Recent Speeches 13: The Hope for a Unified Heavenly Korea

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the main address at the Rally of Hope and Determination in Yeongnam, held at the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center in Busan, Korea, on May 27, 2018.

Esteemed dignitaries, ambassadors for peace and leaders from all fields -- in particular, young people who will lead future Blessed families of the Family Federation:

We have come together today with the hope of a unified Heavenly Korea, which we have longed for, in which North and South are united. Looking at this nation and the world, we can see that human effort and intelligence cannot solve today's challenges. People have made great effort in thinking about how to achieve a peaceful world, but the results were always the same.

That being the case, we have to organize a movement that properly attends God, the Creator and owner of the universe. The Bible says that originally when God made all things he created them according to his image; thus, minerals are either plus or minus, plants have either stamen or pistil, animals are male or female and humans he created as man or woman to be the ancestors of humanity. They were Adam and Eve, of whom the Bible speaks.

God gave human beings responsibilities to fulfill during their growth period. In other words, they should have grown in absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience to God. However, halfway through, they became ambitious, believing they could be like God too. Thus, they gave rise to the current fallen human beings. God's principles of creation cannot change. God has been longing for the day on which the good ancestors of humanity could understand the principle and his will, and fulfill their responsibilities. God's providence has been the work of salvation.

The indemnity period was so long and arduous, but finally, after four thousand years, God sent the Messiah, Jesus Christ, whom he had promised. Nevertheless, human beings did not know Heaven's providence. They did not know why Jesus Christ had come: Mary, who gave birth to him or the Israelites and Judaic figures failed to fulfill their duties to him. The birth of God's Only Begotten Son after four thousand years was not the end for the son. God's Only Begotten Son was to meet God's Only Begotten Daughter, create a true family and come into the position of True Parents to save the whole human race.

Preparing for the Messiah

Before going through the crucifixion, Jesus announced that he would return. Christianity began with the work of the Holy Spirit and the Apostles that were waiting for Jesus to return. The early days were so hard. Many endured persecution and martyrdom. Even so, their hearts still anticipated the return of the Messiah and they developed the Christian culture.

In light of that, what else should modern Christians prepare for while waiting for the Messiah? God does not reuse a people or a person who does not fulfill their responsibilities. God has to choose and prepare a people that can give birth to God's Only Begotten Daughter and finally complete the providence. He chose the Korean people of Asia.

Korean Messiahs

I was born in 1943. God's Only Begotten Daughter must be born on a Christian foundation. Korea became independent in 1945. Following its liberation, the country divided, north and south, following communism and democracy. In those days, all intellectuals and Christians came to the South, but people in spiritualist groups that awaited the return of the Messiah could not decide whether to leave or not. At that time, God made me come south. God guided me, and two years after I had come south, the Korean War broke out.

By then, North Korea had already prepared and organized everything, but South Korea had neither the structure, nor the base to confront North Korea. Under those circumstances and in the midst of the providence, as God's Only Begotten Daughter, God had to give me time so that I could fulfill my responsibilities. Thanks to the miracle of the armies of sixteen nations mobilizing as the UN forces, South Korea now exists. On that subject, you need to understand that God selected and prepared the Korean people as the chosen people. That being the case, these people have responsibilities to fulfill. What are those responsibilities?

Today this people should feel gratitude for the deep love of God that helps them overcome crises every time they are in difficulties. Knowing the providence, although I was only a girl, I decided, and in 1960, the True Parents came to exist. Yet, just as in Jesus' time, Christian culture did not constitute the appropriate environment. While we were in the position of True Parents, we had to start from the bottom and work our way up to this day. This was the year of the fifty-eighth anniversary of the Holy Wedding. More than half a century has passed.

Heavenly Parent's aching heart

Knowing God's longing, we have sought for a world of peace. Fallen people cannot go directly into God's presence. For that reason, they need a savior. True Parents are the saviors. Through the Blessing, True Parents give children of the fallen world rebirth, allowing them to form Blessed families. From this point of view, all of you here have lived different lives in many respects, but the only thing that can give you hope for the future is that you have found True Parents and have been reborn as true children. Today, I tell many blessed couples that they should become tribal messiahs. The blessing must not end up being something that belongs only to you. You have responsibilities over three generations, including the responsibility of guiding your ancestors and your descendants. Fulfilling those responsibilities as Blessed families will enable God to embrace the fallen world. Only when Blessed families fulfill their mission as tribal messiahs and advance to the position of national and global messiahs can the peaceful world that both Heaven and humanity have longed for, be achieved. To realize this, True Parents had to endure many sacrifices and overcome difficulties and plead with God not to abandon Christianity and its foundation despite knowing the pain felt by Heavenly Parent over Christians not fulfilling their obligations.

This country had difficulties and the US, which God had prepared for the global providence, was becoming sick. In the 1970s, we went to the US to make Americans aware of their illness. We taught them when they were on the threshold of adopting communism, so that they in turn could protect the democratic world. Thus, at that time, we trained young Americans and sent them as missionaries throughout the world. For forty years, their motivation did not change and today they are obtaining amazing results in Africa and Asia. Now, I tell them that the political force of an individual does not determine the future of a people. Hope will exist in the future when people serve the original owner, God, the Creator. Even now, I hope you will remember that only when this nation attends Heavenly Parent and moves toward the world, will it fulfill its obligations to the world as a blessed nation.

Where is Korea heading?

A hundred years ago, the great Indian poet Tagore wrote a poem about Korea, saying, "The day you light your lamp again, you will be the bright light of the East." What does this light symbolize? Truth, but not human truth. Genuine truth, which can only come from True Parents centered on God. That is why many Tribal Messiahs in Asia, centered on Korea and Japan, are opening a new era for the Pacific Rim Civilization. They are raising the banner of revolution to instill the Hyojeong culture of heart. With true love and living for others' sake, the second generation, our future leaders, are reaping amazing results all over the world.

When I went to the United States in the 1970s, I saw a show about the wild west. The name of the series was "Bonanza." It began with an image of fire consuming a map and then a map of the modern American west arose. Today, here in Yeongnam, especially since this is the birthplace of the united kingdom of Shilla [A.D. 676–935], will you dare to become the spark and redraw the map of God's homeland of faith, the map of a unified Heavenly Korea including North Korea, with Heavenly Parent and True Parents as the center? I will end my speech here by wishing that you be Ambassadors for Peace, Blessed families and leaders who attend Heavenly Parent and True Parents, wherever you are and in all circumstances, just as the sunflower follows the sun. Thank you very much.

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