Recent Speeches 24: Why Is It That Despite Humanity's Earnest Wish for Peace, We Have Not Achieved It?

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the main address at the World Summit 2019 Opening Ceremony and Launching Plenary of the International Summit Council for World Peace at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul, South Korea on February 8, 2018 (01.04.07 on the heavenly calendar).

Distinguished guests, dignitaries from at home and abroad, current and former heads of state, representatives from all sectors of society, Ambassadors for Peace, and members of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP), I extend a warm welcome to you all.

Today we stand at the gateway of a new historic millennium for the sake of world peace and a hope-filled future, which we must bring to fruition without delay. All of you gathered here today are indeed pioneers whom both this era of today and the future world desire to see. Today’s countless problems occurring around the world have been trapped in vicious cycles left to repeat themselves throughout history.

All humankind has longed for a peaceful world, yet we still have not achieved this hope. Even today, we are still yearning for that moment of victory.

We must understand the essence of God the Creator, the owner of the universe. God created heaven and earth according to His external form. Lastly, God created human beings, who are capable of fulfilling His dream. God created a man and a woman. God gave them a period of growth through which they had the opportunity to learn responsibility. Their responsibility was to become absolutely one with God. They should have grown like sunflowers [that always face toward the sun]. But they could not accomplish that. Due to untimely and selfish human desire, human beings today are in a position of having no relationship with God, the Creator. In other words, humanity today remains distant from God.

Throughout history, countless religious leaders and righteous people have been investing their efforts, but because humanity failed to truly understand God’s the essence of God’s heart, their dream could not be realized.

God is our True Parent. Even though people may know that God is their Parent, they are unable to come close to Him. Therefore, the everlasting, omnipotent and omniscient Heavenly Parent, the alpha and omega, gave human beings responsibility in accordance with the principles He has established. For that reason, God had no choice but to carry out the historical Providence of Salvation until He could find the victorious people whom He could call “My son,” and “My daughter.” Two thousand years ago, after 4,000 biblical years of preparation, God sent Jesus Christ to the people of Israel. Unfortunately, the people of Israel and even Mary, who gave birth to Jesus, failed to recognize his true essence.

Jesus Christ was born after preparations made over 4,000 biblical years, so how can we claim to be saved by his blood on the cross? Modern has not known the essence of Jesus. While Christians waited for the return of Jesus, who died on the cross, yet said he would come back, the Christian faith began through the Pentecost and through the work of the apostles.

However, during the past 2,000 years, people have made many mistakes and created many problems. How is it possible that from within Christianity that attends God, communism that claims “God is dead” could emerge?

The only person that can teach about this false history and the essence of Heaven’s providence is the victorious Messiah who comes as a person on earth.

Even today, many righteous people around the world are risking their lives, yearning for a peaceful world. Unfortunately, neither superpowers nor lesser powers are the owners of the world. The True Owner of the universe is God! We must create a movement that attends Heavenly Parent, who needs to become our True Parent.

Notably, God has chosen Korea. He has most certainly blessed this nation. . When Jesus lay dying on the cross, he prophesied that he would return and hold the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. What does this mean? Jesus was saying that he would become the True Parent of humankind. This means that he has to find, in the Christian cultural realm, the Only Begotten Daughter of God, who could not emerge 2,000 years ago.

When a people that Heaven has chosen and prepared fails to fulfill the Will, indemnity remains. All of us have learned through history about the tremendous indemnity that the people of Israel had to pay over Jesus’ death on the cross. Blessings come with responsibility. The Korean people of today have to stand in a position in which they can fulfill their responsibility for Heaven’s providence. Throughout the long history of this nation, there was never a single decade when its people were not invaded by another nation. They had to endure such suffering because they were a people who hated war and loved peace.

This year we mark 100 years since democratic Christians and students joined together in the March 1st Movement for Korean independence. Our righteous forefathers made great sacrifices for the independence of our nation. As I mentioned earlier, you need to know that the Only Begotten Daughter who is able to complete Heaven’s providence had to be born among the people of Korea. I was born in 1943. Korea was liberated in 1945. And then, in 1950, this country was plunged into the Korean War. Korea was split between north and south, divided between communist and democratic ideologies. But while democracy in South Korea was still finding its new order, the Korean War broke out. What happened next? We were placed in a situation for which South Korea’s young democracy was not prepared.

