Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 47

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 1: The Principles of True Peace
Speech 14: God and a United World of Peace, Pg 170-173

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God and a United World of Peace
December 27, 2002
Sheraton National Hotel, Arlington, Virginia, USA Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace Conference for Clergy

Honorable current and former heads of state from around the world, eminent religious leaders, peace ambassadors from various nations, representatives of all areas of society, respected ladies and gentlemen:

I would like to thank you for participating in this profoundly significant conference, where we will explore fundamental issues regarding the realization of a world of peace, which is a common ideal shared by all humanity.

At this time, when the need for peace and security is more acute and critical than ever before, we who are leaders in our various fields share a grave responsibility to resolve issues related to discord, war, and the evil and unhappiness rooted in the world’s behavior of keeping God at a distance.

God is the Parent of true love

In accordance with Heaven’s Will, I have offered my life to investigate the difficult issues facing humanity, and I am offering a plan to implement fundamental solutions. Today I would like to speak about a portion of this plan. I have not derived these words from theological research or any books. Rather, I am articulating some fundamental principles I have learned through experience, as I overcame all forms of difficulties and communed directly with God and the spirit world.

The path of following Heaven’s Will in a state of empathy with God is not one that many people can find through common sense. I would like to tell you, however, that a person who opens his or her original mind and exercises keen insight can discover a new consciousness by which to perceive the spirit world and the Will of God, who is alive and carries out His work in the world of reality.

This conference will not analyze humanity’s afflictions and areas of despair, nor the symptoms of crisis in the modern age. Rather, it will investigate the foundation for the ideal of peace. We need to identify and treat the root of the disease. For this purpose, we have to understand the original relationship between God and ourselves, a relationship that lies at the foundation of the universe and enlighten ourselves regarding the Will of God, who lives and carries out His providence in history.

God is the original entity of true love. True love has the attributes of unconditional giving and giving again; investing, not remembering the investment and then investing again; and living for the sake of others time and time again. The reason righteous people and evil people alike are allowed to breathe the same air in the atmosphere God created is that God, though He is all-powerful, is the original entity of true love. THis is also the reason good people and sinners alike are able to carry on their lives by tilling the fields and enjoying the blessings of nature.

Exercising His almighty and absolute power, God could pass summary judgment on sinful humanity at any time. However, He has embraced the world of sin with true love throughout these long years, enduring the pain and waiting for us to repent. God, our Creator and Parent, has been subjected to all types of insults from those who refuse Him, betray Him, and go so far as to claim that He does not exist or is dead. In spite of all this, He has endured with an unchanging heart. Since God knew that love is perfected only with a partner, He has been working to build a world of love through His love partner.

Respected leaders, have you ever heard God complain? Have you ever met a God who gave excuses? In the beginning, God established true love as the absolute standard, and He took the lead in demonstrating absolute obedience to that ideal as He manifested His creation and carried out His providence. Just as the ocean takes in sewage and garbage and then cleanses itself, God, as the original entity of absolute true love, cleanses the human world that deviated from the principles of His creation and works to bring this world to complete goodness.

God is the absolute True Parent, absolute True Teacher, and absolute True Owner, with His focus on true love. Therefore, God needed an object partner to whom He could give His true love. This was His motivation for creating. God’s creation was a necessary act. The creative ideal of true love cannot be realized by a being that exists in isolation. This ideal exists so that God can share with human beings the joy of His exalted and righteous Will. When we have a correct understanding of the God of true love, it becomes self-evident that this unhappy world of sin and strife was not His original plan.

God carried out His creative act with the utmost sincerity, dedication, and investment. He established the standards of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience and then invested absolutely. All created beings are the object partners of love that God produced by investing with the greatest sincerity.

God created human beings, the most precious of all beings, to have the closest relationship with Him, the relationship of child and parent. God is our incorporeal True Parent, and we are His sons and daughters, or His substantial object partners.

In the world of true love, there is no difference in value between large and small or high and low. To be united in true love is to form a single harmonious entity marked by generosity, with no bad feelings about the distinctions between upper and lower or different strata. The unity produced between true subject and object partners will exist forever without interruption. So in true love, subject and object partners share a common value, with joint participation and a common residence, and they share the right of inheritance. Thus human beings achieve completion within God’s love and inherit His position as true parents, true teachers, and true owners.

In this way, God’s plan is to have His children, human beings, perfect the true love ideal and become one with Him, residing with Him and inheriting all that is His. True freedom and equality, true peace and unity, and true ideals and happiness can exist eternally only within true love. So true love is the fountainhead from which springs the power and life of all beings in creation, and it is the fountainhead of joy and happiness. True love is the absolute element that brings happiness, hope, and peace.

People often view the relationship between God and humanity from the perspective of God’s majesty and holiness, and we usually conclude that God and humanity will exist in dramatically different dimensions for all time. Certainly, the Creator occupies a level that differs from that of His creation. Yet, the original relationship that is most central and meaningful is the true love relationship between parent and child. True love makes it possible to achieve unity in the relationship between internal character and external form and between male and female.

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