Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 400

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 10: True Parents, the Hope of God and Humankind
Speech 04: The Owners of Re-Creation, pg 1495-1498

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Bequeath the tradition of purity

Respected guests, do you know the main point of the speech I delivered at the ceremony marking the founding of the Family Party? It is an educational movement to promote good governance, and my speech concerned the recording of marriages and births. It begins not with the recording of my marriage, but with the recording of God’s marriage and God’s birth. God, along with Adam, never had a marriage ceremony as the Lord who created the universe. God was never able to record His birth or marriage. Who was responsible for this? It was Adam, who fell.

This is the reason that the True Parents have to liberate God on the foundation of having offered to God the Enthronement Ceremony of the Kingship of God. God originally stood in an autonomous position and could do as He pleased with every object partner in the creation of the heavens and the earth, from the smallest to the largest. However, because of the Fall, He could not make a start as the Owner of Cheon Il Guk. He could not assert Himself freely. We must understand this mortifying fact. Because it was the family of Adam and Eve that ruined the realm of creation and freedom that was originally God’s, the perfected family of Adam and Eve has to remake this universe anew. Therefore, if from this moment you determine with a deep conviction to renew your family in accordance with the direction of God’s will, all will go well for you.

Why do we need religion? Please be aware that religion is needed because of the human Fall. However, people are sending religions to the sidelines today. Rev. Moon and Mrs. Moon, the True Parents, are making everything under heaven new with their own hands. They have even built God’s original palace, where He can be completely liberated, can enter the realm of kingship, and be restored to the rightful realm as the Owner of the heavenly kingdom. If you understand this content, you need to mark this day as a new beginning and become sons and daughters of God with strong conviction and confidence to fulfill your responsibility.

All that would remain then would be to have your family centered on God. You must make a determination also to stand with the political policies on Heaven’s side and set straight the countries that until now have been associated with political policies on Satan’s side and have caused Heaven to suffer by persecuting religions.

You must become owners who build the original homelands and fatherlands where you would like to live. You must become people who give true love to all of nature. All things, even plants and animals, must be re-created. Because of the Fall, they lost the reciprocal realm of true love in which to exist. The realm of true love only existed until Adam and Eve reached age sixteen, their age at the time of the Fall. After their Fall, this realm was divided. We must now take responsibility as though it were a mistake committed by our own hands that ruined the entire world. The blessed family that makes the determination to take responsibility to accomplish restoration will be the owner of Cheon Il Guk.

Please realize that all humanity today stands in the position of having been born simultaneously into the realms of heaven and hell. However these two realms of good and evil are now like brothers in a family. Therefore, you need the heart to embrace a family and help the parents equally love the older and younger brothers. You need to feel a love that, based on your own experience, deeply understands and sympathizes with this family’s situation. Otherwise, when you go to spirit world, you will not be able to live in a family qualified for the royal palace. Instead, you will wander continuously around that vicinity for thousands and even tens of thousands of years. As ancestors of the coming generations, you have to dedicate all your sincerity and effort to the task of passing on a lineage of chastity and fidelity, a pure lineage based on pure love. You have a responsibility to your family that you need to fulfill before you die, even if it means that you offer up your life hundreds or thousands of times before you are able to go over that mountain. You must travel this path with a constant spirit of one heart, one body and one thought.

God has had this level of seriousness, and so Rev. Moon, who founded the Family Federation, has had unsurpassed seriousness to establish a clear family tradition of purity and fidelity. Like it or not, you have to do your best and leap ahead on this path with all your strength in order to achieve the goal. A new age of heavenly understanding is coming. The age has arrived when we can establish nations based on blessed families, that is, families that have received God’s direct Blessing. Therefore, you need to set everything right and be on full alert. Please become families that produce heavenly princes and princesses who are fully qualified to attend Heaven’s ideal purpose of creation.

Please understand very clearly that the overall purpose is to inherit this foundation of victory, to live in attendance to God, and return to one nation, one culture, one world, one brother and sisterhood, and one realm that is an expansion of the one family that lives in peace on the earth and in heaven forever and ever. It is incredible that something such as the Family Party could emerge.

Jesus and the cross

Had Jesus completed the providence of restoration through indemnity, married and formed a family, he could have established in one fell swoop a foundation of marriage Blessing that would have brought the people of Israel into Heaven’s realm. He could have gone on to give the Blessing in Rome. He could have accomplished the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven by the time he was in his forties. Israel and Palestine are fighting each other today because the mission of Jesus as the True Parent was not accomplished. Brothers fight and are not able to unite, because there are no True Parents. At the time of Jesus, the world would have come to have one religion, one culture, one nation and one realm of heart. When that did not happen, Islam, Judaism and Christianity separated. You must know that these developments brought God into a realm of supreme grief. Currently in America, a movement of pastors removing the cross from their churches is underway. Jesus came as the True Parent of humanity to establish God’s lineage on earth; nonetheless, he was killed on the cross before he could complete this.

The value of the True Parent is greater than that of all humankind. It follows that atonement for this sin would not be made, even by the offering of the entire human race. The suffering of God’s people for the past two thousand years was dreadful and appalling, yet it did not earn forgiveness for the death of Jesus. Even suffering of many times that much would not be enough. There is actually no way for any nation to pay for the sin of killing the True Parent. Because humanity still carried the sin of killing the True Parent, God could not intervene to prevent cruel persecution and genocide. We have to digest this lesson of how valuable True Parents are because we are in a similar period of history today.

We have arrived at a time when Judaism, Islam, and Christianity must overcome their historical divisions and unite throughout the world centering on the Unification Principle. The parallel historical periods of restoration through indemnity are reaching completion. This age is parallel to the age of Jesus, not on the worldwide level, but on the cosmic level. For this reason, the returning Lord must be the Messiah and Savior. The Savior must turn this world into a kingdom of heaven of peace, and in that world there can be no discord among religions.

The word “returning” means that this is the Lord who has come again. This is because the position of the Lord, as True Parent, was not established to the fullest extent when he came the first time. The Lord, having come again, must become the True Parent and bring about the liberated realm in the earthly and heavenly worlds. Human beings did not understand this historical fact, which is interwoven in the history of the providence. Now that you know this, you can climb over this mountain, enter into God’s holy presence and dwell in the liberated, ideal realm.

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