Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 401

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 10: True Parents, the Hope of God and Humankind
Speech 04: The Owners of Re-Creation, pg 1498-1501

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Our destiny to register our families for the heavenly kingdom

You need to know that it remains your destiny to gain respect and praise from the highest beings of the heavenly kingdom, to register yourselves in Cheon Il Guk, which is the new global nation, and to enter that nation as new citizens. If you die and go to the spirit world without accomplishing this mission, you will be held back.

This is the reason that you need to sincerely dedicate yourselves to accomplishing all your tasks while you are alive. No one can take responsibility for your life in providential history if you commit an error on the path. It is a great task. Exhausting your five physical senses and five spiritual senses hundreds or thousands of times over is just the beginning. Can God take responsibility for it? No, He cannot. As I said earlier, if He could take responsibility, He would never have allowed Adam and Eve to commit the Fall in the first place.

Who is the owner of re-creation? It is not God. It is you and your family. That is the reason we say in the Family Pledge to God each morning, “As the owner of Cheon Il Guk, our family…” From the minutest organism created by God, to the heavenly world and the whole universe that is more than a hundred billion times larger than the solar system, all things are arranged in a pair system. This is the orderly existence of all things within God’s realm of love. Satan destroyed all this by defiling the blood lineage. So the True Parents need to relate to all things again and re-create them. You also are responsible to resolve God’s grief by loving the plants, animals, seas and lands with God’s true love, and to resolve the grief that accompanies humanity’s inability to become true owners. That is why a new view of life, a new view of the universe, and a new view of the cosmos are to be established.

Originally, there would have been no need for a Family Party. What was needed was a family that lived in attendance to God as the Parent. Because such a family was not established, however, it must be accomplished now, bearing all costs during the course of indemnity. The Family Party was established to educate all people about the purpose of this task and how to carry it out.

True Parents’ life is a course of deep sorrow

You must go forward with the self-realization that yours is a family of princes among princes, princesses among princesses, and filial children, patriots, saints and sons and daughters of God. We are pioneering the path that God would like to travel. We travel in His place, as offerings. Even if you are able to receive God’s love and remain in the realm of His heart for thousands, or even tens of thousands of years, you will shed tears of shame when you face the God who has suffered unimaginable grief throughout the ages. Even if you shed your blood and sweat for God to the point that your entire being is on fire, you will still feel that you are inadequate. This is the path that our families must follow in order to free ourselves of the mistake of not accomplishing our responsibility as princes and princesses seeking Heaven.

Fallen human beings destroyed the heavenly kingdom, even the heavenly palace. So we have to determine to recreate everything for God. On that foundation, our families will create filial children, patriots, saints, and sons and daughters of God, to an extent a thousand, or even tens of thousands of times greater than would have been achieved if the Fall had never occurred. If we re-create everything, then how can hell exist? The re-created world will be the core of the royal palace of the heavenly kingdom, and God will be able to dwell anywhere on the earth in the same way that He dwells in His palace.

I have traveled a suffering course in the process of founding and leading the Unification movement, but to this day none of these experiences really feel like suffering to me. I can feel this way because I have arrived at a place in my heart that profoundly comprehends, through my own experience, God’s deep, wide and exalted blessing. With that, I am grateful for everything. Those who have not had experiences in this position will not understand. God Himself doesn’t stand up displaying pride in front of me, for He has not been in the position to love me as His son who is liberating Him.

By Himself, God could not be liberated from His inconsolable grief, nor begin the process of truly loving human beings as His children. God’s position needs to be recovered. That is, He needs to regain the position of True Parent so He can give and receive love with His children. Because the children committed the Fall, the giving and receiving of love did not come about. Human beings were forced to go through a history of grief. The marriage and even the birth of God could not be recorded, because His nation did not exist.

The life of the True Parents has also been a course of grief. The historic work of True Parents has divine value. There will be wailing and lamentation day after day when the world comes to fully understand the content of True Parents’ lives. People will weep the same way the people of Israel repent in tears at the Wailing Wall. We have to go this way to establish the realm of liberation from grief. We finally have entered an age when God can liberate all of heaven and earth through His marriage. Because God has recorded His marriage, we, as His sons and daughters, can record our births. Because God has fulfilled the covenant of three generations, He is able to return to His original position.

Citizens of Cheon Il Guk are the royalty of Heaven

On the basis of the realm of the victory of the True Parents, who are the Parents of Heaven and Earth, you can now completely inherit the authority to register marriages and births. I hope that you will have faith that when you make your determination to live in this way, and become citizens of Cheon Il Guk, living with one heart, one body, one thought, and one harmony, you will absolutely become members of the royal family.

Here at the Little Angels Performing Arts Center tonight we have leaders who signed the Jerusalem Declaration, the Washington Declaration, and, now, the Seoul Peace Declaration, representing the unity of the eras of the First, Second and Third Israel. Participants in the Seoul Peace Declaration include young leaders of the second generation, who participated in the International Youth Leaders Conference held at Sun Moon University, and world leaders who have attended the International and Interreligious Federation for World Peace Summit of World Leaders. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to all of you.

You are leaders of the first and second generations who can inherit the realm of Heaven’s chosen people. I earnestly ask that you remember that you stand here today at the site of the Seoul Declaration. You are here to become one with each other in mind and body, and answer the historic call to renew the United Nations and so recreate a new United Nations that expresses God’s original ideal.

I offer gratitude to God for all these things, and pray that God’s abundant blessings will be with each of you, your families, and your countries.

Thank you.

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