Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 296

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 7: The World of the Culture of Heart
Speech 15: Let Us Achieve Everlasting Harmony among Religions, pg 1093-1096

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Let Us Achieve Everlasting Harmony among Religions

July 10, 2003
Yu Gwan-soon Gymnasium, Cheonan, Korea 
Address at the Opening Ceremony of the World Culture and Sports Festival 2003

Respected present and former heads of state, eminent religious leaders, leaders in various fields from countries around the world, young people representing each major religion, ladies and gentlemen:

I sincerely welcome you to the Republic of Korea and the World Culture and Sports Festival 2003. The Korean Peninsula is my homeland. It is also the place where God will finally conclude His providence of restoration, the providence of salvation.

A celebration fully supported by the spirit world

Ever since I was a boy, I have had amazing spiritual experiences that enabled me to know God and commune with Jesus and other saints. Through profound spiritual experiences, I learned the depths of God’s Will and heart. I investigated the way of Heaven and the original path of life.

Human life does not end with the death of the physical body on earth. In the heavenly world, that is, the spirit world, live the saints and sages and all our ancestors. They live as spirit selves, a form of human existence of a higher order than the physical body. This world where we dwell with physical bodies is nothing more than a minute speck compared with the fundamental world—the infinite and eternal world that God created for us.

The spirit world is an eternal world. It is the fundamental and essential world. That world is the subject partner to this world of physical reality. I have invested a great deal of sincerity and dedication in the effort to recover principled communion between the earthly world and the spirit world, whose connection was severed by the human Fall.Th is has been a truly difficult task. It is not possible unless the appropriate conditions are set on earth and in heaven.

Recently, in accordance with God’s Will, I was able to instruct people in the spirit world to work through mediums to send instructive messages to this world. They responded precisely to my instructions, and their messages included reports on the actual situation there as well. Even more amazingly, these messages reported that Moses, Confucius, Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad, the representative figures of the five major religions, gathered in one place to declare that God is the Parent of humankind and that I am the Savior and Messiah of humanity. They affirmed that the Unification Principle is a message of peace for human salvation, and that true love and “living for the sake of others,” at a level transcending religion, nationality, and race, will enable humankind to complete the peaceful unity of the cosmos. They further resolved that they would attend the True Parents, and that they would unite in harmony to devote themselves for the sake of God’s kingdom and world peace. This took place in the spirit world at the end of 2001.

The spirit world is the fundamental world. Its position is as the subject partner to the physical world, so whatever happens there is sure to have an impact on earth. More and more spiritual phenomena are taking place. The problems that have beset the spirit world are being resolved at an accelerated rate, and this is also bringing resolution to problems on earth.

Religious reconciliation and cooperation is a prerequisite for world peace

Dear participants, the World Culture and Sports Festival did not start from human thinking alone. Its motivation lies in God’s Will. The spirit world fully supports it and cooperates with it. It is a celebration to offer the champions of love to God. Please know that your good ancestors and ascended religious leaders are sending you their encouragement from the spirit world. One of religion’s important missions is to teach people properly about the spirit world. If people knew with certainty about God and the spirit world, they would live fulfilled lives by following their divine calling and taking responsibility with conviction and hope.

In the present age, many countries are realizing that they cannot guarantee their national security by themselves. No country is free from international issues such as war, terrorism and the threat of nuclear weapons. World leaders now agree that harmony and cooperation among religions is necessary for the sake of world peace, even more crucially so following September 11, 2001. For the past fifty years, I have warned about the dire threat of conflicts and wars among religions, and finally people are beginning to understand the seriousness of this issue. Reconciliation and cooperation among religions is indeed a prerequisite for world peace. The events of this significant World Culture and Sports Festival are aimed at creating lasting harmony among religions.

Leaders, particularly religious leaders, need to understand the importance of the true love lineage and teach it correctly. God’s Will in creating the first man and first woman as the ancestors of humankind was that they would each mature in true love and realize the ideal partnership as husband and wife, thereby establishing a family focusing on God. In this way, their descendants would have multiplied generation after generation as God’s people.

The first ancestors were unable to receive God’s marriage Blessing and complete the first family that they were supposed to create through it. They fell by making a bond with Satan’s false love, and as a consequence God expelled them from the garden of Eden. What they created was a family that had no relation to God’s true love. Adam and Eve did not become God’s son and daughter of goodness, husband and wife of goodness, and parents of goodness. For this reason, humanity originates from false parents and false ancestors, and multiplies evil descendants by passing on a false lineage. Our first ancestors were unable to inherit God’s true love, true life and true lineage. Humanity descended from false ancestors, and, therefore, in order to embrace its destiny it must recover the true family that God desires by practicing true love. True love, true life and true lineage each are essential; however, among them true lineage is particularly important, as it transcends the life span of a single person and connects one generation to the next.

You representatives of youth, who have gathered here transcending nations and religions, are the most important participants in this festival. What you possess is truly essential for the creation of a new world of the true love culture of heart. God desires to be with you because you have qualities that are closest to God’s nature, such as vision, passion, innocence, righteousness and bravery. You must utilize your open-mindedness and go beyond the barriers of exclusivity, enmity and conflict to build a firm foundation for religious harmony.

Throughout my life, I have always practiced and taught the breaking down of barriers. We need to go beyond the differences of race, religion and nationality, and live together in harmony. We are all members of one world family under God. This cannot be a mere slogan or rhetoric. We need to live this way. God’s greatest hope is in young university students. We have to transcend any limitation of race, language, religion, country or culture.

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