Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 302

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 7: The World of the Culture of Heart
Speech 17: The True Revolution of Heart and the Opening of the Era of True Liberation and Complete Freedom, pg 1113-1117

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Becoming the sons and daughters of God and True Parents 

Unfortunately, due to the Fall, the first ancestors, Adam and Eve, did not establish the true family that had been God’s aim for the creation. In the garden of Eden, Eve fell to the temptation of the archangel, whose action was like that of a snake, and Adam did not overcome Eve’s temptation either. Thus self-centered, false love was implanted in this world. The sin and misfortune of human beings is a result of the first human ancestors’ illicit love, which originated from Satan.

God’s providence of restoration has aimed to remove the walls of conflict that divide people’s mind and body, to restore the true family, and to enlarge the global domain of true love and goodness. Early in my life, I delved into this truth and learned the secrets of heaven. Since then, for more than half a century, I have continually revealed this truth to Christians, to people of all religions, and to all of humankind. Without this truth there is no way to unite the hundreds of different Christian denominations, other religions, and humanity as a whole.

What has been God’s anguish? God has not only been weeping for the people who suffer in this world. God’s deepest anguish is that He has not been able to shed tears of joy from the depths of His heart for His victorious Son. God has longed for that day. God’s anguish had persisted throughout history because there was no one whom God could affirm as His victorious Son. God could find no one who wept uncontrollably for Him, knowing that He has been wandering through the back streets of history in search of His lost sons and daughters.

Humankind has now entered a new era, the era of the kingdom of heaven. We must allow God to perfect Himself centering on true love. This does not mean there is an imperfect part of God. It means that human beings must embody absolute values and become perfect object partners to God, who is the perfect Subject Partner. Our responsibility is to emulate the True Parents, who already stand in that position, and become the owners of true love in ideal families. Then God, in the absolute position, can establish us as His absolute partners. This is how we can liberate God. Centering on God as the subject partner, I made myself into a minus and attained complete unity with God. In the same way, when the relationship between True Parents and you is that of a substantial plus and minus, you can freely reach the point of unity with God.

Thus, you are not just the sons and daughters of your natural parents. You have to first proclaim that you are the sons and daughters of God. Even though you may be unworthy now to call yourself God’s son or daughter, you need to have confidence in conditionally having become the sons and daughters of True Parents after receiving the marriage Blessing from them. You were born from the wrong root, so you need to sever your connection to that root, cut away the branches, engraft to the true lineage of True Parents and sprout new buds. That is the shortcut for you to liberate God. 

Even if you say you have become a family of loyal patriots, without a true nation it is of no use. Without a true nation, a patriot has no basis upon which to establish him or herself in history. It is through becoming true families that you can restore your nation, and through making true nations that you can restore the world, and through a making a true world that you can restore the cosmos. When you accomplish this, you and your family will have the value of owners of the cosmos.

The meaning of Ahn Shi Il and the Era after the Coming of Heaven 

Ladies and gentlemen, as we enter the Era after the Coming of Heaven, we are establishing a new, true culture based on heavenly tradition. For example, I designated and declared Ahn Shi Il on April 18, 2004, in accordance with Heaven’s decree. We have already observed this day eleven times, and July 16 was the eightieth day since the first observance of Ahn Shi Il on April 27. The number eighty comes from the numbers eight, the number of a new beginning, and the number ten, which is the number of returning and the number of perfection. This day has profound providential significance. Originally, God’s victory and the Era of after the Coming of Heaven would have been declared and borne fruit when I was eighty years of age. Yet, it was completed and declared after a prolongation of five years.

You have become the owners of Cheon Il Guk, have participated in this providential event and have inherited God’s heart. You have come here to receive new wine, and you should keep it in a new wineskin. You have come a long distance to get to this place, to directly observe the unfolding of the providence of the True Parents, who have walked this lonely path day and night for some eighty years, and to become the soldiers who will advance the establishment of the peace kingdom.

