Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 62

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 2: God’s Homeland and the Peace Kingdom
Speech 3: In Search of the Origin of the Universe, pg 220-222

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Illicit sexual relationship is the root of sin

Ladies and gentlemen, do you love God? Would God enjoy watching Reverend Moon engaged in these activities? Can the teachings of the Vatican harmonize with the teachings of Reverend Robert Schuler, who also attended the inaugural convention of the Family Federation for World Peace? Their teachings differ. Then ask God whose teachings are true.

What does it benefit me to tell you that your understanding of Jesus and Mother Mary is wrong? However you need to understand one fact very clearly: without being loosed on earth, it will not be loosed in heaven. Reverend Moon, who knew this at an early age, has devoted his entire life to walking this path for liberation. Was Jesus supposed to have married? Yes, Jesus was supposed to have married. Is Jesus a woman or a man? Would Jesus not have wished to marry a daughter of God?

During the creation of Adam and Eve, God granted them their personal sexual organs. Why did He do that? Would not God have blessed them in marriage when they reached maturity? The problem lies in their Fall. Due to the Fall, their blood lineage was transferred from God to Satan. Therefore, God chased them out of the garden of Eden.

Originally, Adam and Eve were to have become God’s body, in the position of God’s bride. The Fall, in a sense, introduced a disease into God’s body and ideal, as Adam and Eve behaved as God’s enemies. Can you imagine how much God’s heart suffered as He watched this taking place? The human Fall opened the grave in which people buried themselves. It was an act of expropriation. It was the root of free sex and the origin of individualism.

What kind of nation is America today? It has become a nation of extreme individualism, a nation whose people are excessively pursuing their private interests, over-indulging themselves, being gluttonous, and practicing free sex. Does God favor these things? What is the outcome of the lives of such extreme individualists? They abandon heaven and earth, the world, their nation, their society, their extended family and even their grandparents. Beyond that, they lose their parents, and brothers and sisters. Therefore, they live as gypsies and wander around like vagrants, with no place to go when it rains and snows. So they are driven to end their lives by suicide. That is the result of extreme individualism.

The original mind does not want to protect this extreme individualism and exaltation of privacy. The original mind wants to live receiving love from the universe, the nation, our village and our parents. However, because people walk the opposite path, their conscience becomes dysfunctional and they feel a contradiction with their own original mind. Thus more and more people would rather die than live, and they commit virtual suicide by taking drugs. We are witnessing the truth of the proverb, “You will reap what you have sown.”

What seed did Adam and Eve plant in the garden of Eden? It was the seed of free sex. Can we deny that? It is the reason they covered their lower parts after the Fall. Do not even children know what they need to cover up, for example, after they have eaten some cookies hidden by their parents?

This is how human nature functions. If the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil were a literal fruit, then Adam and Eve would have covered their mouths or hands. So, why did they hide their lower parts?

I am an intelligent man. I am not doing what I am doing because I am inferior to you. We cannot deny that the Fall was an act of fornication. To restore the Fall of Adam and Eve, it is logical to say that we have to take a path one hundred eighty degrees different from that of the Fall. Owing to the Fall, we inherited a lineage that leads us on the path to hell. That is why the Messiah has to come.

The returning Lord has the mission to raise up true families

The Messiah comes as the owner who forms a family in the garden of Eden as originally intended by God. We need to understand this clearly, based upon logic. The Messiah needs to first create a family that serves God.

Through this family, he has to establish a nation. Therefore, the family is the key. On the foundation of the Messiah’s family, there needs to be an engrafting process. The problem can be stated as, “Who can save me from this world of death?” That is why we need to take a path in a direction opposite to that of the Fall.

Consider the Old Testament era. To indemnify a wrongdoing, the principle applied at that time was, “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” (Exod. 21:24) Now think about Rebekah, the wife of Isaac, who had two sons, Esau and Jacob. Did she not help Jacob steal the blessing by cheating her elder son, Esau, and her own husband, Isaac? Why would God love such a woman? How can we have faith in such a God? Until now, no one has been able to answer these questions. I am the first person to provide the answers, because I am the only one who knows all of God’s secrets.

Now, let us discover the dividing line between heaven and hell. Is it up in the air? Where is it? It is your sexual organ. This is a serious matter. The sexual organs turned heaven and earth upside down. Who can deny it? The Divine Principle, the teaching of Reverend Moon, explains this issue in the chapter on the human Fall.

If you doubt this explanation, ask God. You cannot reject the Divine Principle, which includes content beyond your wildest dreams systematically presented and logically explained. If you are wondering whether Reverend Moon will go to heaven or hell, you will find out after you die and go to the spirit world. And if you feel upset by my talk tonight, just go there to find out. You have to realize that I overcame death hundreds of times in order to find this path. I brought God to tears hundreds of times. No one in history has loved God more than I have. That is why, even if the world tries to destroy me, I will not perish because God protects me. If you step into the realm of the truth I teach, you too will gain God’s protection.

If you use your sexual organ as if you are wandering aimlessly and without direction, it will undoubtedly lead you, as its owner, to hell. By the same token, if you use your sexual organ according to the standard of God’s absolute love, you will be led high up into heaven. That is a clear conclusion. Today, we face a serious youth problem because Adam and Eve, during their youth, planted the seed of free sex in the shade, through their Fall in the garden of Eden. In the Last Days, which is the time of harvest, we see the worldwide phenomenon of rampant free sex among youth.

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