Recent Speeches 06: We All Have the Same Destination!

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the keynote address at True Parents' Special Cheon Il Guk Leaders' Gathering for a Shin Korea held at Cheon Jeong Gung in Korea on December 15, 2017.

We all must take the same path! Our destination is also the same! I was born in 1943 and Korea was liberated in 1945. Then, democratic South Korea and communist North Korea divided. God's daughter was born in North Korea. North Korea’s regime is communist, claiming there is no God. The only daughter of God, found after six thousand years of providential history, could not grow healthily in the North Korean environment. So, God guided me and I went to the South.

I have vivid memories of that time, I was six years old. The Communist Party in North Korea razed the fields, so one could not go south, and the road was rugged; if one leg tried to climb up, the other leg would plunge straight down, that was how they destroyed the land. When we three mothers and daughters left our hometown and started our journey south, we saw a road around the area of the 38th parallel. I had a cold, so we stopped at a farmer's house to drink water. A person who had come on his own ran without stopping to his destination, crossing the 38th parallel. However, I was young, so the North Koreans caught me. When they caught us, seeing that we were only women and even had a child, they said, "Where are you going? Go back to your homes," and they let us go.

That night, in the middle of the night, a guide helped us across the 38th parallel. Security was very tight in South Korea at that time. I was mumbling a song as we made our journey. Soldiers were prepared to shoot at us; however, when they heard a child's voice, they stopped and waited, and we were able to cross the 38th parallel safely.

I would like to tell you this: the road and the destination have been set, so do not miss this opportunity! Right now, at this time, Heaven wishes to unite with me. In its two thousand year providential history, Christianity committed many wrongs. How could communism arise from Christianity? How could Christianity split into so many different religions? If there was only one road; how come so many new roads were created? This is because there was no center.

Those who have spiritual sight know who I am. I waited for fifty years to proclaim that I am the Only Begotten Daughter of God. Humankind cannot stand in God's presence if they do not recognize the birth of the Only Begotten Daughter of God and accept the True Parents.

I have now taught you everything. All the righteous people of the world, even those who have known the truth for less than a year or only a few months, have come out and resolved to follow this path. However, this nation (Korea), which calls itself the providential fatherland, currently has blessed families who have believed in and followed True Parents for more than fifty years! Do you have confidence in completing national restoration by 2020? You must change your perspective. It took much effort for Heaven to find and establish this nation. Even just raising the Han people was an ordeal. There has not even been one peaceful day. Heaven has blessed this nation of Korea. The True Parents were born here and through the True Parents, a new lineage of Blessed families could form.

Blessed families did make an effort. They went out to the world and worked hard to fulfill their mission as national messiahs. However, the problem is that they could not create the foundation for which Heaven wished. Today, Christianity is at a dead-end; they are standing at the edge of a cliff. Their savior is I, the Only Begotten Daughter of God. Those pure leaders who believed in Heaven and offered devotions recognize me. Even without me speaking it resounds deep in their hearts.

The conclusion is that we must become a nation that stands in front of Heaven, and you must show the world you are a nation that received the name, God's fatherland, and fulfilled your responsibilities so this nation could stand at the center. You must be able to show this to the world. I am saying that all that you have to do is to run toward the destination, but due to one circumstance or another, the reality is that you are unable to go. Therefore, today I would like to ask you again about your resolve. Will you achieve national restoration? I have asked this from the beginning. The Family Federation must become a movement in which the light stays on 24 hours a day through the spirit and truth. When all members and also all people see this light, they will want to go toward it. I am asking that you offer your devotion to creating this type of place.

Let us go forward with the spirit and with the truth. Korean pastors, how much do you love Cheongpyeong? You are in the central position, in which three generations can work together. You have a responsibility to create a world without indemnity for your descendants. You must liberate and bless your ancestors. I don't know how much you have felt the spirit world, but there are amazing and miraculous spiritual things happening. You are in a blessed position. This is clear. You are no longer the Korean headquarters but the Shin Korea Family Federation. This character "shin" is not the one for "new." The Shin Korea Family Federation is one that must attend God and attend Heavenly Parent. The smallest unit in which God and True Parents can reside in is a nation.

Suddenly, something occurred to me that stunned me. I felt so sorry and remorseful in Heaven's presence. Heaven has waited and suffered patiently for so long for this moment and looked forward to the day of victory, but we are so, so weak. We must not always remain an object of concern to Heaven.

That is why I prayed to Heaven. In order to find God's fatherland, we must change. Therefore, we will take this country, Korea, and look at it like a continent; it will be divided into five districts. Those districts have the same qualifications as a nation. They will be considered nations within Korea, the "continent." The first district, second district, third district, fourth district, fifth district -- these are five "nations." I thought I should make an organization in which those in the first, second, and third generations can work and unite together. I am going to be watching who reaches the higher ground for national restoration.

Now is the time when leaders, blessed families, and all of you who are together at this time can be called filial children and patriots in front of God and True Parents. You can only become filial children and patriots while True Parents are alive. Do you understand? Do not look around you now; you must go straight forward. You must charge forward toward your goal, taking the shortest route. 


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