Speeches of Hyo Jin Moon: Episode 29

Speeches of Hyo Jin Moon 2006-2008
Delivered Sunday at Belvedere Estate in Tarrytown, New York
Hyo Jin Moon Speaks on Love, Page 109

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July 2, 2006

This week's topic is, “Love." I picked this topic because during the week some old member came to ask me for some counsel and I had to talk about marriage and stuff because he was struggling with that, the blessing he received and that kind of stuff.

I guess, generally speaking, anytime you go to church, you should talk somehow about love because everything else sucks. That's about it, I guess. Okay. To people with that need I'm going to try my best to talk about something, about love in a way that I can somehow relate to you and you can relate to me.

Individually speaking, we realize that we have within ourselves three different parts to our reality, we have three different propensities. There is physical, intellectual, and spiritual. And there is the ultimate quest, I guess, in individual lives, which is very short to begin with. It isn't that long. You have to figure out somehow how you can manage to control your body, mind, and spirit because each one has very unique properties. Each has its own very individualistic propensity. Because it does, it can act on its own regardless of the three propensities I talk about.

So, many problems that we face come up because that's the problem. That's the main cause of every problem that we face in our life. Starting with ourselves and because we are in that situation, when we start dealing with others we obviously exacerbate the situation. That's a given. How do you go about dealing with your basic self? You know, even to me perfection is a number. It's number 10. Number 10 is the perfection number, individual perfection.

But it happens on a physical level. If you break down the physicals into formation, growth, and perfection, you do get nine and finally the completion and management of rule??? All?? will give you one additional number; therefore perfection, completion number or management number, if you call it controlling your, I guess your maturation number. It doesn't matter how you call it. It's about controlling that phase. There is growth, there is formation phase, there is going to be a growth phase, there is going to be a perfection phase and every phase can to be chopped up into 10 in completing each one.

If completion is the end, which is the final number? You need to pause, right? To deem such that you have a world at all to have to manage already. Is this for others? Oh, no, you start with yourself. You expand out. You just have to prove it, right? But it starts with something of that nature. That's the standard. There is always a standard in everything. So there is a spiritual and a physical level. You can look at it, on a formation level, you can break it down to three different manifestations of yourself in terms of your propensity, physical, mind, and spirit. You can chop it up into three. Body into physical-physical, physical-intellectual, physical-spiritual. The next level will be intellectual-physical, intellectual-intellectual, intellectual-spiritual, and finally there's spiritual-physical, you know, spiritual-intellectual, spiritual-spiritual. That's how it goes.

That is a basic platform because it will basically break down from the basic block of individual self into just diversity, that's about it, to create that number. And you look at that 10, body, then mind, then spirit. So, you pretty much have to kind of go through 30 hoops. Only then, because even when you go through the first 10 steps, all you are ready is to just receive nothing else other than this; just formation, physical phases, completed formation, physical formation. You're basically ready to receive something that has to do with something related in nature to the conjugal. You're in puberty.

You know, for instance, if some families have some kind of situation where they can actually have give and take with children, just do physical things and everything. There is a saying, "If you play together, you stay together." Okay, that's physical stuff. Next you go beyond that, beyond being just physical playing and excitement and whatever pleasure you gain from life experience in gregariousness. Beyond that, go do something a little more intelligence involved. You start to create.

I mean start with cooking. Let's say that you have a situation where your children grow up to a point they start to actually help you and try to, you know, and you talk and you give and take, try to make the stupid food that you make every day whether you are going to eat this everyday but you are going to somehow turn it into something better. And you are going to give something into that dish.

And that stuff is a very, very important tool to your kids because they are going beyond just physical, physical-intellectual whatever that comes from this idea of speaking. They want more. And it's intellectual. And of course, beyond that is spiritual. And that, even in a formative phase, every phase has formation, growth, and perfection. Formation, growth, and perfection is nothing other than body, mind, and spirit in that order. You need that stuff. It happens whether you like it or not. It's there. But it's important to recognize as such and teach the child as such because if you don't, it can be anything. It can be whatever it can be out there.

Once you don't define it correctly, under your own auspices, when you go out into the public in a multimedia setting as we know it today, free society it can be jumbled into anything. That whoever is in control can gain whatever the heck their agenda might be. That's the problem. People have an agenda. That's why they become famous and they become powerful and rich.

And then it's, I mean, there aren't that many Bill Gates. Even Bill Gates, he has acquired enough. Now he wants to be charitable. Okay? So, that's pretty much the highest standard in the secular world. So, how do you go about controlling what affects your children? In these times when people are out there in the secular world who have way more control than you to oversee the airwaves through multimedia, to bombard you with stuff that in turn will benefit one person, themselves, and later on down the line, once they have accumulated enough say, "I'm going to be charitable."

Well, do you think you should be at the mercy of those kinds of people? Because they have done their game at your expense. They are not going to make their billions without you. I mean, it's illegal to print money. You have to somehow legally take it out of your ass. How do you control it? Do you leave it up to the people who ultimately in the end, because you believe in almighty God and think in the end everything will just flatten out, are going to be charitable? Well, you are going to be waiting for a long time.

Now who's the next in line after Bill Gates? I mean even Oprah, and she says lots of things. She is a very, very rich woman. She's doing a lot of good things. That's what she thinks. She has an agenda, too. And until she is ready because she's dying, she has reached her end, because if you are intelligent you have to know your end, you have got to know your limit. Otherwise, you'll be a stupid monkey. Whatever is coming, I might have the ability to control whatever the hell it was in the past and present, but what's coming I can't control. Smart people, normally, that's when they retire, they start to become charitable. That's about it.

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