Recent Speeches 40: We Are Here to Address Historical Events to Fulfill Heavenly Parent's Dream

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the main address at the 2019 Japan Summit and Leadership Conference held at the Nagoya Castle Hotel in Nagoya, Japan on October 5, 2019.

Honored guests from Japan and elsewhere around the world, respected leaders of various fields, ladies and gentlemen:

We came here today concerned about what we could do to achieve a peaceful world void of war and conflict. Heavenly Parent is advancing toward the completion of the providence, and we are here to address historical events that must be resolved to fulfill Heavenly Parent’s dream. When we look at the numerous problems that exist in the world today, nations, both large and small, are unable to unite because they each put the self-centered needs of their own nation first. You and I both know that they have reached the limit of their self-centered efforts. Therefore, if we can create an environment in which we can attend God, the Creator of the universe, our problems will take a turn for the better.

From the biblical perspective of the six-thousand-year human history, the recent wars World War I and World War II caused terrible pain and sacrifice. The United Nations was founded to build a peaceful world with no more war. Next year marks the 75th anniversary of the UN’s founding; however, it still has no solution for unification or how to achieve harmony.

Originally, God, the Creator, made all things in His image. He created a man and a woman who would become the ancestors of humankind. He gave these human beings responsibilities: They were to mature on their own accord and reach a position in which they could receive God’s blessing. However, that did not happen. Instead, they created the fallen world of today.

Throughout history and up until the present, righteous people have appeared in every corner of the world. Yet the peaceful world that humankind yearns for is still far away. Fallen human beings must change of their own volition. In order to teach human beings, God has allowed different religions to emerge in every region of the world. However, these religions do not fully realize what their purpose is. They do not know how to reach completion.

God is omniscient and omnipotent. He is the Alpha and Omega. He is eternal. Such a God cannot fail. The issue is that God gave responsibilities to human beings. Therefore, the only way God can help is for a victorious human being to appear among the fallen human beings and reach perfection on his own. To accomplish this, God made the Israelites His chosen people. Through them, He carried out the providence of restoration through indemnity for the salvation of humankind, beginning with the individual foundation up until the national foundation. How wearisome, how exhausting must this indemnity have been that it took four thousand years?

The Crucifixion

After four thousand years, God was able to send Jesus Christ, whom He referred to as “My Son.” Jesus was God’s Only Son. That is how God sent the Messiah, whom the people of Israel had so longed for. But what happened? Mary, the mother of Jesus, did not fulfill her responsibilities. Also, the Israelites did not unite with Jesus. In the end, Jesus lost the entire prepared environment. Before he died, Jesus said he would come again.

Christians today believe they can attain salvation through the blood Jesus shed on the cross. How painful is this for God? God cannot bear to look upon Jesus, who was forced to go the way of the cross after only 33 years of life. Two thousand years ago, Christianity started through the Apostles. The Holy Spirit guided Christianity after Jesus’ resurrection. However, because they are human, Christians made many mistakes. What is Christianity’s mission? They must understand the essence of Jesus, and they must be able to clearly explain who God is. However, present-day Christians do not understand God. Every day they look at Jesus hanging on the cross. Their system is human-centered, and it does not explain God’s circumstances. This is the system they confined their faith to. This is the reality of modern Christian culture.

Korea’s illuminating role

I want to tell you the truth about the providence and the truth about history. A hundred years ago, the Indian poet and saint [Rabindranath] Tagore (the first Asian to win the Nobel Prize [1913]) made a prediction. When Japan was still occupying Korea, he visited Japan [in 1929] and wrote, “In the golden age of Asia, Korea was one of its lamp bearers. And that lamp is waiting to be lit once again for the illumination of the East.”

Light is Truth. It is God’s word. What all humankind hopes and longs for is not a truth centered on human beings but truth centered on God. Humankind awaits God’s word in order to serve Him. When God chooses a people but the people fail to fulfill their responsibilities, indemnity remains. However, as we face the completion of God’s providence for the first time in two thousand years, in order to bring forth His Only Begotten Daughter God had to find a new chosen people. God chose the Korean people. The Korean people hate war. Therefore, when they were pressured by outside forces, they moved south in search of freedom and eventually settled on the Korean Peninsula.

Sixteen nations

To complete God’s providence, God’s Only Begotten Daughter had to be born. Therefore in 1943, on the Christian foundation, God’s Only Begotten Daughter was born among the Korean people.

However, events that neither democracy nor communism could predict are occurring throughout the world. From the perspective of the Principle of Creation, God gave human beings time. God needed to give time for His Only Begotten Daughter, born in 1943, to mature. When the Korean War broke out, why did sixteen nations come to South Korea’s aid? It was not through human power; God was with them.

Before coming here, I held a rally in the Gyeongwon nation. In that district, good young soldiers from the sixteen nations shed blood during the Korean War. In the Gangwon area especially, African soldiers from Ethiopia fought in more than two hundred battles and never lost. I mobilized the Little Angels to comfort these survivors and veterans before they pass into the spirit world. However, this is not enough to fully express our gratitude. Therefore, I asked that we do our best so that each of the sixteen nations that took part in the Korean War can advance to a position in which they can receive God’s blessings. That is right; having a good heart is knowing how to recognize and return the favor.

