Recent Speeches 27: God Had a Dream, So He Created All Things in Heaven and on Earth in His Image

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the main address at the Celebration of True Parents' Victorious Return to Korea and the 59th Anniversary of True Parents' Holy Wedding at the HJ Heaven and Earth Cheonbo Training Center in Korea on April 20, 2019.

I am pleased to see you! What kind of hopes did you bring with you when you came here on this spring day, in the springtime of Heaven's providence? Why aren't you answering? Did you come without any particular thoughts?

As I look back on this day on which we celebrate the 59th anniversary of True Parents' Holy Wedding, which took place more than a half century ago, I am filled with emotion. People have not known God's providence. Like a coat with the buttons done up in the wrong order, it had to be undone and redone in the right order. This has taken fifty years.

God had a dream, so he created all things in heaven and on earth in his image. He also created a man and a woman who were to become humankind's ancestors. However, God bestowed a growing period and a responsibility solely on human beings. That responsibility was to grow, focusing only on God, in absolute unity with the Creator, with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.

Therefore, as the first human ancestors, they should have begun as victorious ancestors who realized Heavenly Parent's dream. However, we know that this did not happen. Today's fallen human race is the result of this failure. Although the original mind aims toward goodness and strives to come closer to God, this course takes many different forms. But even when we look at various forms of religion that have emerged throughout the world, we can see that their essence is not one hundred percent connected to Heaven. In fact, they had human-centered beginnings.

Nevertheless, since God created the universe based on the idea of eternal existence, he has allowed many religions to exist in order to teach human beings, who have fallen into ignorance. God established a chosen people with a central religion, established all the indemnity conditions to the point at which they could lay foundations from the individual level to the national level and waited patiently until the right environment emerged for the fruits to show.

We know that many parts of the Bible are difficult to understand. God sent Jesus Christ as his only son, one in the position of having indemnified everything. However, Jesus' mother, Mary; Zechariah's family, Judaism as a faith and the people of Israel could not fulfill their responsibilities in the end. After four thousand long years, God finally prepared an environment on which people could have hope, but human beings had once again caused him pain. This is impossible to understand, no matter how much we think about it. Yet these events occurred.

When Jesus died on the cross, to whom did he pass the keys to the kingdom of heaven? He passed them to Peter. This means we need to complete everything on earth. Although God had worked so hard to send Jesus Christ, the people had pained God's heart once again.

Early Christianity

Jesus said he would come again to hold the marriage supper of the Lamb. Later, Christianity began centered on the Apostles, through the works of rebirth that the Holy Spirit wrought. In the early days, Christians had to endure extreme hardships due to the great persecution they faced, including becoming food for lions. The Roman Empire finally recognized Christianity in ad 313. After receiving official recognition, Christianity spread its mission work across Europe, beginning from the Italian Peninsula and going all the way to Britain, from where missionaries went out throughout the world.

However, many problems arose through emphasis on the practice of faith limited by a human-centered framework. Once King James had the Bible translated into English in the seventeenth century many commoners were able to gain access to the Bible. This gave rise to the Puritan movement. This movement, under which people longed to freely relate with God in their families, gave birth to modern day America.

How sad God must have felt upon seeing Christians, who constituted the foundation, losing their way when they were supposed to form the environment in which the returning Messiah would be welcomed! God began afresh, therefore. Even so, due to people's ignorance of the providence, they continued to practice a self-centered, convenient faith, which caused many problems.

However, since Jesus said that he would return, believers waiting for that special day have spread and multiplied throughout the world. Though no one knew for sure when or how to welcome the Messiah at the Second Advent. One hundred years before I was born, Korea was unique in having such a background. Then the Holy Spirit and the Truth led Korean Christianity with power stronger than in any other nation and all Christians around the world were waiting for the Messiah to return on the clouds. There were, however, spirit-led Christian groups in Korea that were waiting for the Messiah to return in the flesh.

God guiding True Parents

God's Only Begotten Daughter was therefore born in 1943. This was a miracle. God's Only Begotten Daughter, whom Christianity should have anxiously searched for, was finally born after six thousand years. Sadly, however, that environment could not welcome her. Under God's principles of creation, people have a period of growth.

