Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 382

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 9: The Role of Nations in Realizing World Peace
Speech 17: Let Us Perfect the Peace Kingdom through the Peace UN, pg 1426-1429

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The absolute necessity of True Parents

I have lived according to the fundamental laws of the universe. I am a single-minded man who has walked Heaven’s path, absolutely refusing to compromise even in the midst of the worst hardship and adversity. I could do this because I knew with certainty from the outset that if I followed this path to the victorious position, God and all creation would greet me with joyful cheers.

Satan has always mocked Heaven and me, and boasted of his domain of power, saying, “My weapons will never fail. Even God, the omniscient and omnipotent Creator, cannot defeat me. See how the side that is focused on the body completely tramples the conscience. Love has been degraded completely, just as I planned. Has this not become a world of frolic, where grandfathers pair with granddaughters and sons with mothers? How can a world of such evil ever be reestablished as God’s ideal world? Who can accomplish such a task?” This is how Satan mocks and boasts.

God has shouted back in this way: “Just a moment, Satan! Isn’t it true that through the active work of Rev. Moon, the True Parent, true love’s realm of influence in the earthly world is increasing? The True Parents are the owners of true love. They are the king and queen of true love. Satan, is it not true that you are helpless in the presence of true love?”

Ladies and gentlemen, how are we to restore true love? This is the responsibility of the True Parents. The True Parents must establish the original world where the conscience is always victorious, that is, the world of absolute goodness that all people will treasure. The secret for accomplishing this is simple. When face to face with the True Parents, and when confronted with true love, true life and true lineage, the false parent, Satan, is completely helpless, no matter how much he may kick and struggle. To align ourselves completely with God’s Will, God and we must form an eternal relationship of subject and object partners, based on true love. Satan has no way to wedge himself into this eternal relationship. When you begin to live by altruistic, true love, you can receive the holy marriage Blessing and be connected to the true lineage. Then your eternal life will be assured. True love, true life and true lineage will expand eternally through your descendants. True Parents are absolutely necessary in this process.

All people without exception descended from the Fall. As a result, we have become people who seem to see but are actually blind. Can the blind lead the blind? Someone sent directly by God must come. This person must be in a position unrelated to the Fall. He has to closely examine the world and gain the ability to save humanity from the path of death. I have come in that precise position. God sent me with His seal as the Savior of humanity, the Messiah, the returning Lord and the True Parent. Humanity needs to restore the absolute realm of the conscience by following the teachings of the True Parent only. Then absolute ownership will also be recovered. The realms of absolute love, absolute life and absolute lineage will also be recovered.

You have to first find the path leading to oneness with God. How is this possible? Where does the foundation of love for the sake of others originate? It originates with your love organ. Your reproductive organ is your palace of love, palace of life and palace of lineage. Until now, people have lived without owning the truth that it is through the reproductive organ that bonds of life are created, love is realized, and the connection of lineage is established. Now we see that no truth is more precious than this. Satan has controlled humanity for tens of thousands of years by means of the reproductive organ. Through it he brought about the Fall, which reversed things 180 degrees.

Inherit the True Parents’ realm of victory and become tribal messiahs 

If the Fall had not occurred, there would be no words such as Savior, Messiah and Lord of the Second Advent. Because the True Parents of humankind have come to this earth, we can now be liberated from Satan’s yoke. It is now possible to recover all that was lost through the Fall. Through our original mind we can recover our original value and accomplish a worldwide realm of absolute goodness that will never incline toward Satan. What does the True Parents’ realm of victory mean? It means that complete victory at the levels of the individual and the family has been achieved in the fight against Satan. Also, there has been complete victory at the levels of tribe, people, nation and the world. It was a steep path that was never easy. However, I succeeded in overcoming every difficulty, and on January 13, 2001, I dedicated to Heaven “The Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God,” which accomplished the miracle of liberating even God. On the world level, I am also the one who is rooting out communism and pouring life into Christianity in America. This is a part of the True Parents’ responsibility. The True Parents forgive with true love and embrace even the collapsed communist countries. I am liberating and pouring life into the communist realm.

Ladies and gentlemen, beginning some ten years ago, I have been guiding all blessed families to become tribal messiahs. This means they have to become the new ancestors of their tribes. All your ancestors throughout history have nurtured the hope and earnest desire to see such families. The True Parents, who have won all the victories as the Messiah of all humankind, bequeath to you their foundation, and on this foundation you need to become messiahs on the tribal level. Families that have received the holy marriage Blessing from us and have joined the ranks of blessed families now need to become leaders who guide the world and saviors who save humanity as tribal messiahs. You need to become devoted children and patriots who erase God’s grief. God has been waiting for this time for tens of thousands of years. You will work in all countries of the world as the vanguard. You will expand the realm of victory gained by True Parents, who have been victorious over Satan’s vicious opposition and persecution. The True Parents have now bequeathed everything to you. You will liberate the world and establish it anew before Heaven. In relation to the Messiah of all humanity, a tribal messiah is like a branch growing from the main trunk. After leaves sprout and blossoms come out, fruit will ripen on these branch messiahs. That fruit will possess one hundred percent of the value of the original Messiah. You will advance into the realm of protection, where good spirits can guard you.

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