Recent Speeches 30: The Role and Responsibility of the Chosen People from the Point of View of God’s Providence

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the main address at the 2019 American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) Convocation at the Tropicana Trinidad Pavilion in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 21, 2019.

Good evening everyone. Beloved leaders and beloved pastors; I’m very pleased to meet you all. I’m truly happy to meet you tonight.

Today, I would like to share a message with you. The title of this message is, “The Role and Responsibility of the Chosen People from the Point of View of God’s Providence.”

Following the fall of Adam and Eve, God worked to save humanity to once again be able to embrace humanity as His beloved children. In order to realize this objective, God permitted the emergence of various religions throughout the world where virtuous men and women could grow into God’s ways. Nonetheless, when we look at God’s original purpose of creation, God’s purpose of creation cannot be abandoned. God wishes to realize His ideal. God originally created Heaven and Earth and all of the universe in His image. After creating Heaven and Earth, God created a man and a woman, and to the first human ancestors, God gave a particular responsibility. God gave human beings a period of growth through which they were to grow to maturity and become fruitful. However, during their growth period, Adam and Eve fell to a position where they had lost their original relationship with God. That is the Human Fall.

Heavenly Parent has yearned to embrace His beloved children once again. In accordance with the principle of creation and in order to realize the purpose for which He created the universe and human beings, God had no choice but to initiate the history of the providence of restoration. In doing so, God raised a people, the chosen people, beginning with an individual, which then expanded to a family, a tribe of people, until a national foundation could be established. Until this national foundation could be established, God persevered in the history of the providence of restoration through indemnity.

I am sure you are all well aware of the trials and tribulations the people of Israel went through until they could usher in the only begotten son of God, Jesus Christ. How arduous, how challenging must this providence have been that it took 4000 biblical years until God could send His beloved only begotten son, Jesus Christ, on the Earth. Hence, Heaven worked and toiled through millennia to realize the purpose of creation.

God sent His only begotten son; however, the Israelites of the time failed to recognize Jesus for who he truly was. They failed to recognize the true purpose of Jesus’ advent. In so doing, they also failed to recognize the true purpose of God’s will. Therefore, Jesus could not realize the purpose for which he came to the earth. Jesus had no choice but to walk the path of the cross. But as he laid on the cross, Jesus prophesied that he would come again.

What happened to the chosen people of Israel who failed to recognize Jesus? Tremendous indemnity was paid. Jesus did not fulfill the purpose of his advent. That is why he prophesied that he would come again, and through the work of the apostles and through the Pentecost of the Holy Spirit, Christianity began.

However, in the early days of the Church, Christians had to endure extraordinary opposition. Eventually, in 303 A.D., Christianity was officially recognized and expanded throughout the Italian peninsula, the European continent, and across the English Channel to the British Isles.

At that time, the British Empire was expanding throughout the world to the point where some would say “the sun never sets on the British Empire.” The colonialists who went into the various regions of the world claimed to carry the word of Christ. However, they did not understand the true purpose of God and Jesus’ advent. Instead, they were busy advancing the interests of the mother nation and, therefore, they became known as plunderers.

Although economically the Empire may have been wealthy, internally and spiritually many painful and difficult historical mistakes were made. For example, communism, which claims that God is dead, emerged from Christianity which believes in God. How did this happen? Jesus taught us to love your neighbor as yourself; however, some colonialists lived contrary to Jesus’ teachings, bringing painful results. Therefore, the situation arose where Christianity could not advance.

In the 17th century, King James translated the Bible from Hebrew to English, and people could then freely worship God by reading the Bible for themselves. Through the Puritan fathers, a new age of Protestantism emerged. In the past, faith was circumscribed by rules and regulations; however, now anyone who wished to freely worship God in their homes and freely worship God according to their conscience could do so. The Puritan fathers sailed across the ocean and came to America with this desire to freely worship God, and although there were Native Americans there, Heaven looked favorably on the heart of the Puritan fathers who wished to worship God freely. America’s mission was to lay the foundation for the returning Christ.

In the early days, the spirit of Christianity was alive in this nation. However, as the nation became wealthier and materially more abundant, severe problems arose in society, including the breakdown of the family and teenage delinquency. Moreover, the threat of communism loomed largely over America.

At a time when these serious problems threatened America, True Parents, for the sake of the global providence, first came to America knowing that it is only when America is saved that the whole world can also be saved. That is why True Parents came to America and for 40 years invested themselves to advance God’s providence.

I’m sharing with you about True Parents.

