Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 377

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 9: The Role of Nations in Realizing World Peace
Speech 15: The Path for America and Humanity in the New Millennium, pg 1410-1412

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In 1971, I left my family and homeland to come to America, because I heard the voice of God sharing His concern about the current state of affairs. Upon arriving here, I cried out that I had come as a firefighter to a burning house and as a physician to a sick person. I discovered that God was leaving America even then. It ought to have been possible to find God everywhere in America, yet God was departing from the hearts of the people, from the families and from the schools. It seems like only yesterday that I stood on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue and wept openly as I held on to God to keep Him from leaving America. Unfortunately, America has persisted in going the way of moral deterioration, despite my warnings.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to ask you this: Why do you suppose I continue to cry out to Americans in the face of all the opposition and suffering I endure? It is because I know better than anyone the blood, sweat and tears that God shed in the course of establishing this country. During the past thirty years in America, I have not spent so much as a single day in comfort.

America should fulfill its responsibility to build God’s kingdom

Who is the master of America? It is neither white Americans nor black Americans. The true master of America is the person who loves America as God does.

I continue to plead with Americans because God has chosen this country as the first son, the nation representing the eldest-son realm in building the kingdom of God on earth. Even now, Jesus is spiritually present mainly in America and is offering earnest prayers that his purpose will be accomplished in this country.

In 1982, in accordance with the Will of God, I founded The Washington Times in Washington, D.C. Since then, this newspaper has led American public opinion as a conservative news outlet, showing the path that America must follow. Also, I have made strong efforts for national and world salvation through the True Family Values movement and the Pure Love movement for young people. I have invested in America with the expectation that it would stand upright before God’s providence.

When I visited America in 1965, I consecrated an area near the White House as a holy ground, and even today many people gather there and pray for America through the night. I hope each of you will open your heart and that you will be able to hear the earnest voices of the Pilgrim fathers and the many patriots who shaped America’s history.

Ladies and gentlemen, the new millennium that has just begun is the time period in which God’s six-thousand-year salvation providence is to be brought to an end and in which God’s ideal of creation is to be realized throughout the cosmos. This is also the time when the lamentation of creation, which lost its true masters as a result of the Fall, will finally end. This is the time when the long-separated Parent and children will meet again. God, together with us, will establish the new heaven and new earth, where there are no tears. It is an age when there will be free communication between the spirit world and the physical world, and when God’s kingdom will be established in heaven and on earth.

The transition to a new millennium marks the completion of the New Testament Age, the point at which the promises of the Old Testament and New Testament are fulfilled. The future will be a time when God’s realm of direct dominion, including His omnipresence and omnipotence, will become apparent. Centering on the Parents of Heaven and Earth, it is an age when the East and West will come together as “one cosmos under God” so that a great family of humankind is formed on earth. This is the fulfillment of promises of the Old Testament and New Testament and the perfection of the Completed Testament Age.

The Completed Testament Age will fulfill the promises of the Old and New Testaments

The time has come. The time has come when America must awaken again. It is time for the country as a whole to create a new movement to establish true parents, true families, a true country and a true world centered on God. In this way, America has to keep God from leaving. You have to again be a society that attends Him. God worked a thousand years to establish America. If He leaves America, where can He go?

If America attends God properly, all America’s problems—the family problems, moral problems, youth problems and racial problems—will be solved naturally. When America becomes a place where people of all races can live together in harmony, it will be a model for the kingdom of heaven on earth.

It is time for us to unite together and open the path for all human beings to travel. It is time for America, as the eldest-son nation, to take the lead in attending God and to complete its mission as the helmsman that can bring the nations of the world to God. I ask you to stand with me in accomplishing this historic task.

Again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you distinguished guests for your presence here. I would like to conclude by expressing my hope for the beginning of a new millennial kingdom overflowing with peace, freedom and justice in heaven and on earth.

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