Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 297

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 7: The World of the Culture of Heart
Speech 15: Let Us Achieve Everlasting Harmony among Religions, pg 1096-1098 

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Respect the preciousness of your reproductive organ

I would like to present you a truly valuable lesson today. Youth in particular need to clearly understand the value of their reproductive organs and treat them as precious. In their original purity, these are organs of love are the center and origin of love, life and lineage. The consummation of love, as well as the conception of new life, is possible only by means of the reproductive organs. Without using them properly, parents cannot pass down their lineage to the next generation. For this reason, the reproductive organ is the most important part of the human body. Unfortunately, in contemporary society there are far too many instances when they are misused.

The current social and cultural environment is beset by the worldwide trend, particularly through movies, music, journalism and the Internet, to mislead people to misuse their reproductive organs. The tide of free sex is ruining countries and breaking apart families; it particularly impacting vulnerable young people. This is a tragic reality. It is time for religious leaders and other leaders of conscience to raise their voices loudly in support of morality.

We have to invest ourselves fully in order to recover the preciousness of the family and establish a proper standard of ethics for love relationships between men and women. Here lies the reason for the marriage Blessing ceremony of true love through True Parents, and why a pure love youth movement that transcends nations and religions needs to spread everywhere. For this reason, the Interreligious and International Holy Blessing Ceremony held on July 13 of this year was so significant.

I have been encouraging people to participate in marriage Blessings that transcend nationality, race, culture and religion. I have also been promoting international marriage Blessings between peoples of nations that were formerly enemies, especially between Koreans and Japanese, white and black Americans, Christians and Muslims, and Israelis and Palestinians. If these efforts become popular, imagine how much it will shorten the path towards world peace. By loving our enemies in this way, we demonstrate leadership in the world while tearing down the walls in our minds and becoming God’s dedicated ambassadors for peace who offer true love.

The United Nations ignores the importance of religion and spirituality 

Respected world leaders, we have long spoken of the United Nations as essential for peace. The UN’s growth from 51 member states to its current 191 during the past 58 years shows that the conditions and environment within the organization have changed dramatically. The UN accomplished much; however, now it faces many challenges both from within and from the outside. There are many limitations and critical issues, such as special privileges within the Security Council, unequal representation between powerful and weak countries, rights to enforce compulsory sanctions and budgetary issues.

Most seriously, the United Nations has ignored the importance of spirituality and religion in its activities, and hence it has become like a body without a conscience. In our pluralistic world the United Nations has become like a body without a head, unable to effectively handle world problems. It has lost any impartiality in analyzing world issues and favors one side over another. If the UN continues down this path, it will not fulfill its founding purposes, and far from developing further, it may well face a crisis that could threaten its existence.

For the past thirty years, I have watched the United Nations with hope and concern to see whether it would become an organization for true world peace. During the past four years I have taken every opportunity to call for the renewal of the UN. My plan for its renewal is to establish an interreligious council as a high-ranking body within its structure. The representatives of the Philippines and the United States, with the support of several other countries, are going to submit a proposal based on my plan for the renewal of the United Nations at the 58th General Assembly in September. I am confident that many countries will cooperate so that the United Nations can become a dynamic organization focused on God to bring about true peace.

In the spirit world, the five great saints, Moses, Confucius, Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad, and various other leaders, have resolved to cooperate. Delegates of the interreligious council, selected within the United Nations, will have the opportunity to accomplish the ideals of the founders of their religions. To do so, they will need character and wisdom that exemplifies true love. For this purpose, the religions themselves need to walk steadfastly on the path of altruism. If religions cannot do this, the interreligious council will have no value. Today’s world needs religious leaders who practice true love by going beyond denominationalism, extremism and the self-interest of their own religious group.

Toward realizing a world based on the culture of heart

The following events make up this cultural festival: the international and interreligious marriage Blessing ceremony, The Interreligious Youth Sports Festival, e International Peace Conference, the World Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles Convention, and Service for Peace. Each serves the cause of world peace. I have also built a worldwide foundation in the areas of education and the arts. The Sun Moon Peace King Cup, which had its grand opening on the fifteenth of this month with famous soccer clubs from around the world, also aims to build a peaceful world based on the culture of heart. During the next few days, under the watchful eyes of the spirit world and broadcast throughout this earthly world, we will reveal to the world our vision for peace, our resolve and our leadership. I am confident that we will inspire, create a common bond and plant a message of hope in the hearts of all people.

I pray that God’s blessing be with you, your families and the world.

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