Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 300

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 7: The World of the Culture of Heart
Speech 17: The True Revolution of Heart and the Opening of the Era of True Liberation and Complete Freedom, pg 1106-1109 

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The True Revolution of Heart and the Opening of the Era of True Liberation and Complete Freedom

July 26, 2004
Little Angels Performing Arts Center, Seoul, Korea 
Address at the Congratulatory Banquet of the World Culture and Sports Festival 2004

Distinguished present and former heads of state, ladies and gentlemen: Please join me with grateful hearts to return the glory of the accomplishments and success of the World Culture and Sports Festival 2004 to God.

When we look at the world today, we see it is lost in chaos and despair. The sight of people lost and directionless truly pains our hearts. No in the world has come up with a solution that has gained any sort of consensus for resolving this present state of affairs. The world, with its more than six billion people, is on the verge of a shipwreck.

In the Bible it is written, “For whoever wishes to save his life shall lose it; but whoever loses his life for my sake shall find it.” (Matt. 16:25) As I mentioned at the opening ceremony of our festival a few days ago, it is impossible to establish a world of peace for all human beings on the basis of human effort alone. It can only be done with heavenly fortune.

Tomorrow you will depart for your homes. The gift that I wish to give you tonight is the gift of heavenly fortune in the form of the Word of God. This is a great blessing, yet it is also a warning from Heaven. It is a blessing for us as we enter the new millennium in this era of the kingdom of heaven. Heaven will give new life to whoever loses their life because they live by these words. Whoever ignores these words will inevitably perish. I ask you to please give your full attention to what I am about to say. Please do not forget that God is calling each of you at this extraordinary time.

Dear guests, when we look at the present time from the viewpoint of history and from the viewpoint of God’s providence over the ages, it is evident that we live in an era of tremendous significance. God has brought the Era before the Coming of Heaven to a close and has ushered in the Era after the Coming of Heaven. God is busily guiding the dispensation with the heart to give each day the value of a thousand years. To awaken you to the heart of God, and to help you clearly understand your position today from the providential point of view, I would like to speak on “The True Revolution of Heart and the Opening of the Era of True Liberation and Complete Freedom.”

The dream of fallen human beings is to meet the Messiah

To fallen human beings, God stands in the position of the Teacher of all teachers, the Parent of all parents, and the King of all kings. God is an omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent being. God is the origin and root of true love and is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal.

Today the hope of fallen people is to meet the True Son of God. This means the True Son on the individual level, the family level, the tribal level, the level of the people, and the level of the nation. To make this possible, humanity had to go through a course of hardships and difficulties. Once they established the foundation of a nation, God sent the Messiah, who is God’s True Son.

The day of the Messiah’s advent is the very day the Messiah is found, because the Messiah is in the position of having restored the Son on all levels, individual, family, tribe, race and nation. As descendants of the Fall, we need to free ourselves from the realm of Satan’s accusation enough to meet the Son of God. When we meet him, we find the family that has formed around the Parents whom God loves. This family is the foundation for us to find God’s love for the first time and ultimately to meet God directly.

Accordingly, only the perfected Adam, the True Father, can create a relationship centering on God’s love. However, a father alone cannot become a parent. He needs to find his true partner. That partner is to be a true woman, a woman with an absolute standard. Christianity ministered in the capacity of the bride, representing womanhood on the world level. The central mission of Christianity was that of the bride that receives the Lord of the Second Advent and Messiah.

However, the True Parents consist of just one man and one woman. There can be only one man and only one woman. This is absolute. There cannot be two. Accordingly, one man and one woman meet to become the True Parents. The True Parents are a genuine ideal couple centered on God’s ideal of creation.

Consequently, the True Parents are the unifying center from the individual to the world and cosmos; they can be engrafted onto all levels, from the individual, to the family, tribe, race, nation and world. I have been preparing for this task throughout my entire life.

The essential condition for human beings to go in the direction of heaven, after determining the goal of restoration, is to pass through the gate of the True Parents. Unless we pass through the gate of True Parents, we cannot connect to God’s heart.

The world today has become one in which tribes are unable to connect in heart with one another, religions are challenged to connect in heart with one another, and families find it difficult to connect in heart with one another. To break down the prison walls that enclose us on all four sides, we need to connect with God’s heart. Who indeed will take on this task? Only the True Parents, who come as the true mediators of Heaven, can do so. It has been God’s hope and humankind’s dream to find the True Parents that were lost in the beginning.

Ladies and gentlemen, the first ancestors, Adam and Eve, were supposed to have become the true ancestors of humanity. They were to have been the True Parents of humankind, whom God had sincerely longed to see. The human race was meant to descend from the lineage of those True Parents.

The True Parents of humankind were supposed to have appeared at the beginning of history as the glorious incarnations of God, eternally victorious in front of all human beings to come.

It is precisely here that we discover the essence of Adam and Eve’s loss. We know very well that it has been the cause of our sad history and its bitter pain. Due to the Fall, human beings fell away from the laws of Heaven, lost their original selves, and were degraded to an evil race that trampled on the heart of God. Consequently, all people ever since have needed to rediscover their original selves through the word of God and struggle through the course of restoration in search of the true world of the heart.

Due to the Fall, people fell to a position below that of the things of creation. God could not freely relate to people in that sad position. Since they could not restore themselves from that position on their own, God had to awaken people and work to re-create them. God’s work to restore people has taken them from the position of a servant of servant, to a servant, from there to the position of an adopted child and an illegitimate child to a true child, and from there to the position of a true couple and finally to the position of true parents who have victorious dominion. This is the tremendous secret that has been hidden behind God’s providence through the six thousand years of biblical history.

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