Jesus Christ came as the only begotten son. Yet the chosen people of Israel did not fulfill the responsibility of fully embracing Jesus. Jesus’ wish was to become the True Parent of humanity. To become the True Parent, he needed to meet the only begotten daughter. Unfortunately, the only begotten daughter could not appear at the time of Jesus and that is why Heaven worked through another people to send the only begotten daughter. For 2000 years, Heaven worked and raised another people through Christianity, and in 1943, the only begotten daughter was born in Korea.

However, when you look at the situation of Korea at that time, the nation was still suffering the ravages of World War II which ended in 1945. Korea was suffering from Japanese occupation. Although Korea was liberated in 1945, through the division of ideologies, Korea was once again divided into the communist North and the democratic South. Armed with a communist ideology, North Korea was ready to invade South Korea.

I was born in that kind of nation.

At that time, Christianity in Korea had a very short history. But when compared to other nations of the world, the fervor of Christianity in Korea was extraordinary. They fully understood the importance of the Messiah’s return. Many of the Christians at that time believed that the Messiah would return in the clouds; however, the North Korean Christians of the time knew that Christ had to return in the flesh to fulfill God’s purpose of creation.

Through these spiritual groups and through the grace and protection of Heaven, I was born. Heaven’s desire was for me to grow to maturity in a safe and proper environment. Heaven’s responsibility was to protect me until I could reach maturity.

Christians of the time believed that the returning Messiah would come in Pyongyang, so the Christians of Pyongyang refused to flee to South Korea. Nonetheless, in order to protect me, Heaven worked for me and my family to come to South Korea.

Three years after I came to South Korea, the Korean War erupted. Korea, as a democratic government, was still in its infancy and was unable to protect itself against a North Korean invasion. In the midst of such a situation, Heaven once again worked wonders. Korea, at the time, was unknown in the world. Nonetheless, Heaven mobilized 16 U.N. member nations to protect democracy in South Korea. For whose sake do you think these nations were mobilized?

My mission was that of the only begotten daughter. The only begotten daughter needs to be able to grow to maturity and meet the person who comes with the mission of the only begotten son, so together they can ascend to the position of True Parents and give the Blessing to all of humanity. That has been Heaven’s wish.

When I looked at the situation happening around the world, I could no longer hesitate. Although I was young in 1960, I ascended to the position of True Parents.

In 2020, it will be 60 years since that day. From the first day as True Parents, we have been working to share the Blessing to everyone. Through the Blessing, they can be born again as God’s beloved children. Beginning with three couples in 1960, today hundreds of thousands- even millions- have received the Blessing and are calling themselves happy Blessed families.

I mentioned before about the role of the chosen people. These are the citizens, the people that Heaven has raised. In this 21st century, in this era of True Parents, who are the chosen people? It is all of you beloved leaders gathered here today! You are the chosen people in this 21st century!

The chosen people have a responsibility. We know that in the past indemnity befell the people of Israel when they did not welcome Jesus. But today, as chosen people of God, you must fulfill your responsibility. What is that responsibility? It is to share God’s Blessing to your families and to your tribes. Become messiahs to your tribes. The way to becoming messiahs to your tribes is in sharing the blessing. Will you do so?

My wish is to praise each and every one of you to Heavenly Parent.

For 6000 long years, Heavenly Parent has been shedding tears and searching for His lost children. He has been enduring in pain and suffering for the day His children would understand Him and fulfill their responsibility. God has been waiting for 6000 years for the True Parents to be born on the earth!

2000 years ago, God wanted to realize His Will through Jesus Christ; however, the people of Israel failed to fully support Jesus in accomplishing his mission. 2000 years later, the only begotten daughter, True Mother, now stands before you.

The time has come when we can realize the wish of humanity when we can realize the dream of God: one family under the Heavenly Parent where everyone worships God. Where all 7.6 billion people around the world are all the children that God embraces. Where we become the beloved filial sons and daughters of God and patriots in our nations. A world where there is no longer war, discord, division, or even religious and political division. It is a world where we overcome all barriers and are united as one.

Beloved clergy members and leaders gathered here today, be the messiahs onto your communities, onto your tribes, and onto your churches!

The mission of a messiah is to save people, isn’t that so? And how can we save people? By giving people the Blessing. By promoting the true family movement. Will you do this?

Through each and every one of you, I believe that America can become the foundation for True Parents, and America can embrace the entire world. Heavenly Parent has long waited and yearned for the day when America can become the nation that will bring the world together.

Please work to make this dream come true. Thank you very much.

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