Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 86

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 2: God’s Homeland and the Peace Kingdom
Speech 11: Our Mission in the Last Days of Providential History, pg 290-293

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The mission of God’s emissary

Respected ladies and gentlemen, until today you have led fairly conventional lives. Now, however, I call you to take on a mission as God’s direct emissary.

As individuals, there are many differences among us. We are large and small, wide and narrow, tall and short. Despite our differences, God is commissioning us to become His direct emissaries. Let us be patriots who proudly uphold God’s lineage of goodness. Let us stand resolutely, with Heaven’s authority, and answer the call to liberate our homeland.

How can you qualify for the mission of God’s personal emissary? You need to desire the liberation of your homeland a thousand times, even ten thousand times more than you desire the present reality. You must be determined to liberate your homeland even at the cost of your life. Eating or sleeping, coming or going, every action you take should be for the sake of establishing the peace kingdom.

The Bible teaches, “Strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness.” (Matt. 6:33) Go forward with confidence, because while your external situation may still belong to the realm of Satan’s world, you have been reborn with a true lineage. You are God’s direct emissary for the purpose of establishing the homeland.

Do you recognize God’s plight? He is a Parent who lost His children in one instant and was then forced to suffer a history of mistreatment, blocked at every turn as He sought to fulfill His Will. You should become filial sons and daughters capable of understanding the sorrowful heart of God. How can you be leaders unless you know the truth and practice it?

Leaders of the world, please think deeply about how you came to be here today. Did you simply come partly out of sincerity and partly out of curiosity, hoping to enjoy a Christmas party? Whether you like it or not, you have now received God’s call. I myself suddenly received God’s command when I was a young man of sixteen. I accepted His call, and ever since I have spent my entire life of more than eighty years walking a course of blood, sweat and tears. I did this to rescue humanity from Satan’s dominion and to bring God into a state of true liberation and complete freedom. Just as I did, you too can now accomplish the exalted Will of God for harmony and peace on an interreligious and international level. That is, you can complete the sacred task of establishing God’s homeland.

You and I are one, with the common denominator being absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. You as well as I are to be true parents, and kings and queens of peace. Today heavenly fortune is with you, as it is with me.

We now have the opportunity to establish our homeland that will also be God’s homeland. That homeland requires sovereignty, territory and godly people. God’s lineage of goodness has to extend powerfully throughout that homeland. The pulse of God’s providential history has to be felt there in a way that cannot be experienced anywhere else. If it is possible to build this homeland right now, how can you hesitate? Please complete the mission of being God’s direct emissaries. Please live as prophets who have been given the promise of eternal life.

Lead rewarding lives with no regrets

Ladies and gentlemen, I recently founded the Mongolian Peoples Federation for World Peace, a movement to bring together people of Mongolian descent throughout the world. My intent certainly is not nationalistic. This is a comprehensive movement for peace.

People of Mongolian ancestry are the descendants of Cain and Shem, the eldest sons of Adam and Noah respectively. God called Noah’s family to restore through indemnity the historical errors committed by Adam’s family. Now, in the final period of God’s providence, Shem’s descendants can accomplish their mission as the firstborn among humanity. Thus, it is a movement to comfort God’s heart of pain over Adam’s family, which lost Abel by murder and waited one hundred thirty years to establish Seth.

It is a movement to make the world into one brotherhood and one family by tearing down the walls of the heart that divide us, so that all humanity might live together in a society characterized by interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values. It is a providential step to hasten the establishment of God’s homeland.

We should return gratitude and glory to God and True Parents. They have enlightened us about the incredible providential age in which we are living. They have even bestowed on us the glorious mission to establish God’s kingship as His direct emissaries. Through all eternity, we will gratefully glorify and praise True Parents, who have inaugurated the Revolutionary Era after the Coming of Heaven. Therefore, today we offer this Coronation Ceremony of True Parents as the King and Queen of World Peace. It is unprecedented in history and will never be repeated in the future. True Parents have established the realm of true liberation and complete freedom.

Just as the sun rises with brilliant light in the eastern sky, heavenly fortune is now shining upon all people. The curtain of darkness that shrouded us for tens of thousands of years is being lifted at last. The divine command to complete Heaven’s Will is taking root in your heart. This is a path of destiny, and you cannot avoid it. Therefore, stand up courageously! We have the Era after the Coming of Heaven working with us. You can experience with certainty the meaning of Jesus’ teaching that those who forsake their life will live and those who seek their life will die. Let us resolve heroically to do everything to complete the sacred task of homeland liberation and establish the peace kingdom, God’s ideal of creation on this planet Earth.

Please engrave the heavenly command you have received today deep in your heart. From this time forward, as a leader chosen by God to build the homeland, you must pledge to lead a beautiful and precious life. Everyone here without exception will eventually pass on to the spirit world. You do not want to carry with you any regret.

Today I have conveyed to you God’s message for the new era. I pray that as God’s direct emissaries, His blessings will forever be upon you, your families and your mission.

Thank you.

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