It is the same for mistakes. I want to make a request of Japan. The current politicians and leaders of this nation must plead for forgiveness for the mistakes their ancestors committed in the past when they did not know God. That is the moral duty of a human being. Then we can become united for the sake of world peace. We must do so to become a people that God can love. Please do not forget this: I said that people must change.

It is time to come together

People in the fallen world today want to appear in God’s presence. They want to receive God’s grace and love. However, fallen people must cross over the flawed “line of demarcation” called Satan. Therefore, God’s providence gave birth to God’s Only Son and Daughter, who appeared among human beings and were victorious. True Parents had to open the door of the Blessing and of resurrection, through which fallen human beings can be reborn.

The same holds true for both major powers and smaller countries. We must become one human family under Heavenly Parent. That is God’s dream. There is no future for nations that are moving away from unification. Heavenly Parent can postpone it no longer. Why is that? Because the substantial True Parents, who can guide us back to being God’s children, have been born on earth. In other words, those who do not receive the Marriage Blessing from True Parents are not qualified to go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Today we crave peace. Japan is the closest country to Korea, and yet we are growing apart. However, since I am God’s Only Begotten Daughter, the True Mother of humankind and of the universe, if you unite with me, all problems will be solved. When we become individuals and nations that are one with God, our Creator and Heavenly Parent, you will have nothing to worry about. Therefore, you need to receive an education in how to guide ignorant human beings to become true sons or daughters of God, devoid of fallen nature, as God originally intended.

There are many nations in the modern world, and each of these nations has its own laws. When we live in a peaceful and united world, will we need Japan’s laws, America’s laws, these laws or those laws? Imagine a place where brothers and sisters are united centering on God, singing joy and praise to Him with absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, while receiving God’s blessings and love. What more could we need?

A pledge on Mount Barwang

However, for six thousand years humankind has become increasingly more and more obstinate; we cannot restore humanity to normal in a day. We know it takes time. As a True Parent, I established the best environment I could. You are free to take part in this or not. I hope that you are intelligent people. If you are currently suffering from something, don’t you want to build a world in which your beloved children will not suffer? Don’t we have to create that? If you have the opportunity, I hope you go to Yongpyong Resort in Gangwon Province. There, on top of Mount Barwang, I promised to return ignorant humanity to God’s bosom as His citizens and as His sons and daughters. I will provide a torch that will light the way for the unenlightened human beings as they make their way through the gloomy darkness to return to God. Marking the Gangwon rally as the starting point, I have come to the Nagoya rally, and afterward, I will go to Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa, and Central America. This December I will take the flame to a rally of thirty thousand Christian ministers in New York City in North America.

The leadership needed now

Christian representatives made many mistakes in God’s presence. As a result, the Christian realm lent itself to the emergence of democracy and the emergence of communism. Politics and religion must unite. Politicians in the modern era must be humble and must put themselves in a position to hear God’s voice. They must become public figures who can receive God’s blessings. Look at what is happening in the world today. Selfish individuals boast about themselves or their countries, believing they are the best. Things will not go smoothly for them. To begin with, these people cannot possess a humane heart. A person in charge, a parent, embraces his or her children; such people need to take responsibility as leaders. They must become aware of God, the original owner of the cosmos. They must become leaders who understand and know God’s dream, God’s hope, and humankind’s wish and guide their people in that direction.

Unsettling changes in nature

They will not achieve this in a single day, but I have built the environment for learning and educating them. We all know that the environment of our original, beautiful planet, created by God, is suffering. Large countries are polluting the environment the most. If we continue to be bystanders and wait, we cannot guarantee there will be a future for humankind or for the earth.

I used to see typhoons only in the summer. They are a necessary natural phenomenon. However, this year Korea was hit by a destructive typhoon in the middle of autumn, which caused a lot of damage to human lives and property. I also have heard on the news that there have been many unexpected incidents in the United States, such as floods and heavy snowstorms. Nature is imploring us. History will accuse leaders who do not address this.

Unity brings change

I do not hope for these destructive things. Starting now, please unite with me so we can build Heaven on Earth and in Heaven as one human family centering on Heavenly Parent. To accomplish this, I have awarded the Sunhak Peace Prize for the third year. The candidates we will announce for 2020 will be representatives from both political and religious sectors. I plan to give the Founders’ Special Prize to a person who has made significant contributions toward saving our deteriorating planet. Soon the committee will announce these individuals. This is what I want: I hope that this country will quickly become a Heavenly Japan, united with Korea and America, with its leaders attending Heavenly Parent.

I also plan to announce an organization that can vigorously usher in the era of the Pacific realm in Asia. The Asian and African continents are home to more than two-thirds of the human population. Through uniting with God’s Only Begotten Daughter, True Mother, who is fulfilling Heavenly Parent’s dream, these countries can nurture their children with the heart of a mother and strive to be healthy in all areas. If we make such efforts, we will witness the day humankind can manifest this dream. Distinguished guests and leaders who have come from all over the world to join me on this path, as those who received the Blessing, may you today become people who fulfill your responsibilities.

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