Recent Speeches 31: Let’s Make America a Beautiful Earthly Kingdom of Heaven

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the main address at the Peace Starts With Me Unity Festival at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 22, 2019.

Distinguished guests, religious leaders, members of the Family Federation and all couples Blessed today, welcome!

Today, we wish for a peaceful world without wars or conflicts. However, the road is not visible. With human effort and capacity alone, we no longer have hope for the future. We must know God, the Creator and owner of the universe, directly.

God, the owner of Heaven, created all things in His image, and He created a man and a woman to be humanity’s ancestors. God gave humanity a period of growth and waited for the moment He would see they had matured, and He’d be able to say, “You have grown in a beautiful way.” However, human beings have been looking out for only themselves. The ambition that they could become like God grew in them. With that ambition today, fallen human beings have emerged that have nothing to do with the Creator, God.

We call God “Heavenly Father,” but for a father alone, giving birth is impossible. Originally, what God wanted was for humans to grow up, and when they had matured He wanted to share with them the True Father’s position. So, God is our Heavenly Father and Mother.

We must understand the fundamental principles of creation. God was waiting for the moment when human beings would grow and mature. We are different from the natural world; that’s why it’s said that human beings are the lords of all creation. However, human beings didn’t reach that position.

God is omniscient and omnipotent, so He must fulfill the principles of creation that He Himself established. Thus, God had no choice but to launch the providential history of salvation, of restoration through indemnity. God established the Israelites and conducted the providence of restoration from the individual foundation to a tribal foundation and so on until it became a national foundation. After a long time, four thousand years, He was finally able to send His only begotten son, whom—among everyone in the fallen world—He could call “my beloved son.” However, the Israelite people did not receive Jesus as the Messiah. It was only after four thousand years that God had had time enough to re-establish the principles of creation.

Yet neither Mary, who conceived Jesus, nor Judaic figures, nor the Israelite people, understood Jesus’ essence. Jesus came as the only begotten son, but his mission was to become the True Father. However, because the people around him were not united with him, Jesus was crucified. Christians today must think about that.

When they took Jesus to the cross, no one was with him—neither Mary, nor his twelve Apostles—only thieves on crosses to his left and to his right. The thief on Jesus’ left mocked him. Then the one on his right told the one on the left, “We received a just punishment for our crimes; he has not committed any crime.” What did Jesus tell him at that time? “Today you will be with me in paradise”—not in the Kingdom of Heaven but in paradise, and then Jesus said he would return.

Jesus’ mission was to become the True Father and to bring rebirth. However, he failed to make it. We know, in history, the price paid by the Israelites for having led Jesus to crucifixion. God does not work with people again that have not fulfilled their responsibilities.

If Jesus said he would come back to celebrate the marriage supper of the Lamb, what providence had to be fulfilled? God had to give birth to His only begotten daughter, so He had to find good people. It was in 1943, among the Korean people that the only begotten daughter was born in a Christian environment. In 1945, World War II ended and countries among the allies divided Korea into North and South.

The divided Korea had a democratic side and a communist side, and the northern regime was soon to invade the South. But South Korea was still in the process of reorganizing. At the time of the Creation, God had given human beings a period of growth. Thus, though the only begotten daughter was born in 1943, she needed time to grow. Back then, although the history of Korean Christianity was short, Koreans worshipped in spirit and truth like no other country in the world. People were preparing for the Lord who was to come again. That providence was taking place around Pyongyang. That’s why my family, living in North Korea, wouldn’t even think of going South.

However, God had to protect me, and He guided us down to South Korea. Two years after going to the South, the Korean War broke out. Despite being a small country unknown to the world, kind men from sixteen UN member-countries shed blood in Korea. Who was it for?

Because of the dream God wanted to fulfill two thousand years ago through Jesus Christ, He had to protect His only child born for the first time in six thousand years. It was a mysterious blessing from God and a manifestation of His immense love. Knowing this and despite being almost a child, in 1960 I obtained the position of True Mother. The story of the Blessing providence began in 1960.

Paradise is not the place Jesus should go. That’s why he expressed that he would come again and that he would celebrate the marriage supper of the Lamb. What Jesus was saying was that he would return to become a true parent. The eternal world we go to later when we complete our earthly lives is a place where you go as families.

The 60th anniversary of the True Parents’ Holy Wedding comes in 2020. In these 60 years, True Parents gave birth to many Blessed families around the world. The peaceful world we all desire is only possible through God and True Parents. There are more than two hundred countries currently in the world and for True Parents they are all brother nations. If all countries and continents receive and serve God and all humankind is Blessed, that day the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth that all of us long for will have been realized.

So far, human beings have lived in ignorance generally and in ignorance of God and that condition brought about today’s destruction [of the planet] and hasn’t maintained well the beautiful plan that God originally had for creation. This has turned to destruction today. Climate change and pollution now afflict this planet. Unimaginable diseases and problems occur because of pollution and it’s a fact that in the future humanity could reach its limit for survival. In other words, humanity’s future is not visible.

What shall we do in that case? We must strive to ensure that Heavenly Parent’s children will stand up and solve all these difficulties and problems so that the eternal creation will last in the world that the Creator, Heavenly Parent, originally created. We must strive to sustain further the eternal creation.

I know there are many problems in this country, too. The politicians and the economically powerful should also work out a campaign to serve God, the Creator, our Heavenly Parent. Only through a movement to attend God can human beings and the planet be healed. Won’t the representative democratic Christian country—the United States—take the lead? It’s the only way for them to open wide a future for our beloved second-generation members, our children. Let’s solve the problems together with me, the only begotten daughter, True Mother and with the Blessed families and of course, with the clergy members and the citizens of this country. Let’s make America beautiful, a beautiful earthly Kingdom of Heaven.

Thank you very much.

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