your judge.

The fact of the matter is I do not even know many of you. It just happens that I am in the position where I can make myself useful if I choose to be. If I did that it hurts and you get disappointed, too. I do not want to be hurt again. But that does not mean something stops. You know it is right, and ultimately the practical defensive approach that I have at this point, I know that can change.

I want to do the stuff that we need to fight and win. At the same time I am disgusted that I have to be defensive about myself in my own world. It is just for now. I know it will change. You cannot be that selfish forever. You cannot be that self-righteous. Try to control your angers because anger in certain cases leads to jealousy and envy. It can lead to self-righteousness and superiority stuff. Just be grateful that you wake up in the morning and say "What am I going to do today?" Count your days and be grateful that you can.

There is a world that is difficult to understand with all kinds of content that is hard to understand. There are all kinds of crazy people out there who are influenced by the strange spiritual world doing crazy things. It is a sad reality. Is it not? It is depressing. There are many people who estrange themselves and live in a small hole they made. Basically, they are trying to decipher codes that have come down for tens, hundreds, and thousands of years.

We have to become realistic. We can deal with these contents. We can deal with Christian stuff and with other stuff too. I am trying to do more. I have another audition (for a production on Defining Moment TV). You just invite all sorts of people and just let them talk about themselves, all different Christian denominations.

We have access to their heads thanks to modern technology. The more we understand the better. That is the basic essence of communications. We are just going to do it because we have a purpose as a church and something has to be done in fundamental ways. That is essential for our success and the future.

The more we understand, the more information we have the better. Not guessing, we know exactly what you are. The difficulty is that we are guessing half the time, more than half, 95 percent. We can be clear in dealing with humanity because we are clearer when we practice that stuff. Practice what we learn from these interviews and that is good schooling, is it not? It is not just because you have a Harvard degree you might have a lot of leaming, but leaming does not stop there.

I do not think you can change the world with physical things or intellectual things. The world will be changed when we understand God. Spirit, mind, and body, all that, has to be proper, not the other way around. Any other mixture, variation, or alternative will fail. Either you do that stuff or get out because you are going to lose in the end.

No matter how secular you are, the world will teach you. You have to know your limit. No matter how gangsterous you think you are, other men are tougher and stronger and bigger than you. There is no doubt that America could nuke North Korea and pulverize it theoretically, but they cannot do it because radiation fallout will contaminate Russia, China. Let them compete and see who comes out stronger. Let them do that stuff.

Let us get our act together and make a difference. In our lives, as individuals, that is something of a good legacy. If there is any value in anything, it has to happen with a purpose, intent, and action. That is how we will be judged in the end. So please, the more you do that and make a difference, not just to yourself but to others, the whole hell, the human race all too.

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