Korea's liberation took place in 1945 and the Korean War broke out in 1950. This was a time of turmoil. However, the Creator, God, needed to give time, a period of growth, to his daughter, whom he was able to send after six thousand years. The Korean Peninsula divided into the North and the South; the North became communist and the South democratic. By then, North Korea had already established a robust system and was ready to advance southward while South Korea was still not well-positioned to deal with this. I was in North Korea when this was happening. I was six years old. God, however, guided our family so that I could move to the South.

You need to know this. God instructed Father, who was in South Korea, to go to North Korea. Do you understand this? Father had to fulfill his responsibility as God's Only Begotten Son. He obeyed God with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience when God commanded him to go north, which was at that time a mortally dangerous place to be. You need to be aware of this.

Undertaking responsibilities

Heaven had to wait until his Only Begotten Daughter was able to make decisions on her own. That is how God's principles of creation work. God needed to protect me in that dangerous situation. It was like a miracle when the sixteen UN nations mobilized and protected democracy in South Korea. It was then that Father's release from Hungnam Prison came about and he went south. The work True Father had to do was to find the truth that Jesus was speaking of when he said, "I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now." [John 16:12 RSV] That is why True Father wrote the manuscript of Woli Wonbon.

Until the point that he as God's only son could meet God's only daughter, he had to find disciples. Was he able to accomplish that task or was he not? Originally, prior to the Fall, Adam and Eve were able to know all of God's circumstances because they were connected with God. Likewise, I also came to know of God's providence. I realized that if I did not step forward, the realization of Father's and Heavenly Parent's dream could not occur. I was young, but I resolved to do it.

For me, the past fifty years was a time of being patient and waiting. You may not understand this well. I gave you an example a while ago. I said that it took fifty years to unbutton what had been buttoned wrongly and to button it the right way again. Do you understand this?

My proclamation

God tried to embrace the world using the Christian foundation. Likewise, as the True Parents, we sought to embrace America, which was going the wrong way. Four years ago, in particular, I declared I am God's only daughter in front of a gathering of American Clergy Leadership Council pastors and called them to work with me in achieving God's will. Many of the pastors wondered why they had not come to this natural understanding.

That was their response. That is why when I proclaim that I am God's Only Begotten Daughter, people around the world welcome it; particularly when I did so in Senegal -- an Islamic country -- in 2018. This is what their religious leader said: "We Muslims welcome God's Only Begotten Daughter." He has said he would become my son. He is determined to conduct a national-level blessing ceremony this November in Senegal. This is a busy year. He also stated that together with me he will conduct national level blessings in various places around the world.

Rotting on the vine

How about Korea? Korea, are you confident? Can you bring our nation's president, with the many problems he is facing, to a Blessing event? I have said that this is the springtime of the providence. We should not miss this time. Despite our shortcomings, we have been sowing seeds in every corner of the earth until now. The time has come to harvest the fruits. Or should the fruits go unharvested?

The Christian realm and the world have welcomed the True Mother, God's Only Begotten Daughter. Then, shouldn't Heavenly Unified Korea, which must become the flagship nation, accomplish its responsibilities? Should it or not? We cannot wait any longer. We must achieve victory without fail.

Set holy family traditions

The United States sent out missionaries to the world in 1975. Many American missionaries established themselves in Africa. Two years ago, a father who had done mission work for more than forty years ascended to the spirit world. His son is now working in his place. The father appeared to his son and said to him, "Please help True Mother." This son has a mother and a younger sibling. He shared his story with his mother and now the mother and younger brother are fully supporting him; they are working together as one. They are not receiving any support. Instead, they raise funds to sustain their public mission.

This is how a blessed family should be. There are many who have their names registered in Cheonbowon. Since God's creation is eternal, your efforts should not end with the first generation. Your children and grandchildren should align with True Mother, the Only Begotten Daughter, and thereby maintain a loyal family that remains forever unchanging.

The elder blessed families, especially, must accomplish their responsibilities. They should guide their children and grandchildren to join their public efforts. This is the example they should set as elder families. Will you do that? Each one of you must complete your own responsibilities and achieve victory. I sincerely pray that I, God's Only Begotten Daughter, will recognize many blessed families and that they will receive my seal while I am still on earth.

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