Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 75

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 2: God’s Homeland and the Peace Kingdom
Speech 7: To Realize the World of Peace, pg 254-257

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What I teach is not speculation or theory. God is alive and working in history. It is just that due to the Fall, human beings lost their original position, and without being able to relate with God perfectly, they have lived in sin and strife. Although God is omnipotent and perfect, when He has no appropriate partner with whom to relate, He cannot fully express His omnipotence. After our first ancestor disobeyed God, God lost the foundation of goodness to which He could relate. Accordingly, His goodness and absolute power could not be expressed, even as history nonetheless continued.

God is carrying out the providence to restore His position and fulfill the heavenly Will by working to restore human beings to their original state. To restore the ideal of true love, true parents and true family that Adam, the first ancestor of humankind, could not accomplish, God has been carrying out the providence by entrusting key figures with the missions of second Adam and third Adam. God called me early in my life, and my mission as the True Parent is connected to such providential plans of God.

Respected leaders, I would like to ask you to pay close attention to the prophecy I am about to make. Humankind is at a turning point. In the past, the invisible God seemed almost powerless and nonexistent. However, the time has come when the power of God will become manifest in our lives. We have entered that era, a time long-awaited by humankind. The absolute power of God, who is the Lord of the sacred order and laws that really do exist in all things and in the universe, will manifest in amazing ways and be experienced by people in their daily lives.

This is a miraculous era that is possible only because a solid foundation of goodness has been established through the sacrifices and unconditional love of God, True Parents and righteous people throughout history. From now on, people will gradually come to perceive God and to understand the spirit world and the works of spirit people. People will become conscious of their internal person, their spirit self, and their spirituality will develop. In this way, people will naturally experience the laws of the universe and become true people, having undergone a clear change in their character. In the course of this change, people will learn that God made the existing order of the universe and the relationships among human beings. He made them not to be centered on the self or self-interest, but for an altruistic life of living for the sake of others. People will come to know that God’s ideal of peace in the creation, as He originally intended, is an ideal of unity. God made the existing world for the ideal of partnership. It is based on the premise of harmony and unity. Hence, no ideal of peace can be realized by neglecting or harming the other.

When human relationships extending above and below, front and back, and right and left, all realize harmony, unity, and the ideal of true love by living for the sake of others, complete peace will be achieved throughout the spirit world and physical world. God will attain joy, and so will His partners, human beings.

Furthermore, God wants the individual purposes of all created entities to be realized as part of a larger purpose, the greater good. God established the order of the entire universe so that through the connection of these dual purposes, individual and public, a great harmony and unity can be achieved. However, due to the Fall, human beings betrayed God and fell into ignorance. They flouted the order of existence that God originally intended, and lived dominated by selfish greed, which is fallen nature. People have been living more for their private gain than the public good, more for their own private goals than public ones. The result is self-evident. This way has not ensured unlimited freedom, peace and happiness. Self-centered people who pursued hedonistic satisfaction or who, hungry for power, engaged in struggle and confrontation with others, are now bogged down in misery.

Now is the time when people must reflect on their lives and listen to the voice coming from Heaven. Through the benefit of His providence, the living God is now drawing near to us. From now on people will have many spiritual experiences they could not have had earlier. That is to say, they will communicate with the transcendent world. Through these frequent spiritual experiences, people will be influenced directly and indirectly. Especially those who experience the inspiration of God and good spirits will develop their spiritual senses centered on God, and they will experience major changes in their character. People who change their character to fit the way of Heaven are the true people of God’s hope.

We all need to practice the true love that liberates us to love our enemies, become true persons who properly understand the spirit world, become true parents and establish true families. This personal transformation is the starting point of the world of peace. This is the starting point of the ideal nation and world God desires. For the person who is not able to become an embodiment of true love or establish harmonious, ideal family life, there can be no ideal world or ideal nation, overflowing with songs of peace and joy, in which he or she can live happily. The ideal homeland God desires will be realized by loving one’s enemies. It will be realized when we establish the tradition of loving our individual enemies, our family’s enemies, our tribe’s enemies, our nation’s enemies, and the enemies of the entire world. Many people are hoping that the United Nations will solve the problems of the world and will be able to establish world peace. However, the UN operates under some handicaps. The biggest of these is its inability to recognize the importance of religions and spirituality altogether. Thus it chooses a path that compromises its influence. The result is that in engaging with and trying to solve present-day problems of the world, the UN has been one-sided. If this continues, it will not be able to realize its founding purpose, and its relevance will gradually diminish.

In order to realize the ideal of world peace in a fundamental and comprehensive manner, I once again advocate that the United Nations establish an assembly consisting of representatives of all religions. These representatives need to implement the central ideal that their founders implicitly sought to realize, and they must do it with wisdom. They must exemplify true love in their attitudes and behavior and serve as a model for everyone. I hope many leaders will take this matter seriously and continue to strive to establish an assembly of global religious and spiritual leaders within the UN.

I have worked without ceasing my entire life for the sake of realizing the one world family in heaven and on earth that is the Will of God. During that time I have taught leaders, not only of the religious realm but also in the areas of politics, philosophy, academia, business, media and non-governmental organizations, that we have to live for the sake of others. I did not teach concepts alone; I led the way and provided the example.

On that worldwide foundation, I established the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace and appointed ambassadors for peace throughout the world. This was in order to cultivate leaders who will realize a world of peace and harmony by overcoming the barriers that cause conflict and struggle and by serving as living examples of altruistic true love. In addition, I am building “peace embassies” in every nation of the world as bases for our peace movement and our service movement, and as educational centers to teach and accomplish the vision and wisdom that IIFWP advocates.

I earnestly implore you to re-create your families and nations through true love. I hope you will support and help to accomplish the vision of the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace, which is working so hard to establish the true, everlasting world of peace that God desires, a world without divisions between nations.

I now conclude my address, with the hope that this conference has provided you with productive and inspiring experiences that will lead to the world of peace being realized even sooner.

Thank you.

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