Recent Speeches 08: The First Step to Realizing Heaven's Dream Is National Restoration

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the keynote address at the 2018 True Parents Special New Year Gathering for Cheon Il Guk Leaders held at the Cheon Jeong Gung in Korea on January 5, 2018.

Beloved Blessed families and members around the world:

The first step to realizing Heaven's dream of one human family centered on God is national restoration. In our present circumstances, it is hard to have conviction in many different aspects. How can all Blessed families around the world and all 7.7 billion people of the world know Heavenly Parent and True Parents and become filial children and loyal patriots that can realize God’s dream? When we look at what is occurring around the world today, we feel there is no hope. People have tried very hard. They dreamed of a peaceful and happy world. However, the path to that was always out of reach. This was because there was no central figure. We are Blessed families who have been reborn through the True Parents. Those who receive the Blessing have responsibilities, not for yourself, but towards your neighbors, your tribe, your nation, and the world. The basic step for that is your responsibility as Heavenly Tribal Messiahs. How much devotion have you offered to this responsibility? There are now only two years left to reach our goal by 2020. As nations of model Blessed families that have fulfilled your Tribal Messiah missions -- who not only know God but attend God -- you must show others that if they follow in this way, Heaven will bless them too.

In the central providential nations of Korea, Japan and America, please think about how you will show and reveal a Family Federation for a Heavenly Korea, for a Heavenly America, and for a Heavenly Japan, whose members have been successful as Heavenly Tribal Messiahs to the world. That is why I made the decision to divide the Korean region into five subregions. If the five leaders work together as one, you will be five times more effective. Each subregion will be its own nation.

Five years ago, I told the Family Federation, “You must go forward with the spirit and the truth.” After Jesus was crucified and the Holy Spirit was resurrected, Christianity began. Yet even after all this time, Christians still do not know the essence of the True Parents. They have made many mistakes and many failures. When Jesus died on the cross, he prophesized he would return and hold the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. However, Christians and even members of the clergy still look to the clouds, waiting for the return of the Messiah.

During Creation, God created a man and a woman, the first human ancestors. A man alone cannot complete God’s providence; he must have a partner -- a woman! The purpose of Christianity was to prepare humankind and to prepare the foundation for the completion of God’s providence. However, it is still evening and Christians are unable to wake up from their slumber. The Bible says, there was evening and there was morning on the first day. The evening sleep was so long that when the time came for Christians to greet a new morning, they were unable to do so. What must we do then? We must reveal the truth! We must wake them up from their sleep and in this new era, we must give them the love that will lead to completing God’s providence, centered on True Parents. That was why I said you should reveal the truth of history. While you hesitated, I myself went out and proclaimed, "I am the Only Begotten Daughter of God." What was the result? The members of the American clergy welcomed me. They asked, “How did we not know this truth?”

What are you afraid of? The world has reached its limit; there is no hope for humankind. There is no hope that we can remain living on this earth. Many scientists are concerned about what will happen to the planet in the next few years. Can humankind survive if there is no earth? If we stand idly by and watch when we are in such a terrible situation, we will not be able to ensure a future for our descendants and future generations. Therefore, each of you and each of your families must do the work of a hundred people and then we will be victorious. You must teach people the truth. I decided to do this in America. There is no doubt that America is a large nation; it has fifty states. America will also be a region divided into five subregions. They made the determination that no matter what they will become a nation that will fulfill its responsibilities. The three central nations will unite under one system and one organization and help one another to advance toward our goal! The three nations will form a trinity, communicate with one another and share their results. I felt we must have an organization that can be 120 percent effective during the remaining time we have. Therefore, today I am also looking at Japan as a region and have divided it into five subregions. By doing this, I believe that Japan too will move quickly towards national restoration. By doing this, all the work I have been doing since True Father's Seonghwa will be in order. Now you are Heavenly [shin] Tribal Messiahs! You must become Tribal Messiahs in which the "shin" does not mean "new" but means "Tribal Messiahs that attend God." Therefore, we are building the Cheonbowon [Genealogy Center] so that your devotions and hard work can be reported to Heaven and you can leave behind a record of your results. I pray that all of you here today can become filial children and loyal patriots that can enter into the records there.


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