Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 342

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 8: The Reunification of Korea and World Peace
Speech 14: The Course of Life for the Princes and Princesses of God, pg 1270-1274

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Every aspect of your lifestyle—eating and sleeping, coming and going—has to be for the establishment of God’s homeland. How much do you think God has been longing for you to step forward and joyfully and confidently declare you will carry out this mission? That you accept the role of an emissary dispatched directly by God Himself? Until now, God has been mercilessly pushed aside and heartlessly excluded. Still, He needs to establish the Will of Heaven. The Will that He was never able to unfold, the Will to establish His homeland, only presents its entire contents on the basis of a complete national foundation. It is a Will that He has never been able to fulfill.

Finally, it is possible to establish this homeland, a homeland with sovereignty, land and people. Moreover, there is the lineage of a homogeneous ethnic group connected to that land, which has a history that no other peoples possess. To create this homeland, we need to carry out our mission as emissaries. You need to strive to fulfill your mission sooner than expected so that, thanks to you, the foundation for the dawning of the homeland will be that much closer. Paying the price of sweat and tears today creates the foundation for the appearance of the homeland that much earlier. Thinking like this, you must go out into the world with the determination to fulfill the secret mission of Heaven’s emissary. If you don’t do it, we will lack the capacity to receive the unprecedented blessing and fortune that God is preparing to give to us.

We have to construct heaven on this earth. To be able to hold up our heads before our Father, we have to establish Heaven’s nation on this earth and become one with the center of that nation. Then, as citizens of the heavenly nation, we must live there and die there, always upholding the standard that Heaven hopes for.

Do you have that nation? When you think about the fact that you don’t, then you realize that you cannot die even if you want to. If you die, where would you go? How would you avoid a sense of shame and self-consciousness, a feeling of pain? That is why I am so busy. Although the length of my life is limited, I am striving to get everything done while I am alive.

On top of that, Satan’s evil environment opposes us. Don’t you think our enemies are trying to block our way? If we are to break through it and forge ahead, we cannot avoid the unsettled lifestyle of an emissary.

All our comings and goings need to be for the sake of building Heaven’s nation. We have to take up the mission to become true founding citizens who will bring Heaven’s homeland to birth. We must receive our orders as Heaven’s emissaries, enter the present-day world of evil, and carry out our work accordingly. We must live with these thoughts uppermost in our mind. Without doing this, you will not be able to establish your dignity and authority as citizens of the heavenly nation that is at hand. Do you want to make a difference as an individual? Do you want to influence things as a family? Nationally? Globally? How do you want to make a difference? You’d like to make a difference globally, wouldn’t you? However, if you want to rise to the global level, you will not be able to do it on your own. You will need a nation. That is why I am asking you, where is your nation?

We need to eat and sleep for the sake of that nation, live day and night for the cause of that nation. Don’t you understand that you were born for this? You have to pledge your life before heaven and earth. While you are sleeping, imagine that you are in a room where the beds of millions of people around the world are lined up together and you are sleeping at the very head. When you look at a dinner table, imagine that you are eating with everyone in the world. Wherever you go, imagine you are not sitting alone, but that all the peoples of the world have gathered around you and that you are sitting at the head of them all. As sons and daughters of Heaven, you have to think like that.

Each of you needs to understand that the lifestyle of the sons and daughters of Heaven must surpass the authority of Satan’s world and be fit for glory. When God loves His sons and daughters, don’t you think this is the kind of son and daughter He wants to love? If He loves sons and daughters who aren’t even as good as Satan, He can’t really preserve His dignity as the Father, can He? I want you all to keep this in mind and determine that you will live every day of your life marching forward in righteousness, hand in hand with the entire world. As I see it, this is where success in the battle for unity is won or lost.

You need to think, “Even though I live in the midst of Satan’s world, I am an emissary for Heaven. I am the one ambassador of Heaven.” Other people do not know your situation, yet you have to push ahead with conviction. You have the mission and authority of an emissary. Just as a king waits for the reports of his nation’s emissaries, when you are fulfilling this mission on the earth, God is waiting for your reports and for your requests.

If someone in the position of an emissary sends a request, “I urgently need such and such,” don’t you think the king would brave troubles and difficulties from every sector to send it to his emissary? In the same way, if you have the conviction that you are sons and daughters for God’s glory, and you report, “This is what I need, Father; please make it possible,” then it will come to pass. In this way, you can discover the living God and see Him working.

If you are able to do this, you will be a leader. You will be able to heal the sick. God will help you directly through any difficulty. Through this way of life, you have to learn confidence and conviction so you can break through everything that obstructs your path.

The path for God’s true sons and daughters

Respected guests, what are we looking for? We are not looking for the individual, nor are we looking for the family. Our purpose is to find the nation. Whether you’re a father, a mother or someone’s child, you must do this. If you blessed families in the Unification Church today are complacent within your own clans, saying, “The nation? The church? Don’t talk to me about that!” then you all have failed. This is the reality from the Principle point of view.

You need to seek the nation until the day you die. You need to invest your heartfelt effort. Only then will the day arrive when you can celebrate and sing songs of victory at the dawning of the heavenly nation. Among all of Jesus’ teachings, this is what you need to know. I am not showing you two directions, just one. If Jesus were to tell you, “Let’s go!” you’d have to go, right? So if he says, “Leave your husband at home, leave your family, and go!” do you have to go or not? It would not be for the sake of the Unification Church. You have to do it for the sake of the nation. If you do, things will work out in your family.

Currently in North Korea, they are tearing up the family registers and redoing them. Do you know why? Satan’s world does things first. As Jesus said, you have to be able to put aside your husband, wife, parents, children and everyone you love, and step forward. Otherwise, we cannot establish the nation that we hope for. When that nation is established, you will find your family again. If you can’t establish that nation, you’ll have to sit and see your parents shed their blood, your wife shed her blood, and your children spill their blood. Is there anything worse than that? Therefore, before we find that nation, we cannot love our wives, we cannot love our parents, and we cannot love our children. This is the path Christians need to walk; so it is also the path the members of the Unification Church need to walk.

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