As I mentioned earlier, in His principle of creation, God gave human beings a period of time called the growth period. Until the Only Begotten Daughter, born in 1943, who must see the providence completed, has grown up to a certain age, Heaven must protect her. That is why, like a miracle, troops from 16 UN member states came and shed their blood in a holy war. How grateful we must be for this! Yet, since the Korean people are unaware of God’s providence, I am not sure they realize how grateful they should be. However, I understood the providence, and in 1960 I came to stand in the position of a True Parent.

If the Christian environment had been prepared, the dream of one human family that humankind has longed for and God has desired would already have been accomplished. Originally all of humankind should have been God’s sons and daughters, but due to the Fall, they could not become God’s children. The providence that makes it possible for humankind to return to God’s lineage is the Family Federation’s Marriage Blessing, about which you already know.

Through this Blessing, people of the transformed family line that has no relation to Satan are recognized as being of the original lineage of the Heavenly Parent.

With the realization of this miraculous Blessing, you must not say that you are still in the dark.

Among all of you gathered here today, notably current and former heads of state, are people who have led an entire nation. If we want to be able to say that we have a healthy nation, our citizens first must have healthy families. This is why the Family Federation emphasizes the family. Today, this movement is spreading throughout the world, to all five oceans and six continents. During the past year, especially, many miraculous events have occurred on the African continent.

One righteous parliamentarian came to this country and learned about the birth of True Parents. And then he made a pledge. He said he would create waves when he returned to his country. He was from Senegal, a Muslim country. We met the president of that country, where our group has no real foundation, and we held a summit there. Do you think this is the result of human effort? You may ask how deeply God wants to embrace all people as His sons and daughters. [The answer is that,] bypassing many countries that had a better foundation, Heavenly Parent gave His love through one righteous prophet from a Muslim nation.

The people of today have now heard the answer. Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush (America’s 41st president), who was the father of President George W. Bush (America’s 43rd president), has passed away now. He said that his greatest regret from his time as president was that he had not emphasized education on the value of the family.

In 1995, I was giving speeches in Japan about the True Family Movement. The late Mr. Bush and Mrs. Bush came to Japan and gave speeches together with me. That’s right. The True Family Movement provides the way to solve all the problems that we are facing in every corner of the world today. Are you aware of this?

That is why for many years I carried out speaking tours and did a great deal of work. Heaven sent me many righteous prophets who were prepared. How can we make the 7.7 billion people aware of Heavenly Parent’s urgent and impatient heart? When you leaders of nations gathered here return home, please become messiahs to your nations!

The road to a peaceful world no longer troubled with conflict and war begins with all nations becoming one big family that attends Heavenly Parent centered on True Parents’ teachings. A world where all nations become one as brothers and sisters in front of Heavenly Parent is precisely the kingdom of heaven on earth that we are trying to realize and that our Heavenly Parent desires to see.

I entreat our people to accomplish this. Please do not become a people who are unable to experience the light, just like the base of a lamp that remains in the dark.

This is a nation God has blessed! Even our national anthem says, “God, please protect and preserve our nation; Mansei for Korea!” What will happen if such people fail to attend God?

We have seen the history of the people who were not able to attend Jesus. Now in the age of the completion of the providence, what is the road that the Korean people must take? The reunification of North Korea and South Korea would be good. But the higher priority for this country is to attend Heavenly Parent.

It has been said that “many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first” [Matthew 19:30]. Jesus died on the cross, and he gave the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven to Peter. What does this mean? It means we must see the solution here on this world that has gone wrong. All of you living today must therefore find the True Parents, who have appeared in the course of Heaven’s providence, become one with their teachings, and live accordingly Please take note that the only path to eternal life is in attendance to the eternal Heavenly Parent.

I ask that you join me in building a peaceful world of one human family attending our Heavenly Parent, and offer you my prayers for this.

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