Recent Speeches 14: Our Heavenly Parent Created the Ancestors of Humankind

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the keynote address at the 2018 Rally for the Liberation of Patriotic Martyrs and for North-South Unification held at the Seoul and Incheon Peace World Center in Cheongpyeong, Korea on June 24, 2018.

Dear Excellencies, political and religious leaders and Blessed families from subregion 1, we have come together today wishing for the reunification of North Korea and South Korea. Isn't that true? We need to recognize the truth; the providence has been moving forward through this nation. The original owner of the universe is God. Our Heavenly Parent is the Creator. In his image, he created heaven and earth and human beings; he created a man and a woman to be the ancestors of humankind. God bequeathed to human beings a special growth period. Their responsibility was to grow and absolutely unite with God. After they fully matured, they would receive the Marriage Blessing and become the true parents of humankind. However, Adam and Eve, who were supposed to be the ancestors of humankind, became too ambitious in their growth stage, saying, I can also be like God! Today's fallen humanity began from their mistakes.

The omniscient and omnipotent God cannot disregard the Principle of Creation, which he established. That means God must absolutely complete what he has willed. His providence of salvation, the providence of restoration, based on indemnity and intent on finding humanity which had lost its way, took an excruciating six thousand years.

Replacing the original ancestors

Heaven was searching for someone in the fallen world who could complete all the indemnity conditions and bring victory back to Heaven by becoming the true parents, humankind's original ancestors. Two thousand years ago, God prepared the Israelites and sent Jesus Christ. If sending Jesus was that arduous and difficult, how much of a foundation had to be built for a true parent to appear after the long period of four thousand years? God needed a foundation to send his only son, Jesus Christ, someone whom he could finally call his son. The Israelites and providential figures should have created a welcoming environment for Jesus. (Even Mary, who gave birth to Jesus, could not fulfill her responsibilities.) They did not understand Heaven's providence. They did not know what kind of person Jesus was. Their ignorance once again caused God to feel sadness. Today's Christians believe that they receive salvation through the blood from the cross. How surreal and foolish is this? That sin caused their parent, who had come to bring salvation to the fallen world, to die early. We cannot just sweep that mistake under the rug.

We know indemnity was part of the course of the Israelites of history. Even knowing this, God has never given up on humanity and has longed to embrace us. We need to remember this. However, after Jesus' crucifixion, we saw the start of Christianity, though it began with the Apostles and the resurrection through the Holy Spirit. The problem is that central figures have been leading the providence with human beings as the center, and the two thousand years of Christian history has seen repeated failures.

Even if I do not say everything, you all understand. Thus, God has been searching for a new people to bless with the birth of the only daughter that he had been unable to find. God cannot reuse the same people that did not fulfill their responsibilities, because there is indemnity left. Jesus died on the cross and said he would return, and with his return, he would hold the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Those words mean that Jesus was originally supposed to attain the position of a True Parent. However, today's Christians do not comprehend Jesus' original nature. They are unaware of God's providence. Christians said they would take on God's will as an organization, but the Christian foundation stifled God. Communism appeared and declared there is no God. How terrible was that from a heavenly standpoint?

The true devastation of the Korean War

Today, I specifically want to talk about June 25. In 1950, along with the liberation of Korea, the country divided into two -- North Korea and South Korea -- and the Korean War began. North Korea's communist regime had fully prepared for the invasion. However, South Korea, as a democratic country, was still developing. There weren't any strategies or countermeasures to respond to the threat of communism. At that time, this country was still unknown to the world. Though the superpowers had divided it, people around the world had not heard of Korea. How was it that the UN Forces from sixteen countries mobilized their armies and men sacrificed their lives for this country? This is what we call a holy war. Do you think this happened by chance? You have to know what the Republic of Korea is. Before we can wish for unification on the Korean peninsula, we are a country indebted to the world. We have to live with gratitude and for the world's sake. By the way, what are we thankful for? Economic power? Political power? No.

A hundred years ago, the great Indian poet Tagore wrote a beautiful poem about Korea: "In the Golden Age of Asia, Korea was one of the lamp-bearers. That lamp waits to be lighted once again for the illumination of the East." He wrote this when Japan was occupying Korea.

How can this country become the bright light of the East? We here need to know this. This nation must know God. We must understand the deep meaning of the lyrics in the national anthem, "God protect and preserve our nation. Hurray for Korea!" Why would God protect the nation? Because this country gave birth to God's Only Begotten Daughter, whom Heaven had been preparing for six thousand years, in order to complete the providence. In compliance with the Principle of Creation, God must give his oOnly Begotten Daughter time to grow and mature. For a child to lead the providence as soon as she is born is not possible. Because of this, Heaven has to protect God's Only Begotten Daughter as she matures and finds her own independence. Korea's liberation in 1945 and the Korean War breaking out in 1950 were results of my birth in 1943. That is also why Heaven will absolutely use this nation to fulfill God's providence and why the unthinkable miracle occurred of the UN Forces protecting our democracy.

I remember that in the evening of June 25, 1950, rain drizzled down, and the procession of refugees was forming. We joined in the procession, but my grandmother had us return home, because her son was an army officer and he might contact us. Then, suddenly at dawn, my uncle drove up in a three-quarter-ton jeep and told us to get in quickly. We crossed the bridge over the Han River. Many of our soldiers were joining the procession, with no end in sight. Though I was a child, I clearly remember everything.

The nation God chose

There is no other path to victory for this country besides the nation uniting unconditionally with True Parents because this is the country where True Parents are responsible for the fulfillment of the heavenly providence. Every time difficulties arise, Heaven protects this nation through the True Parents. From the position of a middle-aged person who has grown beyond the first fifty years of her life, I say this country is the homeland of faith to people that have accepted God's providence. In light of that, I ask all of you to convey this nation's dignity as a light to the world and take responsibility as a people whose families have received many blessings.

As Tagore suggested, that road is the light of truth. It is the true word. True Parents' teachings opened the era of the Pacific Rim civilization. The Asian region, centered on Korea, is moving toward the world with a revolution to bring about the culture of heart and with values based on true love. We will fulfill the dream of one family under God when humanity centers on our Heavenly Parent. The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is exactly that. Won't you all rise in Heaven's presence for the realization of a free, peaceful and unified Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, in which no more conflicts, struggles or wars exist? I am going to conclude now. I once again pledge before Heaven that all of you in Subregion One will march forward hand-in-hand so we become a nation that can stand tall and proud before the world. Thank you.

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