Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 85

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 2: God’s Homeland and the Peace Kingdom
Speech 11: Our Mission in the Last Days of Providential History, pg 287-290

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The mission of homeland liberation

The term “homeland liberation” may sound unfamiliar. You probably think you never lost your homeland, so you have no need to recover it. The homeland to which I refer today, however, is different from the one you usually think of. I refer to the original homeland, the kingdom of God on earth that was lost at the Fall of the first ancestors, Adam and Eve.

What would the world have been like had the Fall not occurred? God would have blessed Adam and Eve in marriage. They would have become the True Parents, producing true, sinless children. This family would have served as the nucleus of the kingdom of God on earth. The children would have formed the realm of God’s third generation. Centering on God, they would have established an eternal kingdom of peace on this earth. Adam and Eve would have become the king and queen of Adam’s tribe, Adam’s people and Adam’s nation, which would have also represented a realm of three generations. Adam’s kingdom would have continued eternally. This would have been humanity’s eternal homeland, the peace kingdom.

Unfortunately, history did not start out like this. The Fall of Adam and Eve orphaned humanity for tens of thousands of years. We lost our homeland and lived like vagabonds, drifting here and there begging for food. Humanity was to have attended God as the vertical True Parent. All the world’s people were to have lived as one family in accordance with the principles of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Instead, we find ourselves divided from one another by all manner of barriers of the heart, as well as international boundaries. These were planted by Satan.

What then is the true meaning of homeland liberation? How do we begin to accomplish it? Homeland liberation means to transform this world into a new nation, the true homeland. We will not find this homeland anywhere in today’s world. It emerges through a process of re-creation through love. God’s new homeland has no divisions. It reflects the original creation that bears no relationship to the Fall of humankind. So homeland liberation begins with a life of true love in which we love even our enemies.

If we sow soybeans, we will harvest soybeans, and if we sow red beans, we will harvest red beans. If we sow revenge, which is Satan’s seed, we will harvest an evil fruit, more bloodshed. On the other hand, wherever we sow true love by forgiving and embracing our enemies, trees of goodness will grow. This is the law of the universe, and it never fails.

We find humanity’s true homeland, the homeland of the true God, through the path of loving our enemies. This path begins with loving our individual enemies and extends to loving our family’s enemies, our tribe’s enemies, our nation’s enemies and the world’s enemies. This is how we establish the tradition of true love, true life and true lineage.

As world leaders, what do you consider your mission? As long as Satan’s sovereignty dominates the world, you do not really have a country. I know there are some two hundred nations in the world, but has even one nation brought God’s Will into reality? Is even one of them a true homeland for God and humanity? The world’s six billion people, through no fault of their own, were born as Satan’s descendants, carrying the false lineage. Irrespective of whether you are citizens of the United States, Japan or any other nation, Satan’s love, Satan’s life and Satan’s impure blood still flow in your body. Unless you remove this stained legacy of the Fall from yourself, you will never realize the dream of homeland liberation. For this, you each need to experience a revolution of character, a true-love revolution.

The three great revolutions of true love

How can we accomplish a revolution of character and come to resemble God? Because we descended from the Fall and are born with fallen nature, each of us needs to go through three great revolutions in order to accomplish the perfection of our character. I call these 1) the revolution through making atonement, 2) the revolution of conscience and 3) the revolution of heart.

The revolution through making atonement means to recover your internal and external right of ownership of true love by completely atoning for the past. After you have done this successfully, you then should live by a standard beyond that requiring any atonement. For this you must purge yourself completely of all the habits and thoughts accumulated during the Age before the Coming of Heaven. It is completed when you accomplish it in your individual realm, family realm and national realm.

On this basis, you can create and perfect an ideal family, a family of true love based upon the absolute values that are the standard for life in the Era after the Coming of Heaven. In God’s family ideal, people perfect these absolute values through the varieties of love in a family, in the relationships between husband and wife, parents and children, and among siblings.

A husband and wife stand in the position of owners of true parental love only after the birth of their children. A man is able to own true conjugal love only after marrying and cherishing his wife. Similarly, the older sibling is capable of owning true sibling love only because of the presence of a younger sibling. Thus in any relationship, it is the object partner who makes the subject partner an owner of true love. To be an owner, the subject partner needs to live for the sake of the object partner, invest in that person with no thought of recouping that investment, and sacrifice for the sake of a greater purpose. This is how we create absolute values that are eternal and unchanging. In this way, parents and children, husband and wife, and siblings bring each other to perfection as owners of true love. By forming these realms of love in the family, the family can settle into an eternal realm of unity. They live according to absolute values, in interdependence and eternal communion with God.

Also, each of us needs to take the revolutionary step of returning all our property and ownership rights to Heaven. Give up your lingering attachments. This cuts all your ties with Satan’s world and separates you from Satan. In exchange, you will inherit all those things and more with Heaven’s blessing. In other words, God will grant you ownership of Heaven’s abundance, abundant wealth that is now separated from Satan and over which Satan can never again claim ownership.

Second, what is the revolution of conscience? It is an inner revolution by which you become absolutely obedient to your conscience. You cannot deny that you endure an unending struggle within yourself. Your conscience, which tends toward goodness, struggles against the desires of the flesh. To bring an end to this shameful inner conflict, you need to clearly understand the conscience and its function.

Your conscience possesses a detailed awareness of your every action, every step and every thought. It knows about these even before your teacher knows. It knows even before your parents know. It knows virtually before God knows. And it tells you the right action to take in every instance.

What results from violation of the conscience? You feel guilt. Dust settles on your soul; it becomes filthy and scarred. The scars on your soul cannot be removed for eternity. They are fearful defects you take with you when you enter the spirit world. Therefore, I strongly implore you to work in a revolutionary way to overcome your physical desires, accept the guidance of your conscience and live in oneness with Heaven’s Will. Treasure the unblemished, clean and pure state of your soul.

What is the third revolution, the revolution of heart? God created human beings as His children. What is the tie that binds you and God together? It is the true love and true heart that exist between a parent and child. If a parent and child do not communicate with true heart, how can they possibly maintain a relationship of true love and true respect?

We have lived for thousands of years within the realm of the Fall. Our hearts continue to be enslaved under false parents, who passed on to us false love and false lineage. To remove this yoke, you need to live with true love, continually forgiving, giving and sacrificing. This is the life Satan hates most. By doing this, you return to the realm where God’s heart rules.

If you still pursue the vain glory of the satanic world, with your heart still bound by selfish individualism, then you are on a dark and dismal path whose end is despair and lamentation. On the other hand, if you lead a constructive life, being the first to yield and give to others, then your heart will be joined in eternal oneness with God’s heart. This requires that you first sever your heart’s ties to the false parent and be engrafted into God’s lineage through the holy marriage Blessing instituted by the True Parents. Through the True Parents, who are incarnations of the invisible God, you will secure the true love and lineage of Heaven.

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