Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 378

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 9: The Role of Nations in Realizing World Peace
Speech 16: The Status of Korea, Japan, and the United States from the Providential Viewpoint, pg 1413-1416

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The Status of Korea, Japan, and the United States from the Providential Viewpoint

May 21, 2002
Sheraton National Hotel, Arlington, Virginia, USA 
Three Nations Conference for leaders of Korea, Japan and the United States


Distinguished leaders of Korea, Japan and the United States, ladies and gentlemen:

I wholeheartedly welcome you to Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States. Korea, Japan, and the United States are nations of the Pacific Rim. Korea and Japan are each other’s neighbors, and both are allies of the United States. These three nations are linked both internally and externally and share a common goal.

The twenty-first century Is the Pacific Rim era 

We are now entering the twenty-first century, which can be called the Pacific Rim era. Needless to say, these three nations—Korea, Japan and the United States—will lead the Pacific Rim era. Looking beyond the Pacific region, the world as a whole is going to try to follow your example. Nonetheless, this leadership position is not something you can achieve automatically. You can achieve it only on the basis of strong relations between your nations. In particular, it absolutely requires reciprocal relationships between the leaders of these nations.

Therefore, I hope that at this Three Nations Conference you will be able to discuss the urgent problems you are facing and, at the same time, strengthen ties of friendship with one another, to prepare the foundation to pioneer the twenty-first century that is dawning.

Leaders of the three nations, I am not standing on this podium because I wish to deliver a greeting as a courtesy to the conference participants, including representatives who have come from as far away as six thousand miles.

Based on my personal, real-life experience as a man who has lived his life in oneness of heart, oneness of body and oneness of thought with God, I can say that God is a Being who lives and works through a providence in history and in reality. Therefore, it is very important to understand the status of Korea, Japan and the United States from His providential viewpoint.

God’s ideal of creation was for Adam and Eve to attain complete maturity as His true son and daughter, become True Parents, and form a true family, all guided by His true love. Then human beings, with those True Parents and true family as their origin, were to expand and form true societies, true nations, a true world and heaven and earth, and thus build the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven.

Tragically, Adam and Eve fell while in a stage of immaturity, due to the false love of the archangel. In the first family, formed by Adam and Eve who had become false parents instead of True Parents, the fruit of sin was manifested in the form of the elder brother, Cain, murdering his younger brother, Abel.

Jesus’ death and the returning Lord, the third Adam

The Savior, the second Adam who was sent to this world, carried out the providence of God to restore the original purpose of creation. The foothold for this providence was the religion of Judaism and the nation of Israel. On that foundation, Jesus came as the Savior.

From this perspective, Jesus came to accomplish the ideal of True Parents and to create a true family in the nation of the chosen people of Israel. From there he was to propagate it to the world. However, the religion and nation did not believe him. They did not recognize that he was the Messiah. In the end, their disbelief went to such an extreme that Jesus had no choice but to walk the path of the cross, leaving behind his promise to come again.

The resurrected Jesus established the foundation for Christianity, the Second Israel, which became a spiritual kingdom that spread worldwide. World Christianity carried out the Will of God in preparing to receive the Lord of the Second Advent, who comes as the third Adam.

The United States is the nation that represents the entire fruit of Christianity—that is to say, it is the eldest son nation of the Second Israel. The faith of the founding fathers of the United States and its founding principles were derived from Christianity. The United States was able to grow into a strong nation in the land prepared by God. You have come to lead the world after a short, historic course, thanks to the providence of God. The purpose of this providence is so that you will prepare for the third Adam, who comes as the Lord of the Second Advent.

A critical event occurred at the time of World War II, when the Allies, centered on the United States, Britain and France, were able to defeat the Axis powers, centered on Japan, Germany and Italy. Thereby the foundation of Christianity reached its peak globally. Equally critical was the fact that the United States served as the principal nation to propagate Christianity on the Korean Peninsula, where the Korean people zealously brought it to fruition. It is not happenstance that sixteen nations dispatched troops under the banner of the United Nations to defend Korea, the Third Israel. They supported Korea at their own sacrifice. Those nations still maintain a special relationship. All this took place in accordance with the providence of God.

If Christianity thus prepared had received God’s teachings through me immediately upon the end of World War II, the world could have fulfilled God’s Will within seven years. Korea, the Adam nation, would have remained united as one, and the worldwide expansion of the communist realm would have stopped there. Unfortunately, Christians aggressively opposed and persecuted me. By going against the central figure of the providence, they turned Christianity toward the path of decline. Compared to the period right after World War II, today’s churches have lost almost everything. They lack the life force wrought by faith, passion and purity.

Britain was to have become the Eve or mother nation, but due to the inability of world Christianity to fulfill its responsibility, Japan was chosen instead. The truth is, Japan was quite distant from the central providence of God in the realm of Christianity, and it has continued to worship the sun goddess. It was never in a position to have been chosen. To have been chosen means that it has reaped a windfall. Having said that, I appeal to Japan to fulfill its new responsibility completely.

Then why is the Savior, who is the center of the providence and sent by God, continually the object of disbelief? Since this is a world blinded by the evil sovereignty erected through the human Fall, it does not welcome the substantial being of goodness. God, of course, worries about this. This is why He established the chosen people of Israel with the religion of Judaism to receive Jesus, and He paved a global Christian foundation to receive the Lord of the Second Advent. Nonetheless, the Savior’s path has been one of suffering, as a result of the chosen people’s ignorance of the providence and self-centered thinking in both the First Israel and Second Israel.

The faithful believed that the Messiah would come on the clouds, but he appeared before them as a man. Therefore, they did not believe him. If you look up 2 John 1:7, you will see that it points out that even after the resurrection, some people denied that Jesus Christ came in the flesh, and such people are called the antichrist. The Old Testament prepared the people to receive a human Messiah. Those who sent Jesus to the cross, and those who later denied his physical appearance, interpreted the scriptures wrongly.

If we examine the Bible, we can understand that it contains dual prophecies. It does so because fallen human beings are fickle. Sometimes, a person who was following God will perform an about-face, pair up with Satan and oppose God. Then again, a person who had paired up with Satan will come back to God and oppose Satan. So prophets present visions of both outcomes, because both are possible.

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