Recent Speeches 47: Hyojeong Offering Ceremony for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the main address at the Hyojeong Offering Ceremony for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune, one of several events that took place in celebration of the launch of the Korean Clergy Leadership Conference. It was held at the Cheong Shim Peace World Center on November 2, 2019.

Beloved leaders from around the world, religious leaders gathered here today, beloved members of the Family Federation:

I love you all.

This is a significant time in history. We have just held the inauguration of the Korean Clergy Leadership Conference to help support a heavenly unified Korea, and I thank God for this. God blessed this country.

It took a lot of time before Christianity could accept Heaven’s providence. As Jesus went to the cross, he said he would come again. He said he would hold the Marriage Supper of the Lamb when he returned, but today’s Christians still believe they are saved by the blood that Jesus shed on the cross, as if Jesus’ untimely death were meant to happen. This belief is perpetuated because of ignorance. There is no perfection through ignorance.

There are many unpredictable problems happening around the world right now, and so we must worry about the state of humanity’s future. Many people—mainly leaders—and countless nations strove to create a world of peace but did not succeed. This is because they need to come to know God as the Lord, the Creator, and the Owner of the universe. Originally God created all things in heaven and on earth in His own image. He then created a man and a woman who were to become humanity’s ancestors. However, God gave them responsibilities during their growth period. Unfortunately, the first human ancestors, Adam and Eve, didn’t fulfill those responsibilities and thus did not attain their rightful position. That gave rise to the current fallen state of humanity.

God is almighty, omniscient, and omnipresent. He is everlasting. He is the Alpha and the Omega. He cannot change the very principles He created. The challenge throughout history has been the emergence of a human ancestor, from among fallen human beings, who can accept God’s Will and fulfill it. That is why God ended up waiting during the long 6,000-year period of fallen history. He has gone through a history of bitter suffering, anxiously waiting in sadness and regret. God could not abandon fallen humanity. Thus He conducted the providential history of restoration through indemnity, the providence of salvation. He selected the Israelites as His chosen people. It took four thousand years before He could send Jesus, whom He referred to as “My Son,” the Only Begotten Son. But what happened? Mary, who had given birth to Jesus, and the Jewish religious leaders, and the Israelites failed to create a supportive environment for Jesus to fulfill God’s Will in its entirety. As a result, Jesus had no choice but to go the way of the cross.

As Jesus went the way of the cross, how painful must it have been for God the Creator and Heavenly Parent! It was a sad, painful and unbearable moment for God. During Jesus’ crucifixion, one criminal was on his left and another on his right. The thief on the right defended Jesus. And what did Jesus say at that moment? “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in Paradise” [Luke: 23:43]. He said “Paradise,” not the Kingdom of Heaven. That is why Jesus said he would return because the way to Heaven was still closed.

The 2,000 years of Christian history began in earnest after Jesus’ disciples were reborn through the Holy Spirit. In the early days, they were severely persecuted, but following official recognition from Rome, Christianity spread from the Italian Peninsula through Europe and crossed into England.

Even through to the era of the great Atlantic civilization, Christians have not known Jesus’ essence, and they still do not know what kind of being God is. They were unaware that God is not a fearsome God but a God of love, humanity’s Parent. That’s why they have believed that they would receive salvation through Jesus’ blood, shed on the cross, but that was not God’s Will.

Because humans are limited by their own views and as faith arises within the framework of human understanding, Christianity invariably has caused many problems. How could communism, which asserts that God does not exist, emerge out of a Christian foundation? The same goes for Liberation Theology.

God’s creation consists of a man and a woman as the ancestors of humankind. After 4,000 years of fallen history, God sent a man, the Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ. At that time, if the only begotten daughter had been born, Jesus would not have died on the cross. God did not continue working through the Israelites because they did not fulfill their responsibilities, so they have been paying indemnity for this. God, therefore, has to fulfill without fail the purpose of His creation.

The Korean Peninsula was blessed so that the only begotten daughter could be born. In 1943, I, the Only Begotten Daughter, was born, and Korea’s liberation came in 1945. With the liberation came the split into the communist North and the democratic South Korea. In 1950 the Korean War broke out. In those days, democracy in South Korea did not have the strength to confront communist North Korea. In accordance with His principles of creation, God had to protect the Only Begotten Daughter.

During my period of growth, until I was of an age to take responsibility, God had to protect me. Because of this, unbelievably, the 16 nations, the Allied Forces under the UN, heroically spilled their blood here. Since I was born on a Christian foundation, I know about God’s intended providence. Knowing God’s compelling circumstances as to why we could not delay any longer, in 1960 I reached the position of the True Mother. Nonetheless, although Christianity was prepared, Christians still didn’t understand the providence. They did not understand Jesus’ essence, and they also did not know what kind of being God is. As a result, True Parents had to start from the very bottom, from the Blessing of the first three couples.

Next year will mark the 60th anniversary of our work together. There are now blessed families all over the world, in 190 countries. As fallen human beings, we are in the position of being disconnected from God, and only by being born again through True Parents can one say that one is a child of God the Creator. That’s the Blessing in marriage done in the Family Federation.

It is time for Korea, as a nation that received God’s grace and blessings, to fulfill its responsibilities. For this, you must become the lamps and lights of this country, lighting the way. A hundred years ago, the Indian poet-saint [Rabindranath] Tagore [wrote about] this country, when it was in a difficult period and made a prediction: “In the golden age of Asia, Korea was one of its lamp bearers, and that lamp is waiting to be lit once again for the illumination of the East.” What is the light he refers to? It is the truth, the word of God. It is time for blessed families, who accepted the words of truth, to take the lead.

I said that there is no perfection in ignorance. The thing that can break down all walls, all religious and racial barriers, is blessed families living God-centered lives with True Parents while filled with true love. The day we fulfill God’s dream and humankind’s desire to become one large human family under God will be the day the Kingdom is on earth. The hope of blessed families is that after living in the Earthly Kingdom, they will go to the eternal Heavenly Kingdom. God has spent a lot of time waiting in solitude, in sadness and bitter pain. I earnestly hope that those gathered here will fulfill their responsibilities so that God no longer has to take a difficult path. May you become loyal patriots, filial sons and daughters with true love, who can return joy and happiness to God.

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