Recent Speeches 41: How Best to Enter the Eternal World

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave this statement at the press conference held during the Japan Summit and Leadership Conference in Nagoya, Japan on October 5, 2019. The press conference attracted 59 reporters from 50 countries. Leaders from various nations were also present. The announcement of the 2020 recipients of the Sunhak Peace Prize laureates took place at this time.

Thank you for traveling such a long way.

Throughout human history there have been many prophets, righteous people and conquerors; however, their dreams did not outlive them and those dreams all came to an end. The world’s population is now over 7.7 billion. There are more than two hundred countries. There were people who reigned for an entire era, yet they could not lead the world to unification.

These prophets, righteous people and conquerors may have had a profound influence in their regions, but in the end, their impact was not permanent. Did the Owner of the universe and the Creator, God, not have a dream? Yes, He had a dream. God, who exists as a spiritual being, wanted to have a physical manifestation with which He could embrace and love humankind. So He created the natural world in His image and created a man and a woman, our human ancestors.

God gave us free will

Nevertheless, He gave human beings free will. When we mature on our own through a growth period, God can meet us and give His blessing. That is how humankind can meet the true parents. This is where we can shed our physical bodies in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, which we have dreamed of, and enter the eternal world of The Kingdom of Heaven in heaven. This was the Creator’s dream. When the first human ancestors, the man and woman, Adam and Eve, committed the Fall, God could not start over, because the Creator is eternal.

Thus, the difficult and miserable providential course, the restorative course of salvation through indemnity, began. God, who did not have a relationship with fallen human beings, sent Jesus Christ, whom He could claim as His Son. In that era, Jesus’ mother, Mary, and other figures around Jesus should have cooperated with Jesus so that he could achieve the purpose for which he came.

Yet, as evidenced in the Bible, we know that this did not happen. I have said this before: How could crucifying God’s Only Son on the cross—who had come on the foundation of a prolonged four-thousand-year period—have been the providence of salvation? Up until now, Christianity and humankind have believed this to be true. They did not fully recognize God, nor did they understand the difficult path leading to Jesus’ advent.

The advent of God’s Only Begotten Daughter

When a people blessed by God fail to fulfill their responsibilities, they must pay indemnity. Heaven does not reuse a nation that failed in its responsibilities, because the people must pay indemnity.

The Creator’s dream is to become humankind’s True Parent, but this is not possible with just God’s Only Son, Jesus Christ. God’s only begotten daughter must be born as well. Two thousand years ago, Jesus said he would come again and that when he did, he would host the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Therefore, those in the Christian cultural realm had to find out when, how, and where the birth of God’s only begotten daughter would occur.

Those at the beginning of the Christian cultural realm could not practice even one verse of Jesus’ teachings, such as “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” After Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection by the Holy Spirit, his disciples began compiling the Bible. In the early days, they received a lot of persecution. After 380 A.D., when Rome officially recognized Christianity, it spread from the Italian Peninsula across Europe and reached the island of Great Britain. Great Britain would become a marvelous nation in which the sun never set. Its people took the Bible and ventured throughout the world. However, they did not understand Jesus’ essence and committed unspeakable acts in the name of Jesus Christ. You are probably aware of this.

Africa’s new beginning

Many journalists from the African continent are here today. Europeans went to the African continent and committed many horrible crimes. They must repent. The Bible says, “The last will be first, and the first the last” [Matthew 20:16]. Europe must repent now. A way is forming for Europe to receive salvation again through Africa.

The issue today is that humankind needs to attend God. God, the Creator and Owner of the universe, wanted to become humankind’s Parent; yet all 7.7 billion people are unfilial children who fail to recognize or attend their Parent. That is why humankind needs a Savior. The Savior must come to explain the providence and educate fallen humankind on how to become Heavenly Parent’s children through True Parents. Therefore, as I am a True Parent, the Blessing is the event through which fallen humankind can be reborn without any flaws.

Listen to God’s voice

Those who have heard me speak need to loosen what is bound while they are on earth [see Matthew 18:18]. Everyone should receive the Blessing from God’s Only Begotten Daughter, True Mother, during his or her life on earth, because only blessed families can enter the eternal world. How will you journalists have blessed families? Is there a greater Blessing from Heaven? You will become sons or daughters of the greatest Being, the Owner of the universe. God’s Only Begotten Daughter, True Mother, is the one who will inform you of this path. With your help, I must carry out God’s providence so that all the world’s 7.7 billion people will listen to God’s voice as soon as possible. I need you to guide them to follow their original minds, receive the Blessing, and become citizens of Heaven. Will you do this?

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