Recent Speeches 28: Boldly Fulfill God's Expectations

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the main address at the Hyojeong Offering Ceremony for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune at the Tree of Love Plaza outside the HJ Heaven and Earth Cheonbo Training Center in Korea on May 11, 2019.

Beloved blessed families from all over the world, leaders from various backgrounds and ambassadors for peace! Today, at this beautiful time in the queen of all seasons [spring], when all things in creation come to life, specifically in May, we have Childrens’ Day and Parents' Day. This month, I would like us to use this time to think about the heart and Jeong Seong that brought us to this position.

In 1914, in Europe, World War I and [later] World War II, began with racial issues in Europe and created many victims over thirty years. However, we thought this World War ended in 1945. Korea is a nation that God has been protecting; for God to complete his providence, he has been raising this nation for over two thousand years. This year marks the centennial of the Independence Movement that many righteous Christian leaders and students had yearned for.

God worked hard to find the victorious human ancestors, God's Only Begotten Son and Only Begotten Daughter. As we know from the past, throughout history, Heavenly Parent has been looking for his Only Begotten Son and Only Begotten Daughter, who would become humanity's victorious ancestors. According to the Bible, God worked hard and after four thousand biblical years of preparation, God sent Jesus Christ, his only son, to the Israelites.

Unfortunately, they did not fully understand God, the Creator. They did not understand God's providence. That's why the country that had been prepared for such a long time, when it had to leap forward from a national foundation to a global foundation, its citizens did not complete that responsibility. As a result, Jesus had to go the way of the cross and said he would return.

Christianity's course

Christianity began from the resurrection and the [coming of] the Holy Spirit, thanks to the work of the Apostles, who were looking forward to the day when Jesus would return.

The providence can be completed when we meet the returning Messiah, but we must be prepared for that. We know that the Israelites went through much indemnity for not completing their responsibilities. When we look at the completion of the Christian providence, God had to create an environment for his Only Begotten Daughter to be born and he chose and prepared Korea. Christianity had not yet even celebrated its centenary in Korea, but Christianity in Korea was stronger than in the rest of the world. Filled with the spirit and the truth, they served God. With this kind of foundation in Korea, through the Christian foundation, God's Only Begotten Daughter was born in 1943.

This country was liberated in 1945 but then was divided into the two Koreas. We must accomplish God's providence without fail, through this nation. The reality is that we cannot wait any longer. God, the creator of the universe, made everything for humanity. Human beings, from the position of serving God, must fulfill the dream of one human family under God! God, the Lord of creation, wanted to be humanity's parent. He created everything else in the universe and then created human beings to be humanity's ancestors.

Before realizing our Parent's dream, look at the reality of what's happening in the world today. Hope for the future is scarce. The livable environment for living beings is ever shrinking. In a nutshell, there is no hope for the future. This is not what God had hoped for. We are living in this difficult environment because of fallen human beings. God prepared the Christian sphere and the democratic world, but people in both just think in a human-centric way. More than fifty providential years have passed since the True Parents of Humankind came to earth, but Christianity is still awakening from its sleep. Blessed families have the responsibility to make a foundation so that God can see the completion of the providence. Do you understand?

Become better children

In the world we have a Parents Day, on which we receive our children's love and respect. How many blessings and thanks did you give to the parent of the world, the owner of the universe, the creator of humanity, our Heavenly Parent? In our Heavenly Parent's eyes, we are always insufficient, so every year on those days, we should repent to our Heavenly Parent for not having created a better environment and not having done our best. This is the kind of blessed people we should become.

The providence doesn't wait for anyone. When Jesus died on the cross, to whom did he pass the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven? This means that blessed families here on earth must solve all the world's problems. As people who received the Blessing, what is your responsibility? The Blessing is not just for you. As Tribal Messiahs, the more your tribe expands and you increase your environment, the more your ancestors will benefit.

Being a human-centric history, it has been full of vicissitudes and twisting turns. It couldn't be a smooth road. Today, though, you've met True Parents; now, in resurrected and reborn blessed families, you are in the position of saviors to your tribes.

Let people know

The more you share happiness, the greater it becomes. So what is God and True Parents' hope? For the 7.7 billion people in the world today, even though they are all living at the same time as True Parents, if they go to the spiritual world without knowing the providence, how great will their han (rancor) be? Moreover, people from this country, the nation blessed by God, as citizens, have a responsibility -- attending True Parents.

As for the inter-Korean affairs this country faces, people can't solve them, nor can politics. What should we do? Fulfilling your responsibility is the key. The only way for true peace and unity to come about is for this nation to become one with and move with True Parents. Only by becoming one with True Parents can this nation's hope — true peace and unity for Korea — come about. You must let them know that. Time waits for no one. How could we, a hundred years ago, when communication equipment didn't exist, have brought about the March 1st Movement?

You have work to do

We are at a point where you cannot just sit there. I listen to reports from the world missions every day. A new revival is happening in Taiwan. A young person of nine years old witnessed to a fifty-year-old restaurant owner. True Parents have prepared the environment; you just need to start moving. This is what I mean. Why can you, as adults, not even do what children can do? This country should attend True Parents.

So, you should go to all corners and make True Parents known. This is the only path for this nation to have a future. For a long time, God has waited for the dream of one family under God.

This country must play a significant role in realizing this dream. Beloved members, raise your voices, take responsibility, make sure that everyone from young children know!

Your ancestors that received liberation thanks to your devotion will fully cooperate with you. All human beings living on earth and all that went to the spiritual world hope for this. If you aim for that goal, your ancestors will strongly support and cheer you on. Wouldn't they? You should be determined. Do you understand? I pray that when we meet here next year, you will be able to bring satisfactory results so that you can be proud in front of Heavenly Parent.

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