Recent Speeches 45: The Southeast Europe Peace Summit

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the main address at the 2019 Southeast Europe Peace Summit held at the Tirana Palace of Congresses in Albania on October 26, 2019.

Respected current and former heads of state, Ambassadors of Peace, religious leaders, leaders from all fields of society, and members of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification:

On this historic day in Albania, I wish to share with you an important message from God.

I was born on the Korean Peninsula, and today I stand here in the nation of Albania on the Balkan Peninsula. I believe that peninsulas are especially blessed lands. Not only are the natural environments truly beautiful, but the people living in these regions are also virtuous men and women.

When we look at human history, we see that many good and virtuous people have suffered. God, the Owner of the universe, created all things in His image. After He created all things, He created a man and a woman to become humanity’s first ancestors. However, human beings were meant to grow to maturity and receive God’s blessing. Only then would they be in the position of humanity’s true ancestors. Unfortunately, this did not happen, and, as a result, we have today’s fallen humanity.

For thousands of years, human history has been filled with conflict and discord. I came to accomplish God’s providence, and I am standing here before you in Albania as God’s Only Begotten Daughter and the True Mother.

With the countless number of challenges arising in today’s world, it is difficult to feel hopeful about finding a solution. We have heard that there are countries on the Balkan Peninsula that hope to join the European Union. Looking at recent European history, Europe suffered tremendously as a result of the First and Second World Wars. They do not want this to happen again, so, for the sake of realizing a peaceful world, the United Nations was established.

The UN was founded over seventy years ago, so why has it not yet fulfilled its responsibilities? Something fundamental is missing. Nations both large and small are not able to put aside their own self-interests and unite under the UN. The situation is the same with the European Union. Both the superpowers of the world and the smaller nations prioritize their national interests. In this kind of world, there is no true love or living for the sake of others.

Clearly these human-made institutions and organizations cannot last forever. We cannot succeed in realizing a beautiful future for the earth with human-centered methods. There is only one road to peace! Only when we stand in a position in which we attend the absolute God, the Creator of the universe, can a world of peace come about.

God is almighty, omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. God is eternal. He is the Alpha and the Omega. The issue is that from among humans there must come a victorious ancestor who can rectify all the problems humanity faces. So God chose the nation of Israel. From an individual, familial and tribal level, God forged a providential path to restore the mistakes of the past. God waited to establish His people until the national foundation could be formed. How difficult this road must have been that it took four thousand years! God waited four thousand years before He finally could send His Only Begotten Son, Jesus, and proclaim, “This is My beloved son.”

However, what happened? The central figures at the time and the Jewish people did not fulfill their responsibilities. How painful must this have been for God? It was so painful that He did not want to see human beings ever again. In the beginning God created a man and a woman. When Jesus was crucified, he said he would return.

Christianity began through the Pentecost and through the work of the apostles. However, Christianity could not clearly explain who God was. Jesus said [in Matthew 22:39], “Love your neighbor as yourself.” However, Christians were not able to practice that. How could communism, which asserts that God does not exist, emerge out of a Christian foundation? The conclusion is that without God, with only human-centered institutions and systems, we cannot be perfect.

In order to save fallen humanity, God has allowed many religions to exist around the world. All religions have the same purpose; they all are going in one direction. They each wish to meet God, the Lord of Creation. So what should religions be able to do? They should be able to explain God’s essence. They should be able to explain why salvation is necessary. God’s providence is profound and mysterious.

Heaven could not use the Israelites, as they failed to fulfill their responsibilities. As a result, God had to find another suitable people. He chose the people on the Korean Peninsula in Asia. Jesus said he would return and celebrate the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Thus, it was essential for God’s Only Begotten Daughter to appear. Christians today are not aware of this reality.

There is no perfection in ignorance. You should know this. If today’s religious and political leaders love their people, they must listen to God. In order for God to complete His providence, I, as the Only Begotten Daughter following God’s Will, stood in the position of a True Parent with my husband in 1960.

Fallen humanity is the result of false parents. In order to accomplish the providence of restoration, we need to meet the perfected True Parents on earth and pass through the process of rebirth and resurrection. Then we can become children of the Creator God, our Heavenly Parent. There are people throughout the world today who do not know that the truth has been revealed. Please make an effort to search, study and find out the truth. Those standing on the Christian foundation failed to prepare the necessary environment for True Parents’ path. Due to ignorance, they could not recognize True Parents. However, only True Parents can guide all 7.7 billion people of the world to God’s Bosom.

Since 1960, blessed families have expanded to more than 192 countries. This foundation sets the stage for True Parents to be welcomed on the continental level. If someone hears the truth, if someone realizes the truth, how can they deny it? Can an entire nation deny the truth?

Through True Parents all fallen humanity will become children of our Heavenly Parent. Is this a problem? No, this is something to be happy about. To True Parents, all nations, large and small, are united sibling nations. If they know True Parents, for whom God has been waiting for 6,000 years, how can they then be unfilial children?

Like the eternal Heavenly Parent, we are also eternal. Life on earth may be short, but True Parents have opened the door to the eternal world. How can there be different groups, branches and divisions when there is only one path to God? Six thousand years ago, Adam and Eve did not take this path. Instead, they fell. However, today, through True Parents, the path to God is truly opening in a substantial way for humanity.

I would like to say this: I know the hopes of the nations on the Balkan Peninsula. However, when we think of the European continent, Albania can be considered to be the last. It is written in the Bible [Matthew 19:30] that “The first shall be last, and the last shall be first.” Do not be disappointed because you have not yet joined the European Union. Albania is now the first, and you can embrace and show the path to Europe, which could become the last. How amazing is this truth? May God be with you wherever you go.

If Albania overcomes all the difficulties and pain that it holds onto and is reborn as the heavenly nation of Albania attending God, Europe can become one.

May the world make Heavenly Parent’s dream come true, and may Albania be at the forefront of creating one human family under God.

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