Recent Speeches 05: God Cannot Change the Principles He Put in Place at the Time of the Creation

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, affectionately known as True Mother, gave the main address at the Osaka Hyojeong Family Festival held at the Osaka Kadoma Sports Center in Osaka, Japan on November 21, 2017.

Respected leaders of various fields, Ambassadors for Peace, members of the Family Federation, and Blessed families of Osaka:

We have assembled here today to become the key players of this new age. This will be our first step in carrying out the responsibility of making a Heavenly Japan and a Heavenly Osaka attending Heavenly Parent. When we look around the world today, we do not have hope for the future. Depending on the area, the religions Heaven let thrive had a good beginning, but they did not know where the final destination was or how to bear fruit. That is why I would like to discuss God, our Creator, and the original center of the universe.

God created all things in heaven and on earth and then created the first ancestors of humankind, a man and a woman. With absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience to God, they should have grown in the direction God desired, received God's Blessing and become the True Parents of humankind. However, Adam and Eve became self-centered and full of greed. They felt they could become like God before the proper time and, therefore, brought about today's fallen humanity. However, the start and the finish for the omniscient and omnipotent God must be the same. He cannot change the principles he put in place at the time of the Creation. Therefore, Heaven had no choice but to initiate the providence of restoration through indemnity and salvation to restore fallen humankind. This was a sorrowful and painful course.

God chose Israel as the chosen people and raised from the individual level to the national level through the providence of restoration and indemnity. Yet, how difficult must it have been that it took four thousand years? After four thousand years, God sent Jesus Christ, His only son. How can one believe that the crucifixion of the only son of God, whom God sent after the long period of four thousand years, is the salvation of humanity? Jesus lost the environment in which he could fulfill his responsibility and died on the cross. He said he would return to hold the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Christianity began through the Apostles, who had been spiritually resurrected through the Holy Spirit. However, in the beginning, Christianity received much persecution. After 313 AD, Rome recognized Christianity, and on this foundation, Christianity set off from Italy, spread through Europe to England and blossomed through the Atlantic Civilization Realm. However, they did not know Jesus' essence.

Even though the Atlantic Civilization Realm spread to the world, it ended up being a failed civilization. It could no longer spread when nations and empires only sought to benefit themselves. However, since Jesus promised he would return, through Heaven's providence a people emerged that could create an environment for the returning Lord. That nation was the United States. Heaven does not work through a people that failed to fulfill its responsibilities. This is because those people have indemnity remaining, which must be paid. Jesus promised to return and conduct the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, so God had to find a new people through whom he could send his Only Begotten Daughter. That was the Han people! After waiting for two thousand years, the person who absolutely needed to appear before the only son of God, who had said he would return, was the Only Begotten Daughter of God! The Only Begotten Daughter of God had to be born with no relation to Satan and centered on the Christian foundation.

After liberation, Korea divided north and south. It divided along the lines of democratic thought and communist thought. Koreans had fought together for their independence. So how could different systems of thought divide them?

God's Only Begotten Daughter needed a growth period. In the beginning, God created a man and a woman and gave them a growth period. God’s Only Begotten Daughter, who had been found again, also had to go through a growth period. I was born in the North. If I had stayed there, I may not have had the opportunity to grow or fulfill my responsibilities, so Heaven had me go south. Then in 1950, the Korean War broke out. South Korea was unprotected, but by some miracle, Heaven mobilized the UN forces to protect the South. Heaven protected Korea because the True Parents, who can realize God's dream and the wish of humanity in regards to Heaven's providence, had to emerge. The Holy Wedding was in 1960. Christians should have cooperated. As it says in Genesis, "There was evening and there was morning, one day," and they were unable to prepare for that first day. That is why it took True Parents more than fifty years to climb up from the lowest level.

Why do we need the True Parents? Fallen humankind cannot go directly into God's presence. This is because they have accumulated remaining sin that must be indemnified. We cannot enter into God's direct presence unless we are born through the True Parents. That is what the Family Federation calls the "Marriage Blessing." How long humankind has waited for this truth! It took six thousand years. The parents for whom we have long awaited! The nation from which True Parents emerged and the other nations of the world still do not know this. Those who have received the Blessing first have the responsibility to share and inform others about this. That is the responsibility, which as tribal messiahs all Blessed Families must fulfill. That is why I hope you will become the proud "Shin Osaka." This "shin" does not mean "new." It means an "Osaka that attends God."

Are you ready to fulfill your responsibilities? True Parents selected Japan, the Eve nation, to be at the center of the providence. Korea, from which True Parents emerged, is the father nation and Japan is the mother nation. The essence of a mother is that she will do anything for her children. If her children can be happy, if they can succeed, she will unconditionally cooperate.

All humankind wants peace. Yet, looking at the reality today, that dream seems far away. However, we have the key. Through True Parents, through those in our second and third generations who stand at the center of the providence, centered on Korea, Japan and the United States, the Pacific Rim Civilization Era is beginning. Through the Hyojeong revolution of the culture of heart, those in our second and third generations who can become the lamp to the world are going out to the world.

Only through this movement can God's wish, the wish of humankind, and the wish of one human family under Heavenly Parent, be realized! This reality is not far away. If you fulfill your responsibilities as tribal messiahs in front of the brothers and sisters around you -- your tribe, your people, and the world -- the path to that day will be wide open.

This is especially true for Osaka, which I heard was the place through which this nation opened its doors to the world. As global citizens of Shin Osaka, I sincerely ask you to show True Parents' love under the banner of the Hyojeong Revolution of the Culture of Heart to the world. Proudly spread our movement and work with True Parents and Heavenly Parent. I pray you will advance toward the day Heaven worked so hard for and patiently waited for -- the day of great joy and delight when we can establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth during the lifetime of God’s Only Begotten Daughter, the True Parents, in attendance to our Heavenly Parent. I ask that you become global citizens of Osaka who lead the way.


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