Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 48

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 1: The Principles of True Peace
Speech 14: God and a United World of Peace, Pg 173-175

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The ideal family and the Fall

God created us to become one in heart with Him, to share His value in true love, and to experience an inseparable parent-child bond with Him, enabling us to relate with Him through our strongest emotions in daily life. God’s ideal of creation, which entails this perfection comes with the perfection of human beings, who would be His partners in love as sons and daughters. This elevation is the accomplishment of the ideal of true love.

To summarize, God’s purpose in creating the first human ancestors, Adam and Eve, was for them to establish a family of goodness that would fully ripen the fruit of God’s true love, true life, and true lineage. On the foundation of their family, Adam and Eve were to nurture the heart of children, heart of siblings, heart of husband and wife, and heart of parents. In this process, as discrete manifestations of God’s dual characteristics of masculinity and femininity, they were to proceed step by step to master the ability to express God’s love, bringing it to perfection at a place of safe settlement.

If Adam’s family had fulfilled the true love ideal in this manner, with God in the central position, it would have been the first family of the kingdom of heaven. Starting from this ideal family, with Adam and Eve as True Parents, the kingdom of heaven would have naturally expanded in scope to produce tribes, peoples, nations, and the world. The tradition of the family of true love would have become the tradition of the world.

In this ideal world, the incarnate True Parents would be at the single central position. They would resemble and inherit all the attributes of God, the spiritual absolute True Parent, absolute True Teacher, and absolute True Owner. In the kingdom of heaven of true love, the incarnate True Parents, who are united with God, would create the vertical axis. Keeping this axis at the center, all relationships between created entities, occupying positions such as upper and lower, left and right, front and back, and internal and external, would be in harmony. Thus, all of creation would dwell in freedom, peace, unity, and happiness.

When our life on earth in our physical body comes to an end, our spirit self transitions into the spirit world, which is the ultimate world. It is an extension of our life on earth and also a place where we are to perfect the ideal of the kingdom of heaven. If this ideal had been fulfilled in the beginning, there would have been no need for God’s salvation providence through religions or the advent of the Messiah.

Unfortunately, as a result of the Fall of Adam and Eve, God’s intended ideal of the kingdom of heaven in Adam’s family was not realized. This was because Adam and Eve became false parents when they indulged in false love with Satan in the central position. Without receiving God’s Blessing of marriage, they formed a false husband-wife partnership and a false family, and they bequeathed false life and false lineage to their descendants. They left God in grief because the enemy, Satan, had altered their original lineage.

In this way, they lost God and did not establish their bodies as temples by which they were to have lived in attendance to God. In fact, their bodies became the den of Satan’s devils, and their spiritual desire to seek absolute values was shut down, rendering them incapable of knowing about the spirit world, the ultimate world. Because the first human ancestors deformed themselves, their descendants, and all people never came to know that God is our True Parent. We inherited Satan’s selfish desires and lived unrighteous, self-centered lives, parading our fallen nature. Unaware that God created us as brothers and sisters who would live in attendance to Him, we lived in sin, strife, and dispute. We do not even know that to kill another is to kill oneself, and so we live in unhappiness.

The world has inherited the tradition of Adam’s family, in which Cain killed his own brother, Abel. The outcome for us, the descendants of false love, is the unhappiness, sin, and ruin manifested in family breakdown, the moral degradation of youth, and diseases such as AIDS. Consider the world’s situation. The acute crises of the modern age are manifested in struggles between our mind and body, the confusion of values, criminal activities, drug abuse, the breakdown of the family that holds humanity’s future in the balance, destruction of the environment, conflict, and hatred, terror, and war, and even conflict among religions and civilizations. With each passing day, these crises turn more serious, more complex, and more pervasive. We can no longer stand by and do nothing as the world careens along this course. There is no time left. Who can take responsibility for this world? Where is the leader who will present a fundamental plan to solve the world’s problems?

At the same time that we lost God, we also lost true love, peace, and happiness. Throughout history, we have tried to liberate ourselves from unhappiness and achieve peace on our own, excluding God from the process. Such efforts have been fundamentally flawed. We cannot defuse the crises by human effort alone. True peace and happiness have their origin in God’s true love, true life, and true lineage.

God is absolute, so His Will for the creation is also absolute. This means that God is working to reverse what went wrong as a result of the Fall and return us to the original state. Thus, God’s providence of salvation is a providence of restoration. Its purpose is to recover the original world that existed prior to the Fall. In other words, God’s intention is to establish a couple in the position of restored Adam and Eve, or True Parents, practicing true love. God wants to give them the marriage Blessing and have them form a true family, which will be the point of origin of true tribes, peoples, nations, and world.

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