Recent Speeches 25: The Blessings That Come with Unity

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the main address at the 6th Anniversary of Foundation Day and the launch of the Cheon Il Guk International Association of Heavenly Tribal Messiahs at the HJ Heaven and Earth Cheonbo Training Center in Korea on February 17, 2019.

To meet you, dear blessed families, here today from all over the world is a joy!

After the announcement in the first year of the long-awaited Foundation Day that can fulfill God's providence, the seventh year of Cheon Il Guk has begun. During this long period, a new history has started by the Tribal Messiahs' fulfillment of their responsibilities as promised to God. You went through many turns and vicissitudes, but while I'm celebrating this day today, I just received a report saying that more than six thousand families around the world have fulfilled their Tribal Messiah mission. Moreover, today we had the historic grand opening of the Cheonbowon. After Adam and Eve's fall, all people fell into great uncertainty. Humanity longed for God and a world of peace. Humanity's hope was to return to the bosom of the true owner, our Heavenly Parent.

People thought about returning but did not know how to do it. However, because God worked so hard through the providential history of salvation, so we now know that with the birth of True Parents, fallen people can begin a new and miraculous story. For fallen human beings to come back to the bosom of God, the Heavenly Parent, everyone must be reborn through True Parents' Blessing Ceremony. Thanks to True Parents' hard work, today many blessed families exist all around the world. Thanks to them, second-, third- and fourth-generation members are at the center of the providence. Today, there are already more than 7.7 billion people in the world. Their hope is the same ours, but they do not know it. We have to announce the good news to them. Keep in mind that that is the blessed families' mission. Through you, your ancestors could receive liberation. These ancestors have been waiting for this time to arrive. Please remember how long they waited and that they are now free thanks to you. Can there be a greater miracle than this? To whom did Jesus leave the keys of the Kingdom of God before going through crucifixion? We must accomplish the providence on earth for its accomplishment to take place in heaven.

Ignore all limits

Dear blessed families, while you are with me in this earthly world, do not think about how to liberate only 430 generations of your ancestors. You have to liberate all your ancestors, even those who came to earth six thousand years ago. So, should we stop when we reach 430 couples? Before I came onstage, Rev. Abernathy gave a passionate testimony. That is right, blessed families have completed blessing 430 couples. Every one of them must now determine to bless more than 430 couples. God's dream, True Parents' dream, and humanity's dream is to create a great human family that serves God in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. After living in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, we will go to the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven and be with the eternal Heavenly Parent. We will live eternally. To live this eternal life, you must develop and grow to be victorious tribal messiahs, victorious national messiahs, and victorious global messiahs while on earth.

If parents, children, siblings continue the Blessing of 430 ancestral generations and 430 couples, all the ancestors in the spiritual world will mobilize and say, "Look! This descendant of our family became our savior!" They will be so proud of you! True Parents' appearance was to occur on a national level. The reason God blessed the United States, a democratic country, the reason it became a superpower in a short time, was that God wanted to embrace all his children, the whole world. However, human beings and that blessed country did not understand God's providence. For this reason, True Parents' providence had to start from nothing. Despite this, with God's Blessing, we started the new story of Cheon Il Guk. I made a promise to God. I promised God that while I am in this world, I will do everything to realize True Father's unaccomplished dream and to fulfill God's dream at least by creating the foundation for the substantial restoration of seven nations. I took that oath.

Let's move forward in unity!

However, this path has not been easy. Revealing the truth, the truth of the providence, to help you understand why you should unite with me took six years. Now we are a step closer to 2020, the year by which we promised to fulfill our goal. We just have a year left. Heavenly Parent and True Parents' desire is national restoration, world restoration. Today is also the day to bless the families registered in Cheonbowon. Even if you were not registered today in the Cheonbowon, in 2020, we have to remember people like Rev. Hyo-won Eu, the first president of our church in Korea; European members that were called to contribute to the providence in the United States and others who contributed to historical providences. Those who enabled Japan to fulfill the mission of the Eve nation offered all their devotion and their efforts anonymously.

In 2020, I will honor them, give them a medal and register them in Cheonbowon. In 2020, I will give all those who played an important role in the global providence an opportunity. So Korean people, what should you do? Would you be satisfied with just your record being in the Cheonbowon? Or do you have to expand the environment? You are the ones that have to make sure that this country, True Parents' country, Heavenly Parent's country, the Republic of Korea, stands tall in the world and becomes Heavenly Unified Korea, the homeland of faith. For the Republic of Korea to be able to stand tall in the world, I hope you will invest with more enthusiasm and zeal. Can I rest a bit in 2019, the year of the golden pig? If you do your best, I will rest a little. I have confidence in you. Thank you very much.

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