Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 61

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 2: God’s Homeland and the Peace Kingdom
Speech 3: In Search of the Origin of the Universe, pg 217-220

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God’s purpose of creation

In the same way, we have love, life, lineage and conscience, and because they are one with us and in balance, we do not feel them. Likewise, we do not feel the pressure of the atmosphere that surrounds us. God too has love, life, lineage and conscience, and like us He cannot feel them by Himself. Because they are completely in balance, God cannot feel them. That is why God also needs an object partner. We can appreciate the necessity of an object partner from this perspective. When one is alone, one cannot feel oneself. However when a man appears to a woman or a woman appears to a man, the stimulation of love and lineage will erupt like lightning and thunder. You have to be fully awakened to this. We have been living without knowing this truth. We have not understood that God absolutely needs a partner of love.

Then who is God’s love partner? Is it a monkey? We are resultant beings, but can monkeys be the beings that caused us? Can monkeys be our progenitors? Don’t even utter such nonsense. For life to begin from an amoeba and reach the human form, it would have to pass through the gates of love on thousands of levels. Does life progress automatically? Absolutely not. It is the same with all animals. The division of species is very strict. No one can infringe on the separation of species.

If materialists who believe that monkeys are our ancestors try to crossbreed a human with a monkey, do you think they can create a new life form? They will fail, no matter how many thousands of years they attempt it. Why will it not work? You need to think about that.

Then what would God need? What part of your body would God need the most: your eyes, your hands, or all five of your senses? Within Himself, God has both masculine and feminine natures, although to exist as Father, His being is that of a male subject partner. With this in mind, would we say that God needs a love partner?

Then who or what within God’s creation could be His love partner? Would it be a man by himself? Or can a woman by herself become God’s love partner? What kind of partner does God want? Does He need a partner with great wealth, or knowledge, or authority? No, none of these things matter. God wants a love partner. Thus, God wants to appear and meet us at the place where husband and wife unite through their sexual organs.

Why is that the place where man and woman unite, with God at the center?

It is because love is absolute, and that is the place where man and woman have the absolute desire to unite. From a horizontal perspective, a man, who is in the plus position, approaches that center, and a woman, who is in the minus position, also approaches that center. In God as well, the masculine and feminine characteristics, or plus and minus aspects, are united as one. That union in God, as a bigger plus, becomes one with a bigger minus, namely, the union of man and woman. The question turns to the conditions by which that larger union can come about.

What is marriage? Why is marriage important? Marriage is important because it is the road to finding love. It is the road to creating life. It is the road on which the lives of a man and a woman unite into one. It is the place where a man’s lineage combines with a woman’s lineage. Through marriage, history emerges, nations appear and an ideal world begins. Without marriage, the existence of individuals, nations, and an ideal world has no meaning.

This is the formula. Man and woman need to become absolutely one. Parents and children need to become absolutely one with God, loving God and living and dying with God. When they die and go to the spirit world, the place to which they go is called heaven. However, no individual, family or nation has fulfilled that ideal. The world and humankind have not established that ideal, and for that reason the kingdom of heaven that God desires is empty. All people who died until now fell into lower realms, even into hell. No one entered the kingdom of heaven.

From this perspective, we can see that even Jesus, who came as the Savior of humankind, could not enter the kingdom of heaven. Instead, as the Bible says, he went to paradise. (Luke 23:43) To enter the kingdom of heaven, he would have needed to form a family. That is why Jesus said he would come again. Jesus needed to marry, form a family, serve and live with God in that family, and then enter the kingdom of heaven with that family. He could not enter the kingdom of heaven by himself. Thus it says in the Bible, “Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” (Matt. 18:18) We have to solve our problems on earth. Since the disease was contracted on earth, it has to be cured on earth.

The truth that can overcome the fallen world

Human beings descended from the Fall. Therefore, we dwell in the realm of the Fall and cannot enter the kingdom of heaven without making a foundation to rise above that realm. No matter how difficult the task, human beings in the realm of the Fall have to overcome that realm. Thus, Jesus said, “Those who find their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake will find it.” (Matt. 10:39) In order to traverse this road of death, we have to penetrate it and rise above death at the risk of our entire lives.

Your families are in the realm of the Fall. Your tribes and nations are in the same realm. Therefore, you have to engage in the struggle and win. The Fall occurred in Adam’s family. Did Adam and Eve have children before or after they were chased out of the garden of Eden? They had children after they were chased out; they created their family without any relationship to God. How can you go to the kingdom of heaven without knowing that? It is inconceivable. You cannot achieve the ideal through ignorance. This is my warning to you.

Pray to find out whether Reverend Moon’s words are true. No one knows how much hardship I endured to find this path. Although I committed no crime, I suffered through imprisonment on six different occasions to find this path. Through this truth, I am able to educate precious young adults and transform them in the matter of an hour. Some say that I am brainwashing people, but in fact I am enlightening them with logical truth. Before my explanation of the existence of God in scientific and logical terms, atheists are silent. On the other hand, Christians try to entrap and destroy us, crying “heresy” because our doctrines differ. Nonetheless, this so-called heretical cult is on the side of truth.

Satan hates whatever is on God’s side, and God hates whatever is on Satan’s side. Has anyone in the world liked Reverend Moon? You came here only because you know about what I am doing. You did not come without knowing that.

Youth in the former Soviet Union also saw and learned of what I am doing. Living in an ideological vacuum, they are now equipping themselves intellectually with a Unification perspective, using comprehensive ethics texts in middle schools, high schools, universities and even prisons. Three thousand six hundred schools in the former Soviet Union are using these texts. They believe that my teachings provide the only way to overcome the corrupting influence of the decadent Western culture of homosexuality and free sex. They are proclaiming, “We have to surpass America, which opposes Reverend Moon!” They want to move ahead of America in supporting the work of Reverend Moon.

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