Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 34

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 1: The Principles of True Peace
Speech 9: Liberation of God’s Homeland, Pg 122-126

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The parent-child relationship has to be connected with True Parents' lineage. It cannot simply connect to that lineage on its own accord. The lineages of a man and a woman have to be combined. Under the fundamental laws of the universe, human beings were created and are to be perfected when the inner nature and external form of their lineages unite as one. They can be perfected when the mind, representing the inner nature, and the body, representing the external form, rejoice together in love. Each family needs to stand in the position of substantial object partner of the perfected Adam's family, which is like a large and substantial tree. Then each family is expected to multiply and expand to form "branch factories" that in turn will produce countless citizens of the heavenly nation.

Thus, God in the spirit world and substantial parents on earth can live together on earth and cooperate in producing heavenly citizens, who can then form a united body living eternally in the spirit world. When the citizens of the heavenly world and earthly world unite, with the earth as the center, the ideal kingdom of God on earth and in heaven will be completed. 

Who will deliver that kingship to God? Who was the one who made a mess of the kingship in the first place? It was Satan, Adam, and Eve. Adam and Eve did not become true parents. They allowed Satan to enter their relationship and did not establish the standard of true parents' lineage on earth. Due to the Fall, Satan's lineage took root. Neither God nor Satan can negate and reverse this completely. It is difficult for Satan himself to destroy the nation he has been building until now. Nobody likes someone remodeling something that they made with devotion. It is the same with Satan. God cannot reverse this lineage. If He could, He would not have lost Adam's family in the garden of Eden in the first place. There was no principle that allowed God to touch it. Then who can touch that which God could not touch? It is perfected Adam, in his original state before the Fall.

The only family that can be in the position of the original, true family is none other than the family of the true Adam and Eve. The issue is the center. Can restoration be completed without a center? What is at the center of blessed families? Who gives the Blessing? It is the True Parents. Who officiates at the marriage ceremony? Who bestows the Blessing at that marriage ceremony, connecting your children, who resemble their parents, to God's lineage? Were it not for the Fall of humankind, all parents, who would have been in the position of true parents, would have given the Blessing to their children.

Until today, someone in the position of the archangel has led weddings. Thus, a famous person or someone well known in society officiates at the wedding. It is like climbing up a ladder that is lying on the ground. These days, the order of marriage is a total mess. Marriage cannot be done randomly. It needs to be done in the proper order. Yet people do it in reverse and make a fuss about it these days. Restoration means to line up with the proper order. Originally the first son and second son were to marry in the order of their birth.

Sexual decadence has now reached serious proportions. Incestuous relationships are proliferating. I am referring to fornication. In some nations, a grandfather may live with his granddaughter, or a father-in-law may live with his daughter-in-law. These kinds of incestuous relationships are spreading. People going into the spirit world do not know the central standard and thus live following their lusts. If this is not hell on earth, then what is?

Who will resolve this entire mess? Even God was unable to intervene when Adam and Eve fell in the garden of Eden. He could not even interfere in the marriage Satan conducted. Then would He be able to intervene at all in the Last Days? Eventually, false love, false life, and the false parents entangled everything into a false lineage. Therefore, the True Parents need to come and restore this situation through indemnity. In other words, they have to completely negate and reverse this situation and fulfill God's Will.

The biblical phrase "those who lose their life will find it" means that until indemnity is paid, anything that lives in the world of death can remain alive only if it has the strength to live beyond death, to go through this world to the place of death. A person who is saddened by death or feels like running away from it will not enjoy the realm of resurrection for eternity. That is why the Bible says that those who try to make their life secure will lose their life, while those who lose their life will find it.

It is the same in the case of God and True Parents. What about people who say they are going to the heavenly nation? Even God has to go to the place of death in order to save that life. Otherwise, it cannot have the support it needs to live. When using a rope to save someone who fell off a cliff, you need to pull that person up with all your strength. Only when your standard is higher than this can people and even God gain life.

Don't people in the modern world talk about freedom? No matter how good the structure of the modern education system may be, your concept of freedom still lies within the fallen realm. You cannot understand the value of freedom from an individualistic perspective. What about the notion of freedom for the tribe, people, nation, world, and cosmos? How will you help people understand the issues from the broader perspective? Rev. Moon has been teaching that we have to develop a holistic outlook toward the individual, family, society, nation, world, cosmos, and God, and that we need to liberate God.

I began from the lowest level and rose to the highest level of liberating God. How did I accomplish this? I began by uniting my mind and body. From the position of absolutely uniting your mind and body, you can advance to the levels of the family, nation, world, and God. No matter how much you want to reach the higher positions, you cannot do so if you hold on to an individualistic perspective. That concept is your enemy. It is God's enemy, the enemy of the religious world, the enemy of the world of conscience, and the enemy of the Kingdom of Heaven. It is the enemy of all because it is connected to the position of Satan, the archangel.

Promiscuity, homosexual love, and drug addiction potentially lead to infection with the virus that causes AIDS. Drug abuse and AIDS are threatening to devastate humankind. It is reported that in Africa, AIDS is reaching dangerous proportions. If you consider the fact that the AIDS virus is dormant for eight to twelve years, it is not impossible to imagine that the population of a given area could be wiped out in two generations.

Non-governmental organizations affiliated with the United Nations are burdened with many problems. If you asked them to do the most difficult tasks, would they present anyone to carry them out? Officials at these NGOs may point out many issues related to the current regimes and social ills. However, do they talk about the role of the UN or about digesting communism and humanism or other core issues, as I have done? You can debate with me only if you can address such high-level issues; otherwise, you cannot.

These organizations do not know how to solve problems such as the degradation of youth, family breakdown, drug addiction, and AIDS, and they especially do not know how to establish a pure lineage. Leaders of nations and global institutions such as the UN do not know the solutions to such problems. They just say whether something seems right to them or not.

Now that I have completed the Enthronement for God's Kingship, I will teach the world's leaders clearly about the steps that need to be taken. The problem until now was the problem of restoring the lineage. Lineage is the most important factor. Being a social organization, a government, or a school makes no difference. There are many nations in the world; none of them is connected to God's lineage. They are all under the dominion of Satan. There is nothing they can do about this except to follow the way of God and True Parents. If they do not, they have no center.

What will you do now, in this era of the new millennium? Until now, God had not been liberated, and True Parents had not been liberated. I tell you, do not fear. The liberated Parents of Heaven and Earth and their children have emerged through the establishment of God's kingship. Do not be afraid, even if you find yourself in prison. If there were people who wanted to go to God's kingdom quickly, what a blessing it would be if they could go when they were young! Would it damage anything? Why reject this opportunity when the entirety of the universe and heaven is in your grasp, with you as its owner? You don't have to worry whether you live or die.

Do you know how to perfect your individuality? Do you know the path by which to unite the mind and body of an individual? The power of love that carries on Satan's lineage from the Fall has been stronger than the power of the conscience. That is the problem. Whatever happens, do not obey the commands of your body.

From now on, here is the ironclad rule you need to follow: First, at the cost of your life, do not stain the pure lineage that Heaven bequeathed to you. Second, do not violate human rights through erroneous personnel decisions. Men and women, whites and blacks are all equal. I am urging you not to exercise prejudice against others or violate their human rights. Leaders cannot dismiss a person just because they don’t like that person. The mainstream guidance on human rights consists of becoming people who have true love, that is, people who live with love for the sake of others. God created heaven and earth based on that principle. Discarding that mainstream belief system is unforgivable. It is the second sin of all sins.

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