Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 330

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 8: The Reunification of Korea and World Peace
Speech 09: Heaven Is Calling Korea, pg 1223-1226

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Let us take a look at the history of the world wars. In the First World War, Satan’s side invaded first and then came to ruin. Likewise, in the Second World War the evil side was the first to strike, yet in the end it was completely defeated. In the Third World War, the war of ideology, communism struck democracy first. It too has come to ruin, hasn’t it?

As can be seen, Heaven’s side of goodness has advanced while enduring persecution. Therefore, persecution can be a way of inheriting what belongs to Satan’s side, or the enemy’s side. This means that being persecuted is not the same as being tormented. Persecution is a way of inheriting the right to own the enemy’s world.

The God of goodness cannot strike first. Since He cannot strike first, He has continued this process of reclaiming after being struck. In light of this strategy, religion has to be the mainstream force on God’s side.

Throughout the course of history, Judaism was the mainstream religion that advanced by offering its own blood. Since the people of Israel were a people who believed in the philosophy that they were the chosen people, they were chased, hounded and made to shed their blood as sacrifices. In this way they set the condition of indemnity by being struck as God’s representatives.

In the Old Testament Age God paved the way for His children by having them make sacrificial offerings. Four thousand years later He sent the Messiah, Jesus. Had His children believed in and attended Jesus, God would have restored Rome, which was the center of Satan’s world, and expelled Satan. This would have restored the world ruled by the love of God alone. 

It was the mission of Jesus, together with Judaism and Israel, to restore the sovereignty of goodness in such a manner. If Judaism and Israel had become one with Jesus and practiced the principle of investing and investing yet again for the entire world, the way would have been opened for Israel to be received by the world. However, the nation and its religion went completely the opposite way, following the belief that the world existed for their sake. Although Jesus taught them to love their enemies, they sent him to the cross.

Their descendants have suffered two thousand years of bloodshed and wandering, while waiting for the coming of the Messiah, their True Parent. Christianity, in the position of the Second Israel, also had to endure a history of persecution in order to fulfill what Jesus could not complete.

Then, to fulfill God’s Will on the world level, the United Nations, representing a united world, was set up after the Second World War. It was led by the United States, an independent Protestant nation in the position of Rome on Heaven’s side. Endless amounts of blood were shed to restore this earth as a free world.

If the True Parents, the Lord of the Second Advent, had appeared centered on the United States and formed the united realm of God, the entire world would have advanced into unity, and a global cultural realm centered on Christianity would have been established. In short, the Completed Testament Age centered on the True Parents’ teaching would have come about.

However, Christianity, the United States and the entire free world was not practicing the way of investing in and living for the sake of others. Instead, America took the position of dominating the world based on its own viewpoint. Thus, the Unification Church came to exist, and it had no choice but to walk a path of persecution and suffering.

The Unification Church, centered on Korea, has walked the path of bloodshed and persecution. Now, however, it has advanced to the highest echelons of the world, and we have entered an era when the Unification Church can integrate the right wing and left wing through head-wing philosophy.

True Parents through this bloodstained path are fulfilling the mission of bringing God to earth. For this, they have shouldered the cross. In the Old Testament Age the things of creation were sacrificed to serve the children, and in the New Testament Age the children shed blood to pave the way for the coming of the Parents. Now the True Parents have come and are shedding blood in order to bring God here. History develops through such a process.

Now head-wing philosophy has brought democracy and communism into line, uniting horizontally the left wing and the right wing. And it has united vertically the spirit world through Godism, ushering in the age of complete unity, which is also the age of the True Parents of Heaven and Earth. Thus, we can leave behind the world of selfishness, where we desire others to live for our sake, and advance to the original world that is free of Satan’s control.

In the original world, we live for the sake of others based on the true love of God and True Parents. It is the world of the kingdom of heaven in heaven and the kingdom of heaven on earth. It is a world of altruism and unbounded concern for others based on true love. The original world has nothing to do with the realm of spiritual death that is drenched with scheming, slander and mistrust. By engrafting human beings to the foundation of the true family on a global scale centered on True Parents, we will establish new, restored families and a new order and return to the eternal, ideal world centered on God.

When the Unification Church triumphs over Satan, Korea will fulfill its role as the chosen nation of the Third Israel. We need to bring the First Israel, the Second Israel and the Third Israel into the realm of victory, where they will dedicate themselves to God. The First Israel is Judaism, the Second Israel is Christianity and the Third Israel is the Unification Church, which has to indemnify this entire history and dedicate this universe to God.

Rev. Moon and Korea, from the viewpoint of Heaven’s strategy, are the person and the nation that represent historic goodness. That is why Rev. Moon has received more persecution from the side of evil than any other person in world history. After going through this on the individual level, I was likewise more persecuted than anyone else on the levels of the family, tribe, people, nation and world. Furthermore, I have been the most persecuted by the spirit world. Yet even while receiving blows, I was able to achieve victorious results in all aspects and advance globally, thanks only to the protection of God. This is the worldwide foundation that I have laid.

Now, however, I have entered an age in which I have been freed from persecution and there is no one who can stand in my way. All that remains is to advance to the age of complete victory on the world level. It was Heaven’s design that the history of Korea would be filled with patriots and virtuous women enduring bloodshed and bitterness. The fact that the Korean people have maintained their dignity as a nation of courteous people in the East and have protected their pure lineage, is all by the design of Heaven for the sake of blessing them.

We need to know that the reason this people traditionally dressed in white and upheld a pure and noble reverence for Heaven is that they were walking the path of the chosen people of Heaven. At the time of the Korean War, thanks to the protection of God, young men from sixteen nations of the world came to Korea under the banner of the United Nations and shed their blood on Korean soil, all for the restoration of the homeland of humanity. They did so for the liberation of the homeland.

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