Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 45

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 1: The Principles of True Peace
Speech 13: God’s Homeland and One World, Pg 163-164

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Ladies and gentlemen! I have nothing to envy in this world. I have no interest in the things of the world. My life’s wish is only this: “Can I die in a nation where God can protect me? If I don’t live that way before I go, will my life not have been a miserable one? Therefore, before I die, I have to seek that nation and live within that nation, even if only for a single day.”

I am going forward with the mindset of investing the sacrifice of thousands of days for that one day. I am going forward, even if you who do not understand are resting. If you cannot do it, then I have to inspire foreigners to do it, and if this nation cannot do it, then I have to use the strategy of encircling this nation with other nations.

Ladies and gentlemen, what is the goal of our faith? It is to become a citizen of God’s nation. If we cannot become citizens of that nation, the path to freely express our pride to all people and to the natural world and thus be loved will not emerge. A person without a nation will always be attacked. They will stand in a pitiful position and can easily be caught helpless. Therefore, the question is, “Where is the nation of God’s desire?” In other words, where will we find the nation that God can use as His foothold?

The reason that we shed our blood and sweat for this nation and for this people is, in the end, to realize the eternal heavenly nation, the beloved community that every generation of our descendants will praise forever. There is no question that it will be a nation where children of direct descent will uphold God’s divine commandments. In other words, they will govern the nation whose order and kingship represent God. There will be neither democracy nor communism there. Once the nation has been formed, it will remain as an eternal national system. When you think about these matters, don’t you feel mortified that you have not become citizens of such a nation? You need to lament that you do not have a single such nation and bemoan that you cannot live in such a nation. We need to repent that we do not have this single, unchanging sovereignty.

People have established nations throughout history in order to build their sovereignty, nation, and land. We know that in the process, numerous people died, numerous patriots were sacrificed, numerous nations perished, and numerous sovereignties were replaced. Among those countless people who were sacrificed, there is no doubt that those on Heaven’s side, the people who were sacrificed for the sake of Heaven’s Will, want such a nation and world to be realized. There is no question that history, since the Fall of the first human ancestors, has been governed by Satan and not by God.

God originally was supposed to be the master of this world. If a tribe, nation, and world had been realized centering on a true family, composed of children directly descended from God, bound in love with Him, it truly would be a world that God could govern, a nation that God could govern, a family that God could govern and individuals whom God could govern. However, due to the Fall, everything, starting with the individual and expanding to the family, tribe, people, nation, and world, came to oppose God. You must understand this history of the Fall and this world of the Fall. If God leaves this world as it is, He can never realize the world of eternal love of the original ideal of creation. As the Absolute Being, if God cannot realize the original ideal of creation, He cannot recover His original authority. Therefore, with that position as His target, God deals with the evil world and guides us to the original world of His ideal. This is God’s providence concerning the fallen world.

Although on this earth there have been many nations with sovereignty stemming from the Fall, there has not been even one nation of God’s desire. In order to establish the nation that could realize His Will, God has been moving through the ages of history unknown to human beings. God created Adam with the desire to govern a family, a society, a nation, and the world through that one individual being, and He raised Adam toward maturity with that desire in mind. However, through the Fall of Adam, the history that began with one was divided into fours and fives. The providential history of salvation has been God’s work to repair and heal those divisions. Adam is the ancestor of all people, so the loss of Adam, in effect, was the same as the loss of all of humanity.

Therefore, God has to call and establish that one individual being again. The person who will be established again has to be someone who can let go of and forget his tribe, his people, and his nation. In other words, he has to be someone who will move forward in complete devotion to God’s Will and God’s Will alone.

Ladies and gentlemen, all religions have the ultimate common aim of realizing God’s Will. Let’s examine the history of Christianity, a good example of which you may be well aware. Although Noah may have been placed in a social environment, he did not desire to be under its sway, and although he belonged to a national environment, he was not tied to it. Instead, he sought out the nation of his own desire. In order to seek and establish that nation, he had to pass through untold trials and hardships. Noah had relatives and a people that he could call his own, and he pursued God’s Will more than that of his relatives and his people. God’s hope was that Noah would seek out God’s kingdom and righteousness while subjugating his own personal environment.

Can you imagine the ordeal that Noah had to endure, without skipping even one day throughout the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, for one hundred and twenty years? Even his own family members ignored him. Yet Noah took all the arrows that came his way and broke through in his decades-long course. Noah was well aware of the principle that he would have to pay indemnity if he enjoyed eating and drinking before he sought for God’s kingdom and righteousness.

Later, God chose Abraham and Sarah and had them depart from Ur of the Chaldeans. They did not know that the place where they were heading to live was the land of Haran. They just followed the path as God guided, with unconditional faith and the heart of obedience. Sarah never complained or resented Abraham, even when he let the Pharaoh take her away. In this way, their minds, which were pursuing the nation of their hope, did not change even in the face of extraordinary trials. Their grandson Jacob had the strong conviction that the nation and people of his hope were promised within the blessing he received, so no one could break his spirit. In this way, the Will expanded from the individual to the family to the tribe, and the prophets gradually went forward, presenting hope for the entire world. Due to disbelief and persecution in Israel, Jesus became a wanderer and could not realize completely both the spiritual and physical dimensions of these hopes.

However, the Messiah is the person who comes with the mission to break down all the walls of heaven and earth and to unite everything into one.

The nations founded on philosophies of this earth may perish. However, the nation founded on the belief system that is demanded by the moral laws of family relationships must be established without fail; that is God’s Will. God’s hope for Adam was not focused on him as an individual; His hope was that from Adam would come a family, a tribe, a people, and a nation. When the people of Israel failed to unite with the Messiah or to support him in leading their nation, Israel collapsed. Thus, the returning Lord has the responsibility to perfect Adam and to complete the mission of the Messiah. I tell you that he has the mission of perfecting Adam and then perfecting Adam’s family, tribe, people, nation, and world.

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