Recent Speeches 09: Moving Toward a Heavenly Africa

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the keynote address at the Opening Plenary of Africa Summit 2018 held at the Abdou Diouf International Conference Center in Dakar, Senegal on January 18, 2018.

Respected President Macky Sall, presidents of national assemblies, distinguished guests from all across Africa, religious figures, traditional chiefs, and members of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP): We have gathered here today to open a new chapter in history. This is the historic and eternal moment when Africa will be revealed to the world as Heavenly Africa, centering on God.

You know of the pyramids that rise towering over the desert near the Nile River, where ancient civilizations arose? Even with the technological skills we have today we cannot verify how 4,500 years ago they were able to carry stones greater than 140 c.m. across the desert to create this stone structure. Why did they build such a structure? Through the ceaseless use of their original minds, human beings instinctively want to return to God. With more strength than they used to pursue their earthly life, they pursued a new Heavenly life through rebirth and resurrection. This is proof that humankind today is not taking the normal path.

God created all things in heaven and on earth and then created the man and woman who would become humankind's first ancestors. God granted them a growth period, so that through that period, they would come to fulfill their responsibilities. In summary, Adam and Eve should have grown in the direction of God, like a sunflower toward the sun. They should have developed in this way until they could become humankind's first true ancestors and receive the Blessing. However, during their growth period, they were unable to do this, resulting in fallen humankind today. God is omniscient and omnipotent, and the beginning and the end must be the same. Therefore, God had no choice but to begin the bitter history of the providence of restoration through indemnity. How difficult and rough must that path have been that it took four thousand years to prepare the Israelites until they finally had a national foundation for Heaven to send Jesus, God's Only Begotten Son! Yet what happened? The Israelites could not become the foundation for Jesus, so he had no choice but to be crucified. At the crucifixion, there was a thief on Jesus’ left and a thief on his right. The thief on the left taunted Jesus. Seeing this, the thief on the right said, “We have been condemned justly; we are getting what we deserve for what we have done. But this man has done nothing wrong.”

Jesus told him he will meet him in Paradise. Then, Jesus prophesied he would return. He said he would return to hold the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Why did Jesus go to Paradise? Paradise is not heaven. It is like the waiting room before entering heaven. This was why Jesus had to return. He had to return to meet God's Only Begotten Daughter and be in the position of True Parents. Fallen humankind cannot be directly in God's presence by themselves. I am saying fallen humankind must be resurrected and reborn through the True Parents. The two thousand year providential history of Christianity began with the Pentecost experience of the apostles. Rome accepted Christianity in 313 A.D., and it quickly spread to Italy, the rest of Europe and then to the island nation of Great Britain. Thus, the Atlantic Realm Civilization began and people in the nations around Britain headed out to the world. They set off in the name of Christ. However, they did not know the true essence of Jesus or God.

Therefore, instead of living their lives for others, they lived lives of taking. I know that the place that suffered most was the African continent. Those who set off in Christianity's name did not educate the nations they colonized. In the end, they put their own desires first and because of this, the curtain came down on the Atlantic Civilization Era. So, Heaven prepared for the returning Messiah through a different nation; the Republic of Korea, in Asia. There, God's Only Begotten Daughter, was born after six thousand years of restoration. With that foundation and with Heaven's protection, in 1960, we became the True Parents.

Yet, Christianity could not create the foundation, just as they could not two thousand years ago, during the time of Jesus. Christians who have been waiting for two thousand long years know neither what they must do in the Last Days nor whom they are waiting for. In Genesis, it says, ''And there was evening and there was morning-- the first day." Christians are still stuck in the evening. They have been unable to greet the morning. Those who have been preparing for two thousand years for this moment, can you still not wake up from your sleep?

The result and problem is that they knew neither God's essence nor the Messiah Jesus Christ's essence. Christianity has made many mistakes during these two thousand years. From within the Christian realm, many denominations arose and Communism emerged. This was because they did not have a central point to look to. However, now, through my revealing of the truths of Heaven's providential history, Africa will become a Heavenly Africa that attends God, a proud nation that can stand in front of the world as a guiding lamp. Today, with the heart of a True Parent, as True Mother, I have come to eradicate Africa's painful past and begin a new history for Africa. This was why I chose this nation, Senegal. I have seen that Heaven has prepared and raised righteous people for this particular time. I pray that you can deeply feel that Heaven is with us. That is18 why, centered on Africa, I am opening a new era, the Pacific civilization era, which entails a revolution of filial love, a culture of heart. I pray that together we can move toward creating a happy Kingdom of Heaven on Earth where all human beings attend Heavenly Parent as their center. Therefore, I am advocating a peace highway, which will travel from the south of Africa, from the Cape of Good Hope, through the rest of Africa, Europe, Eurasia, and Asia, connecting all the way to Korea. Through this, humankind will communicate and realize a Kingdom of Heaven on Earth filled with freedom, equality, peace, unification, and happiness, in which there is no need for war. Africa has much to do. Africa is our priority. Today, when we look at the pollution and destruction caused by the ignorance of people, we feel there is no hope for humankind's future. This is why I want Africa to return to its original state that God created. Representatives from all nations, do you agree? I pray and ask that you go forward until we realize the dream of one human family under God, working hand in hand together with me and with all nations as brothers and sisters in front of God.


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