Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 331

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 8: The Reunification of Korea and World Peace
Speech 09: Heaven Is Calling Korea, pg 1226-1229

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Ladies and gentlemen, you cannot understand these things unless you know the way of Heaven. The question is, what will happen to Korea at the consummation of history? Korea is the final battleground on which the history of conflict between good and evil must be brought to an end. North Korea stands as the land of the greatest evil on Satan’s side. Isn’t that why the people of the North call Kim Il Sung their father, and why he could exercise absolute power for more than forty years? If forty years ago Korea and Christianity had set up Rev. Moon in the position of the parent on Heaven’s side and supported the Unification Church, thus serving God, the Korea of today would be the parent nation for the world.

However, while Kim Il Sung seized the position of the false parent, I was met with opposition from both Christianity and Korea, and I was rejected before I could establish the position of the True Parents on a global level. Meanwhile, Kim Il Sung has continued to oppose Heaven’s side, acting as the evil parent through the communist realm. This was a result of the law of indemnity. It is the last time.

Finally, Rev. Moon, with the support of the Unification Church, could establish the position of global True Parents successfully. This triggered the fall of communism. We laid that worldwide foundation by following Heaven’s strategy of being struck first, standing in the worst possible position and receiving the opposition of the entire world. We went beyond China and the Soviet Union until Mikhail Gorbachev, who was in the position of the enemy, received us warmly. With that, we began a providential new world. It was similar to the meeting of Jacob and Esau in the Old Testament Age.

In that meeting with Gorbachev, I represented the United States, Japan and Korea in the position of Jacob, while Gorbachev represented the Soviet Union, China and North Korea in the position of Esau. When I met him, I planted the true love of Heaven in his heart. It was like when Jacob wrestled with the angel and brought Satan to voluntary submission. Then all that was left for Esau to do was to become one with his brother and to serve the Heavenly Parent. Likewise, the only way the communist realm can survive now is by becoming one with its brother, the free world, and serving the Heavenly Parent.

My meeting with Gorbachev was the greatest event in history. It was the new beginning that brought victory to Heaven’s side. That is why I returned to Korea right away and, at the welcoming rally, declared to the people of Korea that my wife and I are the True Parents. Then Heaven could dig in and bring Kim Il Sung and the evil Satan himself to retreat voluntarily. Now let’s just wait and see what will happen next.

Rallies to welcome the True Parents were held nationwide. By declaring the True Parents at those rallies, I firmly established the foundation of Heaven’s side, and based on that we can confront North Korea and Kim Il Sung and his followers. We need to love and save even Satan, who is influencing Kim Il Sung. Now, Rev. Moon and the Unification Church, standing on God’s side, are working hard to love and save even Satan, centered on our efforts to reach Kim Il Sung.

Kim Il Sung is the representative of the communist world on Satan’s side, which claims there is no God, and Rev. Moon is the representative of the democratic world that claims that God absolutely exists. We are faced with the destined mission to absorb and assimilate North Korea, centered on South Korea. Thereby we are to go beyond the historical conflict between good and evil and construct a world of peace with the heart of True Parents. Kim Il Sung is not the parent; there is only one True Parents. In order to accomplish this, I founded the Federation for World Peace at this time, in accord with the Will of providential history. Henceforth, you will hear a great deal about the Federation for World Peace.

In conclusion, we now are entering an era in which Rev. Moon, the Unification Church and Korea need to cooperate and absorb North Korea. This is the providential significance of our effort to host a rally in Pyongyang, to which we will invite the Soviet Union, China and North Korea.

The United States, Japan, and Korea, which are on Heaven’s side, need to unite their resources and stand in the position of the faithful son who can welcome the prodigal son, the communist world. The latter son has fallen into a materialistic hell in his search for a material utopia. This is the only way we can bring Satan to surrender voluntarily. God cannot make evil submit by striking it. He needs to induce it to submit voluntarily.

When this comes to pass, Satan will submit to Heaven’s side, the foundation on which he can fight will disappear both in heaven and on earth, and world peace will come into existence. Then Korea will become our homeland with God at its center, and for the first time since God created the world, He will settle and build His foundation. The fight against Satan, which began so soon after the creation of the human world, finally will come to an end.

The era of the Cold War, which began with the Korean War, came to an end at the time of the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Now the way is open wide for Korea to lead the world as the central nation in the Pacific Rim era, with the teaching of Rev. Moon as its spiritual compass.

You already must know that scholars worldwide foresee the coming of the Pacific Rim era. The question is how it will come about. It is for this purpose that God has blessed Rev. Moon and Korea.

Ladies and gentlemen, all of us, whether in business or other fields, now need to gather our hearts together to liberate North Korea and advance toward unity throughout the world. We will usher in the age of the global family, where we can lay the foundation on which we can live for tens of thousands of years while serving the Heavenly Parent. Rev. Moon and the Unification Church stand in the position of the mind, at the center of fulfilling the providential mission, and the economic sector stands in the position of the body, which pursues material wealth that has value for this mission.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to bring up one thing at this point. Why do you think Unificationists carry out economic activities? In the fallen world the mind and the body are divided, and so Heaven and human beings became the centers of truth and falsehood respectively, confronting each other. We need to unite them. The center of the body needs to unite with the center of the mind, creating the object partner to Heaven’s perfect Will.

The body, or the economic sector, must accept this. That is why Unificationists have chosen to carry out economic activities. Following the same principle, we have chosen to confront communism. We began both these activities for providential reasons.

The economic sector, which pursues material, stands in the position of the body. Originally the mind and the body were to have been united, so even now this ideal must be achieved. The economic sector, the body, has to follow the Will of Heaven, the mind. In order for us to become one and form a global family, and build a world of peace on this earth, the economic sector has the responsibility to restore the communist world, including North Korea.

That is why I have invited you all to attend this meeting, with the noble purpose of calling Korea, Japan and the United States to unite as one and work together to help their brothers and sisters with the spirit of true love. When you go forward with a global economic perspective in accordance with Heaven’s Will, Heaven will help you and all things will go well for you and me together. Let us embrace the economic vision of the chosen people, which is for the sake of the world. March forward and bring blessings to Korea and the world!

May God’s blessings be with all of you. Thank you.

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