You came here to receive Heaven’s decree, and now you have it; you must find and establish Cheon Il Guk within your families by offering your entire being to Heaven. Do not dwell on past customs and habits from the Era before the Coming of Heaven. This destiny is Heaven’s decree, and it must be obeyed. You must carry it out, regarding it as absolute, by offering yourself as a living sacrifice to God before you die.

Dear guests, the time has come to be free from the Fall and stand firmly resolved to obey Heaven’s call. As at the Exodus, humankind has now entered an unprecedented age of true liberation and complete freedom, the Era after the Coming of Heaven. I am sure you all know about how human history has been stained with the false and evil love that came from the original sin of Adam and Eve. A twenty-first century exodus is now unfolding through all of you. The time has come to free yourselves, as the Israelites did, from all ties to the corrupt and foul world of today.

I have accepted my destiny to be the True Parent of humankind, and in this year, the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk, I have been working with firm resolution to fulfill the providence of Heaven with victory and glory. On March 23 of this year, at a United States Senate building on Capitol Hill, I was honored as the “King of World Peace” in a ceremony attended by United States legislators and distinguished world religious leaders. Heaven has decreed that a world of peace for all six billion people on earth is possible only when all religions and ideologies are united in harmony within the realm of true love, with True Parents as the axis. I have invested all of my energy to uphold this solemn decree and realize it.

With the designation and declaration of Ahn Shi Il, God no longer rests only on Sunday, which comes once every seven days. I have put aside the seven-day period and designated the eighth day as Ahn Shi Il. Having become the heavenly True Parent, God now stands in a position of glory, where He can rejoice and be attended at all times, from the spirit world and also from all people and things of creation in the physical world. Now the path has opened up for the entire spirit world to mobilize and cooperate with the physical world.

On the second Ahn Shi Il, May 5, 2004, I designated and declared the historic day of the Day of the Victory of the Number Ten Combining Two Halves (Ssang Hab Shib Seung Il). The providence of God ushered in the number ten, the number of returning and the number of perfection, and opened the global gate to the realm of the victory of the number ten, that brings the providence to a conclusion. Yet my declaration and celebration of the perfection of the realm of “the victory of the number ten combining two halves,” which brings in the Era after the Coming of Heaven, does not mean that it was automatically established. The realm of the victory of the number ten combining two halves signifies the perfection of the true realm of heart. It calls you to enter into the realm of unity with God’s heart, which is now possible, and advance to the position to receive Heaven’s authorization, so that God can declare, “You are my son!” or “You are my daughter!”

This led to my declaration, “The harmony and unity of true love is the absolute value of a true, ideal family” on the third Ahn Shi Il, May 21, 2004. When the practice of true love becomes our lifestyle, we can achieve harmony and unity in the individual, family, nation and world, and from there we can create the absolute value of a true ideal family.

When we observe God’s creation of human beings, we can see that when He was creating them, God, who is the absolute Subject Partner, was asking human beings to become His absolute partners. However, due to the Fall, this decree of Heaven was not carried out. People descended into blindness, holding on to relative values and even unable to conceive of absolute values. 

Now the 85-year life of the True Parent is vividly manifested before you; it serves to guide you. I am clearly showing what a life of true love is like. Who can say otherwise when they see the model lives of the True Parents, who have given and given, forgiven and forgiven, and loved their enemies? You must realize that it is your destiny to walk this path of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. If you are resolved to practice and complete the three great revolutions, the revolution through indemnity, the revolution of conscience and the revolution of heart, in your daily life and become heavenly soldiers, you can open the gates that lead to the era of true liberation and freedom from sin.

When you leave today, I hope that you make good use of the gift of the heavenly fortune that I have given you. This will become the eternal tradition and family heirloom that your family will treasure for generations to come.

May God’s blessings be with every one of you. I pray that you will return home safely.

Thank you.

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