Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 341

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 8: The Reunification of Korea and World Peace
Speech 14: The Course of Life for the Princes and Princesses of God, pg 1267-1270

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Our first destination on earth

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, what is the path we need to take at this time? No matter how excellent your clan is, if Satan maintains its sovereignty over your nation, then in fact your clan is without a nation. Do you take the Republic of Korea to be your country? You do not have a country! No matter how strong your clan may be, if the sovereignty of your nation is not centered on Heaven, your clan can be annihilated just like that. Isn’t it so? Therefore, we need to search for the nation that Heaven can welcome with open arms.

Today when we liken Korea to the realm of the First Israel, we mean that the land needs to become one that Heaven can welcome, a land that individuals can welcome, that families can welcome, that clans, communities and religions can welcome. Not even the Unification Church, much less Christianity and the Republic of Korea, has stood in a position that Heaven can welcome. Each has been going in a direction different from Heaven’s direction. For example, the path the Republic of Korea is pursuing is external. It is moving ahead, not centered on God but centered on secularism. This nation has no central guiding thought or philosophy.

We have to connect this nation with God, by having it adopt this teaching as its central national philosophy. Korea needs to form a new national concept, equipped with this multi-dimensional worldview. Otherwise, it will not see the dawning of the original homeland. Once Korea has adopted this national concept, it must present it as the ideal teaching for the nations of the world. Otherwise, the homeland will never be established.

The liberation we have today—Korea’s liberation from Japan—is the first liberation. Now, in the Unification Church, we need a second liberation. The Republic of Korea also needs a second liberation. The people and the nation will not achieve their full desire unless the Republic of Korea undergoes the second liberation. After that, the Unification Church will need a third liberation. That is how things will go. The Republic of Korea established its current national pattern through the first liberation. At this time it requires a second liberation, the reunification of North and South.

What is the nature of the nation to be formed when North and South are united? Because its people have passed through a suffering course in its history, it has to be a nation whose character is capable of becoming one with the principles of restoration through indemnity. It needs to be a nation that is completely united with the Will of God. So how does today’s Republic of Korea need to act in order to become that nation?

To rise to the present standard, it needs to unify the North and the South. The divided North and South of Korea are just like the divided northern kingdom of Israel and southern kingdom of Judah, and they need to be united into one. Like Cain and Abel on the national level, North and South were divided, and if they are not reunited, a single, victorious Israelite nation will not appear.

So in this peninsula, how should we reunite North Korea and South Korea? A new global-level ideology is what is needed to unify them. Unificationism, which is being advocated by the Unification Church, was prepared for this very time. Now we are in the position to do two things: We have to form one nation that surpasses every other nation of the world, and we have to embody a single faith so indomitable that it surpasses every other religion in the world. North and South need to be one nation centered on this teaching. Without doing that, God’s nation, namely, the sovereignty of the heavenly nation that we can proudly proclaim to the world, will not be born. You have to understand that this purpose is our priority on earth today.

If we cannot establish this nation as the original homeland, we will not be a nation that can center on God and surpass the nations of Satan’s world. Without such a nation, we cannot chastise the evil nations of the world. We cannot be free of their influence. To do that, we need more than just a religion, more than just the Unification Church. We need a unified nation whose direction is centered on Unificationism. We need to establish it and then move forward. This issue remains to be resolved.

From this point of view, the Unification Church will be like Judaism, in that the thought of the Unification Church will become the mainstream thought of Korea just as Judaism was the spiritual pillar of the nation of Israel. In the future, there will be a time when Unificationism will undergird the spiritual communities of our nation. This is what some people are saying today, even some members of the National Assembly. If the thought of the Unification Church becomes the national ethos, the Communist Party will no longer get any attention.

Our attitude toward the independence of our homeland

Ladies and gentlemen, the people who live for the sake of Heaven today are the secret emissaries of Heaven sent into Satan’s world. Although an emissary may be big or small, broad or thin, tall or short, the lifestyle he or she maintains does not deviate, because that person is always facing life-and-death situations. He or she lives in circumstances where even the smallest mistake can impact someone’s eternal life.

If you are to live as an emissary serving a homeland that can support and protect eternal life, your spirit must be hundreds of times stronger than the environment around you. You need to be able to ignore the current situation by thinking of how all the people of the world will rejoice when finally all resentment is erased. You have to look to the glory of the original homeland, even as you create a new history. You need to think that all your efforts will only become known and recognized on the day when the homeland is given birth. Unless you have that mindset, you cannot carry out your mission as Heaven’s emissary. In order to overcome all the resentment and execute your mission, your hope for the dawning of a homeland needs to be a thousand times, ten thousand times greater than the influences of the present reality.

If by some chance an emissary were to die due to some unfortunate situation in the line of duty, God can dispatch a new emissary to the same place who can carry out that person’s responsibility. Even though he or she has already passed on, people will appear who can become the new emissary’s friends and allies. Even though he or she became a sacrifice, because he or she died as a model, people who were his or her allies will remain. Since those people remain, God can send someone in the emissary’s place on that foundation. However, if he or she was not ready to die in that situation, no matter what he or she may have achieved, it will end with that person’s death.

From this viewpoint, what attitude should you have toward this new age? The desire to begin the original homeland must burn in your heart more passionately than anything else. You have to feel pride that you are a leader who is building the homeland for which God has longed for six thousand years. You have to take pride in bearing the responsibility for this incredible pioneering mission, as a member of the elite group standing on the front line. Many people in the past yearned for this mission, but it was not available to them. You are taking on this one-time-only, privileged mission, so you must have a very solemn sense of responsibility.

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