Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 384

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 9: The Role of Nations in Realizing World Peace
Speech 17: Let Us Perfect the Peace Kingdom through the Peace UN, pg 1432-1435

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A time of fruition

Ladies and gentlemen, we have come to a time of great urgency in God’s providence, when we must bring His work for human salvation to a successful conclusion. God’s heart and love for humanity has been the parents’ heart of love for their child. Unable to bear the immorality and wickedness of this world, He finally sent me to correct these things once and for all and to tear down the barriers that have led to war and conflict. In so doing, He gave me the qualification as Savior, Messiah, returning Lord and True Parent who appears in the world as the substantial body of God Himself. Recently, God sent me a message in which He comforted me on my difficult life and offered me encouragement. In addition, many people in the spirit world, including five great saints—Buddha, Confucius, Socrates, Jesus and Muhammad—many prophets and kings who appeared in the course of history, and even notorious murderers such as Hitler and reprehensible communists such as Lenin and Stalin, have received my teachings, repented and sent me messages expressing gratitude.

Looking back on my life, I can say that people who could have attended and served the True Parent, Rev. Moon, properly with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, instead put him through a wilderness course of persecution and suffering lasting some eighty years. I am not the type of person, however, who lets such things discourage me or make me give up. If I were, God would never have sent me to earth as His representative. As I hewed my path through indescribable suffering and adversity, I never once reproached God or turned away from my mission. I always worked to fulfill God’s Will. You who do not know Heaven’s providence have possibly lived only for the purpose of fulfilling your own desires. By contrast, I have lived my life in accordance with Heaven’s Will and as a public person before heaven and earth. Without the slightest deviation I have lived by practicing the true love of a True Parent so as to gain victory in the course of indemnity necessary to save humanity.

Respected and distinguished guests, we have now entered the historic realm in which we need only focus on the future, marching forward resolutely with hearts filled with hope and desire. We have seen the birth of the Abel-type United Nations that will resolve the confusion and helplessness of the existing UN and provide fundamental solutions to the various problems facing humanity today. On October 3 of this year, more than one thousand five hundred leaders from around the world who follow my vision gathered in New York City and founded this historic and providential Abel UN.

An Abel UN is a Peace UN

Thirty-eight years have already passed since I met former United States President Dwight D. Eisenhower and explained to him the necessity for an Abel UN. Because of the ignorance of those in charge, who could not understand the significance of that hour, the fulfillment of that aspect of God’s providence was delayed until today. Now, Heaven can wait no longer.

This year, by the demands of the providence, many righteous people who follow me took a stand and rid themselves of their mutual enmity. Religious leaders who had previously refused even to sit down together—Jewish clergy representing the First Israel, Muslim clergy representing Islam and American clergy representing Christianity—gathered in Jerusalem. These traditional enemies joined hands and announced the Jerusalem Declaration.

Next, a large number of religious leaders from all traditions gathered in Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States, which represents Christianity, the realm of the Second Israel. These religious leaders in the earthly world proclaimed a resolution that reflects the resolution adopted by leaders in the spirit world, including the five great saints. On the basis of these declarations in Jerusalem and Washington, a third declaration, the Seoul Peace Declaration, was adopted in Seoul, Korea on August 15 of this year. Its Jewish, Muslim and Christian clergy signatories announced it to the world. Please bear in mind that these steps were providential preparations for the founding of the Abel UN.

Abel UN means Peace UN. The existing United Nations is a Cain-type UN, a United Nations of strife. In contrast, the Abel UN will be a structure that guarantees world peace. This is nothing less than the most revolutionary and wondrous event to happen since God created humankind. Now the world will begin to change rapidly. More than 120 billion blessed couples on the side of goodness in the spirit world have mobilized. On earth, tens of thousands of ambassadors for peace and millions of other leaders around the world are carrying the torch of the Peace UN.

Humanity now has the responsibility to work through the Peace UN to build, on the earth, the peace kingdom for which God and all people have longed. Attending God as our King and aligning internally with Cheon Il Guk and externally with the nation of the Fourth Israel, it is our responsibility to build a world of peace that represents both the spiritual and earthly realms and that transcends religions and nations.

Realizing world peace through the Peace UN 

I want to make it clear to the entire world that I will gladly transfer the entire foundation that I have built with blood, sweat and tears for more than eighty years to the control of the Peace UN. To begin with, the Family Federation, which now has missions in 191 countries, and dozens of other groups and organizations I have founded, will directly serve the Peace UN. All media organizations—including The Washington Times and United Press International (UPI) in the United States, The Middle East Times in the Middle East, Tiempos del Mundo in Central and South America, The Segye Times in Korea and Sekai Nippo in Japan—share the commitments of the Peace UN. Moreover, the missions of Sun Moon University in Korea, the University of Bridgeport in the United States, Sunhwa Middle and High School (The Little Angels School), Sunjung Girls Middle and High School and other educational institutions will reflect the purpose of educating leaders capable of carrying out the noble work of the Peace UN. In the area of sports as well, the Ilhwa Cheonma Soccer Team, a premier team in the Republic of Korea, and Sorocaba and CENE, which are prominent professional football teams in Brazil, will dedicate their energies for world peace. Ladies and gentlemen, I have no lingering attachments to this world. I received Heaven’s command as a young man of fifteen, and I have pursued this throughout my life to this day, when I am more than eighty years old. I will spare no effort in dedicating the remaining years of my life to God and to fulfilling the heavenly mandate. Working through the Peace UN, I will without fail resolve God’s anguish and build God’s kingdom of freedom, peace, unity and happiness based on true love, on earth and in heaven.

Distinguished guests, please, even now, open the gates to your hearts and accept your call from Heaven with undivided devotion of your heart, body and mindset. Follow the tradition of the True Parents in practicing the life of a true teacher, true owner and true parent. This path will lead you to represent and be heirs to Heaven and True Parents. The path and mission of true love leads to the building of the peace kingdom.

Distinguished guests, I pray that Heaven’s great blessings will be upon your journey as you place deep within your heart the precious bond created today by our sharing these wonderful words from Heaven. I pray that from this time forward you will pioneer a life that is on a new and higher level. With this thought, I will now have my representative read a special prayer and offer this gathering to Heaven.

Thank you very much.

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