Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 44

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 1: The Principles of True Peace
Speech 13: God’s Homeland and One World, Pg 160-162

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God’s Homeland and One World
October 16, 2002
Unification Church Central Training Center, Guri, Korea Rally for Harmony and Unity in Heaven and Earth

Leaders of religion, politics, and academia who have gathered from around our country and renowned ambassadors for peace: Today, you have assembled here with hopes for a peaceful world. In this meaningful venue, as the founder of the International and Interreligious Federation for World Peace, I would like to convey a message concerning God’s original ideal, “God’s Homeland and One World.”

People who are living on the earth in the present day are unable to find the kingdom and the righteousness that God promised. God’s kingdom and God’s righteousness have been the hope of people who have lived throughout the course of thousands of years of history, and they remain our hope today.

Then how is it that the hope still remains as our final objective, and why wasn’t it accomplished at the beginning of human history? It is because human beings fell. Due to the Fall of our human ancestors, human beings, who could have become the center of God’s kingdom and God’s righteousness together with God, found themselves unable to form any sort of relationship with God. In other words, they were degraded so that they became ignorant of the Father, the family, and the nation that are the center of God’s kingdom and God’s righteousness. Therefore, God has been working hard in the course of history up to this day to enlighten all people who have been groping in darkness, to teach them about Father, the family, and the nation.

Therefore, seeking and establishing God’s kingdom and His righteousness have remained both our hope and our objective. Presently numerous nations exist in this world. However, even among those many nations, not even one can be truly beloved of God. So the goal behind God’s dispensation of six thousand years to this day has been that we deny this fallen world and create a new nation of God.

This is why God has carried out the providence of seeking a nation throughout history. It is because God’s Will to restore human beings cannot be realized without the cooperation of a nation. There must be a true nation centering on a true religion. Thus, God sought a particular nation at a particular time. That was the history centering on the chosen people of Israel, both their nation and their religion, Judaism.

What kind of nation is the nation that you hope for? It is not like the nation you are living in today. This kind of nation eventually must say its farewell. We still do not have a nation of God. People without a nation have no permanent address.

Without a nation, there is no nationality. That means that there are no grounds on which you can have your name entered into a national family registry. Therefore, what we need to do in this current world is to find that nation. We must form the heavenly kingdom and, with that nationality, we must live on this earth as the victorious sons and daughters who have inherited the lineage of true and good parents who love their nation and their people. As such, we must lead our family and our clan so that we can enter the kingdom of heaven in the heavenly world. That is the Principle.

Only when we have a nation will we have a tradition that we may peacefully leave behind for our descendants for all time. Only then will all our efforts of shedding blood and sweat remain. Only then will a commemorative tower appear on the earth to congratulate God for His hard work. Only then will traces of all glory remain on the earth. If we cannot establish a nation, everything will be for naught.

Please understand that seeking and establishing God’s nation is the most important issue. Always have the conviction that “Our family is a family that protects the nation that can receive True Parents’ love. Therefore, I must become a dutiful child of True Parents and fulfill the duties of a patriot to the nation.” This means that you have to receive God and True Parents’ love. 

However, you cannot receive God’s love freely without a nation. This is because the heavenly nation’s establishment takes place after Satan’s kingship has been defeated. We admire God’s nation. That is because it is a place where there is love. It is not a place of momentary love; it is a place of eternal love. It is a place where each person can be raised to fulfill their potential, and each person’s value can be acknowledged one hundred percent. In other words, it is a place of eternal happiness. Therefore, people long and yearn for the heavenly kingdom.

The path that we have to traverse is a path that we truly want to walk, and the nation that we have to seek and realize is a nation where we truly want to live forever. Our possessions belong both to the cosmos and to our- selves, they belong to this age and to the past, and we must make sure that we can guarantee them for posterity. And we need to have the authority and knowledge that will move heaven and earth to cry when we cry and to rejoice when we rejoice. It will be a world of one heart, where God’s love and His truth are actualized through His children living as one family under God. This is the greatest desire and hope that fallen people can realize in the current age.

Every person must live in his or her own nation. That is an absolute condition bestowed on each one of us. Each nation would exist in harmony with all other nations, and every person, without exception, would live a righteous life full of hope for the sake of God’s kingdom. I am saying that we have to long for the ideal hometown and establish the rules of righteousness through our lives as we live for the sake of God’s kingdom and His righteousness.

Do you have that nation? Since you do not, wouldn’t you seek to realize it? What kind of nation did I say it would be? It would be a nation of our ideal, a nation of unity. It would be a nation that all people could go to. There can be no exceptions in realizing this nation. Families will cooperate, as will tribes, peoples, and the entire world. Thus, individuals can be united, and, moreover, families, tribes, peoples, nations, and the world can be united. God certainly must realize His providential Will on this earth. Then what will be the result of His Will being realized? It will be that all the people of the world will be saved, and God will be able to govern them. God’s providential Will is rooted in His desire to see this day.

If you are unable to completely restore the nation on the earth during your lifetime, then even when you go to the spirit world, you will not have the value of someone who is a part of the heavenly kingdom. I am saying that you must go to the spirit world with the record of having been governed within God’s dominion because that is the original standard of God’s creation.

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