Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 35

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 1: The Principles of True Peace
Speech 9: Liberation of God’s Homeland, Pg 126-129

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The third rule is to not steal public money and to not use public money for your personal purposes. These are the three rules. All of these problems originated from fallen Adam as an individual and his family. More than seventy percent of the people in jail are there for these very reasons. If you go to prison, you can confirm this fact. The prisoners violated human rights or stained the lineage and were incarcerated because of problems in relationships between men and women. The next problem is that of money and power. In this regard, money, knowledge, and power are your enemies. Those who received the Blessing belong to God's lineage and carry on God's true love and true life. Thus, you must not stain the lineage with the habits you acquired while living in the fallen world.

Can you protect the lineage? Whether you are a couple or a single individual without a partner, today can be the day that you resolve and pledge not to stain the perfect lineage. Article One of the constitution of the heavenly nation is "You shall not stain the lineage; you shall preserve its purity and eternally protect the pure lineage." Article Two is "You shall not violate human rights." Article three is "You shall not embezzle public money." This constitution is absolutely necessary for all of you to maintain the kingship of the heavenly nation and become its people, a parent, a spouse, a child, and siblings before that kingship. That is why you must not ignore your elder sibling. You must not ignore your younger sibling just because he or she is physically challenged. University graduates who believe they are knowledgeable may not disregard those who have only a high school diploma. That would constitute a violation of human rights.

Destroying the public environment is just as serious as embezzling national assets. People who live like that will not receive heavenly fortune. No matter how hard they try, they will not be successful. The entire universe dislikes those who are indebted to others. If a person in a particular clan causes a problem, he or she will be driven out of that clan.

When living according to God's laws, in what kind of environment and with what kind of people do you live in order to say that you are living well? It is simple. There are three ways: It is within a parent-child relationship, conjugal relationship, and relationship between siblings. Siblings are children with common parents. The relationship between such children is that of siblings. In your family, you have a mother and father, a husband and wife, and brothers and sisters.

Therefore, just as I have relationships with my siblings, likewise, through our parents, our first cousins and third cousins of our in-laws are all related. That is why the fundamental relationships in a family are the parent-child relationship, conjugal relationship, and sibling relationship. Once the parent-child relationship is established, relationships between siblings are automatically generated. If you cannot present your family as an example, you are not living in the right way. That is why, during your life, you need to set the example in front of your parents, husband and wife, and children. Only then are you living well. 

What will happen when you are prospering in this way? The family model resonates with the models of the nation and the kingdom of heaven. We give an award to a family that has lived according to the ideal of the four-position foundation, where the three generations of the grandfather and grandmother, father and mother, and children have lived in that way. That is why no one can exclude a person from the heavenly nation if that person, when living as a subject partner, influenced and reconciled others under the joint responsibility found in the sibling relationship, or the relationship between children.

From now, if you live while upholding this law, you will surely become part of the royal family of the heavenly nation and become a family endowed with freedom, unity, and liberation wherever you go. That is why today, I am designating this as the motto for commencing the third millennium. On the one hand, we have to take the lead in protecting the pure lineage, the standardization of human rights, and the assets of the nation. On the other hand, we have to become the model for relationships between parents and children, husband and wife, and siblings. If everyone in the village can say, "I want to follow that person," and, "I want to emulate that person and live with that person," then he or she surely will become a citizen of the kingdom of God and one who is remembered in the heavenly nation. I, Rev. Moon, also am living in this way.

I taught you three central and ironclad rules, the most important rules that were proclaimed at the Enthronement for God's Kingship. All people need to uphold these rules and thereby be public persons. These rules must never be violated, not in the family and not in the nation.

You need to know clearly about the heavenly world at this time of the Completed Testament Age, when God's omnipotence, omniscience, full authority, and true love are manifested directly on the earth. I pray that you will study diligently about the spirit world, receive the Blessing with God in the central position, form families of the true lineage, and prepare for eternal life through a lifestyle of living for the sake of others. People now have to know that the time has come for the establishment of the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven and the fulfillment of God's ideal. They need to invest their efforts to perceive the hand of heavenly fortune, which cannot be compared with our limited abilities. A person who walks the path of a filial son, patriot, saint, and divine child, spreading Heaven's true love with warmth and humility in the presence of the living God, shall be blessed to belong to the kingdom of God.

Ladies and gentlemen, the twenty-first century, with which the new millennium has commenced, is a time to eradicate the relics of division and conflict from past centuries and to realize the vision of one great global family of reconciliation and unity.

I understood from early on God's Will in choosing the Korean people to establish a new world based on a culture of peace. Thus, for the past fifty-plus years, I have been investing my entire self in building a foundation for the reunification of the Korean peninsula on the platform of a movement based on Head-wing thought and Godism in Korea and abroad.

To this day, I have been advocating Godism. This is the only teaching that will integrate the conflicting value systems of theism and atheism and, as it does, liberate humankind from secular humanism. This truth has already been validated by leaders of different nations of the world and by many scholars in the academic circles of philosophy and ideology.

Honorable members of the National Assembly, ladies and gentlemen with the grand mission of leading the Korean people to leap and soar into the world, let us all establish our value system with Godism based on true love, and rise up to empower our people with this teaching nationwide. Let us make this movement for the reunification of Korea as part of our faith, for the sake of ourselves, the Korean people, and world peace. Let us become individuals and leaders who can spearhead this movement for the unification of the Korean peninsula, South and North, with true love so that we can live together with a heart of loving even one’s enemy!

On the occasion of the era of God’s kingship, let us all become partners in establishing the reunification of Korea, placing God at the center. Let us create a world based on the culture of God’s heart that transcends nations and achieve the liberation of God’s hometown and homeland. I pray that God’s blessings may be with your nation and family for all eternity.

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