Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 299

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 7: The World of the Culture of Heart
Speech 16: Determining the Owner of True Love According to the Absolute Value System of the True Ideal Family, pg 1102-1105 

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Your reproductive organ is the borderline between heaven and hell 

Dear guests, do you know where to find the dividing line between heaven and hell? Is it in the air? Is it in a cathedral? Is it on a border between nations? No, the dividing line between heaven and hell can be found in your body; it is your reproductive organ. The selfish use of human sexuality caused the greatest tragedy in human history; that tragedy turned heaven and earth upside down.

If you recklessly use your reproductive organ without regard for the consequences of your actions, you will surely go to hell. On the other hand, if you use it in accordance with the standard of God’s absolute love, you will go to heaven. Who can deny this fact? If you doubt this, I ask you to carefully read the Divine Principle, which contains the heavenly laws that I revealed. If you are still in doubt, I sincerely ask that you pray to God. I’m sure that your prayer will be answered.

Tens of thousands of young people in the world who have accepted my teachings have ceased engaging in free sex. The message of the pure love movement, which advocates “absolute sex,” or “absolute true love,” is now spreading like wildfire.

If free sex is false love centered on selfish desires and Satan, then absolute sex is absolute love centered on God. Many literary works and stories in the press have the tendency to fan the fires of free sex, a disease that cripples individuals and nations. However, now leaders of all spheres of life, including politicians, economists, philosophers, journalists, religious leaders and writers will stand together in a resistance movement against free sex.

The cornerstone of world peace was supposed to have been within Adam’s family, which was to have brought forth the absolute values of true love. It was also Adam’s family that could destroy the path to world peace. Thus, we must bear in mind the importance of Adam’s family, the ancestral family of humanity.

The reason I brought an end to our “church” and established the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification is because the time had come to focus on the family. How can we transform this hellish world? The practice of true love is the only way to bring forth absolute values. The attributes of God, the owner of true love, are based on eternal, unchanging, unique and absolute standards; hence, we need to inherit these attributes and live according to those standards.

The cornerstone of world peace is the family that follows the absolute value system of true love

Dear guests, why is the family a good thing? It is because the love of our parents should be the basis of our original freedom, and hence the family should be the basis for activities founded on our original freedom. Even though they may be shabby in appearance, when a family becomes an original family—a family untainted by the Fall consisting of people bound in heart with true love at the core, it will be able to liberate humanity and even God.

Freedom without love is not true freedom. If you feel restrained when you go to someone’s house as a guest, it means you lack a deep bond of love with that household. In other words, because your love does not spread out in all directions you feel awkward and restrained.

What is the highest and greatest value in the original, unfallen family? It is the original parents. Why are the original parents good? The original parents are the owners of eternal love. The original parents are the ones who stand closest to us; our relationship with them lasts throughout our lives and beyond.

In the original family, after birth, the first partner with whom we would relate to in joy is our parents. Thus the original parents are both the subject partners and object partners of our joy. When we are happy, original parents are the first to be happy for us. When we are sad, they are the first to shed tears of sorrow. That is why we are sympathetic to children who do not have parents.

The next most valuable being in the family is one’s beloved husband or wife. Husbands and wives have to be able to give and receive original love that is unconditional. Their love may not have started within a relationship that is absolute and eternal in nature, but based on the absolute bond of marriage, their conjugal love can grow into original love. Then it will become the basis of the family’s eternal happiness and joy.

However, if this ideal, original relationship between husband and wife stops there, existing only between the couple, then it will not bring eternal happiness and joy that can hold absolute value. That is to say, the couple needs to have children. If a couple decides not to have children, thinking that they will live in happiness being childless, you will see the result. Humankind would die out before the second generation. Couples need to receive the love that their original children give them; then they can become true couples that rise up to the position of original parents.

Therefore, the next most valuable and important thing is the love of children toward their original parents. The pure and genuine love of children is to sacrifice for and love their original parents with brightness and positivity. Even when circumstances are not ideal, children do not despair but hope for a brighter future. Such love has value because it exists for the sake of the family’s happiness.

An original family extends over three generations, completely imbued with the sacrificial, original love of original parents toward their children, the true love between the original couple and the true love of original children toward their parents. That family will become the most ideal true family in the world.

The three-generation family is the starting point of true happiness 

What kind of person do we call happy? What standard do we use to measure happiness? Can someone be happy solely by virtue of an external talent or authority that no other person has? Can a person be happy just because he or she has tremendous wealth that everyone envies? Is happiness obtained by becoming a world-renowned scholar? That is absolutely not the case.

No external condition alone can guarantee a person’s happiness for eternity. It may prompt one’s search for greater happiness, yet it cannot become the source of lasting happiness itself. In the end, genuine happiness comes from a family that has loving parents, a couple who are one in true love, and children who are devoted and faithful to their parents.

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, humanity will now witness a great revolution of true love, taking place on the Korean peninsula. People have struggled under the false love of Satan for thousands of years. Now, by establishing the absolute values of true family and ridding this land of all sorts of false values, they will shout for joy.

To make a clapping sound, two hands must come together. Heaven has already opened the gates of the Era after the Coming of Heaven on the foundation of our victories as the True Parents. Your responsibility is to become absolute object partners before God, the Subject Partner, and open the way for the age when we will create a new heaven and a new earth.

This is an historic age, when spirit world and physical world are uniting as one. It is the age for establishing Cheon Il Guk, the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity, the peace kingdom on earth and in heaven that God envisioned from the beginning of time.

The time has come for intellectuals the world over to receive my teachings. I, Reverend Moon, have served God as the vertical axis of humanity and upheld my mission as the horizontal True Parent. I have carried out this mission throughout my 85 years of life, consistently sacrificing and serving in order to discover and to establish a true person, a true couple, true parents, true families and the true world. I ask all of you to join me in completing this historical task for the sake of God.

May God bless your families to reach these ideals.

Thank you very much.

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